Incredible Benefits of Eggs to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Updated on April 18th, 2020
eggs for hair

The Beauty Benefits of Eggs for Hair!

The goodness of eating eggs for diet benefits have long been extolled and for a good reason! But their fantastic ingredients pack in quite a punch when it comes to beauty benefits of eggs for hair!

Eggs Are Gifted Ingredients

Eggs are gifted ingredients, which can be used by themselves or in combination with other components to deliver maximum benefits when consumed, or applied externally on skin and hair.

Can Solve All Your Hair Problems in a Jiffy!

While they have a reputation for being messy and smelly, it’s worth the effort to use them, simply because this fantastic ingredient can solve all your hair problems in a moment!

Let’s have a look at what eggs are, how you need to use them properly, and why they can be a great addition to your hair care regimen.

eggs for hair

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Raw Eggs Are Truly Mother Nature’s Gift to Hair!

This superfood is suitable for all hair kinds, and both the yolk and the egg white come complete with benefits. The egg yolks are particularly nutrient-rich and come packed with vitamins A, D, E, K, folate, and biotin.


Egg yolks also contain a substance called lecithin(1). An egg contains a staggering 8.3 grams of protein! Half the egg’s protein is in the yolk, and the other half is in the white.

For Hair Strength, Flexibility,  and Holistic Wellbeing

The egg white also contains phosphorous, selenium, potassium, magnesium,  and calcium. Also, eggs on the whole offer copper, iron, and zinc, as well as a host of B Vitamins, which are most vital for hair strength!  Vitamins thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), and pantothenic acid(2) (B5) are suitable, or hair strength, flexibility, and holistic wellbeing.

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Biotin Is Particularly Vital for Hair Growth

Vitamin B7 or Biotin is particularly vital for hair growth, while folic acid deficiency could cause premature hair greying.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

If the eggs are free-range or grass-fed, you’ll also have a substance rich in omega-3 fatty acids. That’s a whole lot of nutrients – all-important for a host of hair care benefits, and all found in one little egg!

Keeps the Scalp Fresh and Clean

The egg yolk comes with natural fats, and offers moisturizing benefits most naturally, without toxic artificial creams, parabens or chemicals getting in the way. In that sense, it is more powerful than the egg white, since it contains more nutrients.

Removes Unwanted Oil and Grease

However, whites cannot be ignored entirely. They contain bacteria-binging enzymes(3), which keep the scalp fresh and clean, and also remove unwanted oil and grease. It is essential to use both the egg yolk and egg white and to keep your hair strong, but how you do it depends mostly on your hair type.

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Eggs Are Great for Renewing the Hair’s Protein Content.

How does it do this? It’s surprising to know that hair is made with dead cells! Hair growth develops under the scalp in the hair follicle. When new hair cells are generated, older dead cells are spiked up – and that’s why hair grows. Hair is made with a protein called keratin.

Millions of Hair Follicles Produce Keratin

The entire human body is entirely made up of protein, in that its entire structure is protein. All the protein we consume is broken down into amino acids, which are used by the liver to create different proteins. In the scalp area, there are millions of hair follicles which produce keratin from the amino acids we get in the diet.

Protein Is Vital to Hold Together Every Strand of Hair!

Hair growth happens in these cells, and that’s how hair is formed. So protein is vital to hold together every strand of hair! If you’re getting insufficient amounts of this in your diet, chances are you’ll be suffering from brittle, weak, and limp hair, which falls off.

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Avoids Split-Ends


Use the complete egg – yolks and whites blended. For oily hair, use the egg whites on your scalp, and the yolk at the ends of the hair for avoiding split-ends. You can apply an egg mask with the whole egg not more often than once a week. For brittle and dry hair, focus on using the yolks as much as possible. Use the egg white just once in a while on your scalp for a good detox and cleanse.

An Adequate Dose of Protein

Applying an egg mask a couple of times a week, as well as consuming an egg-rich diet, will ensure you get an adequate dose of protein to keep your keratin levels intact and your hair in tip-top shape.

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