The Homemade Herbal Hair Tonic that Really Works

Updated on December 21st, 2020
Homemade Hair Growth Tonic

Do we often notice strands piling up on the floor while combing the hair? Is it embarrassing to untie the hair in public because of how much hair comes off on the hair tie? Well, we’re not alone.

Hair loss is an issue that is encountered by countless people globally. So, what’s a quick solution to this problem? Hair growth tonics. Hair tonics are medicinal solutions that are uniquely formulated to restore hair thickness and growth. 

How does hair grow?

Here’s a fascinating fact: We’re born with all the hair follicles we’ll ever have — around 5 M (million) to be precise, according to the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology).

Of those, around 100,000 follicles are on the scalp. When it comes to losing hair, the American Academy of Dermatology says it’s totally normal to lose about fifty to a hundred hairs per day.

Hair grows from a root at the basement of a follicle under our skin. The blood in our scalp goes to the follicle and supplies nutrients and oxygen to the hair root, helping the hair grow.

As our hair grows, it will push through the skin and pass by an oil gland. As per the AAD, the oil from this gland makes our hair shiny and soft.

What can help your hair grow?

While genetics plays a role in maintaining healthy hair growth, several other factors also play. Although there’s no magical remedy or potion that will result in instant growth, there are measures you can take to help the hair grow.


Drink loads of water and eat a healthy diet of raw vegetables and fruits. The most potent home treatment for hair care is a healthy diet. You are what you eat, and what you put into the body will be reflected on the outside.

The first step in hair-care is our diet, and the two most significant things in our diet are protein and iron. The hair cells are the quickest-growing cells in our body, but they are also the first ones to be affected; we don’t eat right or suffer from deficiencies because they are not needed for survival.

Try and include iron-rich foods like pumpkin seeds, leafy vegetables, fish, chickpea, beans, cereals, and soybeans, in our diet. Dieticians advise that you consume around 12 mg of iron daily.

It would help if you also had protein because that’s what strengthens the hair. Include complete proteins that are also plentiful in amino acids: like milk, cheese, peas, soy, lentils, quinoa, and yogurt.

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What Is A Hair Tonic?

Hair tonics (often termed as ‘friction lotions’) help stimulate blood circulation in our hair follicles for healthy hair growth [2]. They usually contain alcohol, oil, and ethanol and come in either gel, liquid, or semi-solid form.

Massaging a hair tonic onto the scalp regularly can reverse baldness and make the hair grow thicker and longer. These tonics also add shine to your locks, moisturize a dry scalp, and reduce split ends and breakage.

DIY – Homemade Hair Growth Tonic

What Do We Need?

Fenugreek seeds, Mustard oil, and of course, we should know how to work with the stove!

What To Do?

  1. Take around half a liter of mustard oil.
  2. Pour all of it into a pan, which is to be heated later.
  3. Take a few fenugreek seeds. 
  4. Drop half of the quantity in the pan containing oil.
  5. Light the stove and place the pan having oil on low flame. Don’t boil the oil by keeping it on high flame. Wait for the seeds to turn black slowly. That would take just about 15-20 minutes.

Now turn off the flame and put the pan aside for half an hour or so, letting the oil cool down. After the given time, sieve out the oil in a jar or any convenient storage container. Dispose of the seeds.

We can evidently see the variation in the color of the oil. Mustard oil is usually golden brown, where it has changed into blackish brown with fenugreek essence after warming it with the seeds. Not only this, but the fragrance also varies; you can recognize the fenugreek essence by smelling the oil.

There we have it – our own home-made hair growth tonic!

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How To Use

Oil the hair with this potion a night before you plan to wash the hair. If not so, massage with it around 60 minutes before head wash, but the former idea would give better results in our experience. That is it, no serious work and no multi-step method to follow every 3 days.

Not only does it strengthen hair growth, but it also transforms the hair brown over a period of time. If you do happen to love brown hair, use it alternatively with amla hair oil. 

Suggestions For Alternate Changes

You may mix this tonic with olive oil in equal or less quantity if you wish to have both volume and length. This tonic augments the length, and olive oil improves volume for hair; that is why we suggest you try this combination too.

Note: You have to be patient and permanently make it a part of your hair care routine because hair doesn’t grow overnight unless you are Rapunzel’s descendent!

This easy to make a tonic for hair growth is sure to give you the hair of your dreams. 

Bottom Line

The concept of using a hair tonic can be a bit staggering, but it’s worth a shot! Now that you know about the home-made hair tonic, what are you waiting for? 

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