Effective Benefits of Sleeping On The Floor

Updated on March 17th, 2020
benefits of sleeping on the floor

Be it for your posture correction, or getting rid of chronic back pain, the benefits of sleeping on the floor can help you in many ways. Sleeping in a comfortable and soft mattress is precisely what we prefer. But sometimes this comfort could bring about unavoidable downsides, such as back and shoulder pain, stiff neck, and improper posture.

More and more people are resorting to sleeping on the floor. There are ample health benefits of sleeping on the floor. Let’s look at the benefits of sleeping on the floor, how it can help you correct the posture and alleviate back pain as well.


The benefits of sleeping on the floor can differ according to your sleeping position.

Sleeping on the Floor: Benefits

1. Relieves Back Pain

Relieving back pain can be considered as one of the benefits of sleeping on the floor. According to the people suffering from chronic back pain, sleeping on the floor works well. Soft mattresses cannot provide the needed support. It makes our body to sink in and, eventually, curving our spine. This unnatural posture for long duration leads to back pain.

You could place plywood under the mattress if it’s too soft. However, ditching mattresses altogether is the best idea you can adapt to. But the medium-firm surface is the alternative we can choose.

If you find it tough to sleep on the floor directly, start by using a moderately-firm mattress.

2. Treats Sciatica Pain

sciatica nerve pain

Sciatica is pain that encompasses all your sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve runs from our lower back to your hips and each leg. Sciatica can be healed if you opt for floor sleeping. So facing back troubles such as sciatica is one of the perks of sleeping on soft beds.

You can try sleeping on floor posture and see if it works for you. If the pain aggravates, you may consider seeing a doctor.

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3. Corrects Posture

One of the health benefits of sleeping on the floor is improved posture(1). Soft surfaces allow your spine to curve. And hard surfaces provide support.

People who support Floor sleeping say hard surfaces keep their spine straight. But if you have major spine issues or born with a severely curved spine, then talking to a doctor is always the right thing to do.

4. Induces Better Sleep

Sleeping on the floor can let you feel more at rest. People who regularly sleep on the floor have found themselves more at rest and more ready to wake up. Maybe the hard surface does not encourage people to hit their snooze button repeatedly. So if you have a problem waking up, you can try this trick.

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Practicing Sleeping on the Floor

If it’s your first time, sleeping on the floor could be a bit uncomfortable for you. Your body will need a bit of time to adjust to this change. You may feel the urge to go back to your right old soft mattress.

To begin with, you need to be mentally prepared. Floor sleeping does not indicate sleeping on the bare ground. It is all about relaxing on a hard surface, so you can use a thick mat, carpet, etc. Using a thin pillow is a good option; you can use your hand to elevate the head.

Inculcating lifestyle changes can have a significant impact on how, and how soon we recuperate. Being aware of and trying the benefits of sleeping on the floor are some simple fixes that help. All you need to do is experience healthy changes with altercations in sleep patterns(2).

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1. Can You Use a Mattress While Sleeping on the Floor?

The main focus is to sleep on a hard surface. Sleeping on the floor does not require you to lie down without a comforter or mattress. However, a thick or soft mattress is not recommended.

2. Is Sleeping on the Floor Good for Kids?

Sleeping on the floor is a good habit. For a kid, this sleeping pattern could help associated problems, spondylitis, and back pain can be prevented.

3. Can You Do Stomach Sleeping While Sleeping on the Floor?

The whole idea behind sleeping on the floor is all about reducing back pain and correcting the posture. Sleeping on the stomach can provide some temporary relief, but sometimes it can restrict breathing.

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