Hair Secrets Revealed! Try Bergamot Oil for Shiny and Healthy Tresses

Updated on March 4th, 2020
Bergamot Oil for Hair

Is Bergamot Oil Good for Hair?

Bergamot oil is effective for a diverse range of hair-related issues. Benefits of bergamot oil for hair growth are numerous. Bergamot oil for hair growth is effective aromatherapy. The stimulating properties of bergamot oil can revive hair bulbs. This revival encourages hair growth. As a result, hair follicles get adequately nourished.

Bizarre Facts

  • Did you know that bergamot oil can become poisonous if exposed to sunlight?
  • Aging and illness, aren’t the only factors that trigger hair loss, hormonal changes too can!

Moreover, Bergamot Oil is rich in antioxidants. Its antimicrobial properties protect the hair, revealing shiny and healthy hair free of dust and chemicals. At the same time, the bergamot oil application provides essential fatty acids to hair.

It reverses dangerous silicone and chemical build up in hair. Moreover, bergamot oil calms the scalp and improves blood flow. This increased blood flow relaxes the scalp. This helps reduce stress.

Using Bergamot oil for hair can reduce inflammation. It helps restore split ends of hair, promoting hair health. Bergamot oil also acts as a conditioner to your tresses. So with so many reasons to use bergamot oil, it is a quintessential oil for your hair-routine.

How to Apply Bergamot Oil

Bergamot Oil
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You can massage your scalp using bergamot oil(1). The following technique may be used:

  1. You may directly pour a few drops of bergamot oil on your palm. Rub your palms to spread the oil evenly across them.
  2. Now massage your scalp for five to ten minutes with the oil. Leaving the oil on the scalp for some time can generally get better results. However, you may wash your head immediately after the massage.
  3. Massaging is exceptionally useful in helping your scalp relax. You will feel relaxed within a few moments of the massage.
  4. Leaving the oil on the scalp can provide antibacterial protection for a long time.
  5. Some people might consider the direct application of bergamot oil safe for the skin, especially for babies. In such cases, a carrier oil may be used. A few drops of bergamot oil can be added to carrier oil. This mixture can then be used to massage the scalp.
  6. To allow maximum effects, massage your scalp at bedtime.
  7. The massage works best when your hair is damp.
  8. Comb your hair after the massage to distribute the oil evenly.
  9. You may go for a towel treatment after the massage. This helps the oil infuse better in the scalp.

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Other Ways of Using Bergamot Oil for Hair

Bergamot Oil
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You may use bergamot oil for hair in many other ways.

  1. You can add a few drops of bergamot oil to your hair products. For instance, you can add it to hair oil or shampoo. This addition induces the positive effects of bergamot oil in these products. Add one or two tablespoons of bergamot oil to your shampoo bottle. Close the bottle and shake it gently. You may stir using a long spoon or a chopstick to distribute the shampoo evenly. It is preferable to use a mild shampoo. A stronger shampoo could upset the sebum balance(2).
  2. You can go for aromatherapy by adding bergamot oil to air fresheners. People prefer adding bergamot oil to homemade candles. It has been proven by recent research that aromatherapy is safe and highly effective in triggering hair regrowth.
  3. You can treat yourself to aromatherapy while you travel! Apply bergamot oil on your handkerchief or bandana. Carry them along wherever you go. Continue your aromatherapy without a break.
  4. When using heat and styling products on your hair, apply the oil to form a protective layer.

However, essential oils like bergamot can have varied effects on people. For example, for newborn babies, bergamot oil may be dangerous.

Similarly, if a person is suffering from a medical disease, it may get aggravated by the use of bergamot oil. It is highly recommended to check with your physician or a trained medical practitioner. Consult your specific health condition before starting a regular bergamot treatment.

Bergamot oil provides people with active, “all-in-one” hair treatment. Hair issues, ranging from stunted growth to scalp infections, can be cured by using Bergamot oil. Moreover, it is readily available in the market.

The application process is simple, making it convenient for a diverse variety of people. Furthermore, the oil can be mixed with other essential oils to boost the repair. Overall, bergamot oil is an effective home treatment for hair-related issues.


1. What Is Bergamot Oil Good For?

Bergamot oil is good for treating hair loss, healing, and reducing inflammation, improving hair and protecting the scalp. It also has antibacterial properties when applied to the scalp.

2. What Is Bergamot Oil Used For?

You can use Bergamot oil for homemade remedies. Bergamot oil is most commonly used in aromatherapy for anxiety, nausea and vomiting, pain, and other conditions, and also those for hair treatment.

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