Methods of Using Magnesium Oil For Hair Growth

Updated on January 6th, 2020
magnesium oil for hair

In today’s world, we notice every second person having problems like losing hair, having hair fall without any specific reason, and also baldness and greying hair are the common issues these days. The reason for these problems at an early age is not getting real things to eat. It can also be the result of exposure of hair to the polluted environment or the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. We can use magnesium oil for hair.

Getting out of such a situation is not a one time task, and applying hair color, which is a mixture of different chemicals, makes your hair more frizzy and unhealthy. Hence we can opt for using magnesium oil for hair, which reduces Grey hair and is also very healthy for hair.


Usually, people had grey hair when they cross 50 years of age. But in the present time, many people suffer from baldness, hair loss, and Grey hair irrespective of their age.

How Can You Test the Effectiveness of Magnesium Oil for Hair?

The effect of magnesium oil can be observed on the hair in one year as its effectiveness is visible gradually. For testing the efficacy of magnesium oil for hair(1), it is recommended to use it on eyebrows, which complete the growth cycle in 3 to 4 months, so if you use it on eyebrows for six months, its effect on the scalp will be visible within a year or two.

The Advantages of Magnesium Oil for Hair

1. Magnesium Oil Helps to Reverse Balding

Sometimes baldness comes instantly within a few days because of sudden hormonal changes or some stress, which affects hair on the scalp and also other body parts. Whereas regular baldness occurs slowly and takes a long time, and even if you are bald, you can try magnesium oil because your skin still needs magnesium and helps in a healthy scalp. Using magnesium oil after applying shampoo on your scalp can restore the health of the scalp and reduce problems like dandruff and hair loss which are remaining.

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2. Magnesium Oil Does Away with Frizz

For making our hair healthy, we use different kinds of hair care products available in the market, which make our hair beautiful but are responsible for damaging our hair by making it frizzy, dry, and creating tangling in it. Magnesium chloride is the type of magnesium which is present in magnesium oil, which nourishes the tissues and scalp and makes it healthy. Magnesium oil can be used to curl the hair, which waves the hair and protect it from tangling the hair.

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3. Magnesium Oil Prevents Premature Greying of Hair

If your hair is turning Grey gradually, it is due to deficiency of magnesium, and the fulfillment of magnesium will bring back the natural color of your hair, i.e., black. You can also fulfill the scarcity of magnesium can by taking supplements of calcium through the mouth if the condition worsens.

Still, it is better to go for prevention than cure, i.e., if you start applying magnesium oil to hair after every shampoo will reduce Greying of hair(2). If you have opted for using hair color anytime before then also you can apply magnesium oil, which will at least protect your hair from frizzing and tangling.

How to Apply Magnesium Oil to the Hair?

Magnesium Oil

Direct Application of Magnesium Oil


For this recipe, we need only two simple ingredients-

  • ½ cup of Magnesium chloride flakes
  • ½ cup of distilled water

Start Boiling the distilled water, then put magnesium flakes in a bowl and pour hot boiling water into it and mix it until it dissolves the chips completely. Cool this solution properly and fill it in a spray bottle. You can store it for almost 6 months in a spray bottle at room temperature

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Massage the magnesium oil on the scalp properly for at least 10 minutes, which will accelerate blood flow, and it will completely absorb in your scalp. Regular application it gives you better results.

Application of a Unique Mixture of Magnesium Oil


The distinctive blend contains ingredients such as –

  • Borage Oil – It also blocks DHT, and nourishes hair follicles
  • Emu oil which is the base of the mixture and blocks DHT
  • Saw palmetto helps in blocking DHT(1)  around the hair follicles
  • Nettle leaf extract helps in providing nutrition and cleans the pores
  • Magnesium oil helps in reduction of calcification


These ingredients, when mixed, form a potent mixture that you can apply on the pricked scalp, which stimulates cell growth and blood circulation, which in turn helps in hair growth.

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Grey hair is a common problem these days, which can occur in old as well as young people also age doesn’t matter in this respect. Because of the increasing Grey hair problem, many hair care products have emerged in the market, such as hair color and different types of shampoo and oil.

These market products give instant results, and colored hair hides your Grey hair for a short time, but it damages your hair slowly.

Therefore instead of using artificial market products, you should try to use magnesium oil. It helps in regulating hair growth and also turns your Grey hair into black again and also provides nourishment to your scalp resulting in healthy hair.

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