The Next Best Thing! Vitamins That Actually Aid a Tinnitus Treatment

Updated on November 28th, 2019
vitamins for tinnitus

Are you suffering from a ringing sensation in your ear? And is the hissing sound in your ear has causing humongous discomfort? Then you need a solution that can offer you instant relief. With Vitamins for Tinnitus, people can solve this problem in a short time. Mostly there is a ringing sensation in the ear and also many times, it could produce a hissing, buzzing, roaring, or a whistling sound.

These sensations can lead to health problems like stress, blood pressure, ear damage, tumors, and even atherosclerosis.  To stay away from these health problems or to resolve it, you should consider different Vitamins for Tinnitus that are available.

Let’s check them out!

Quick Facts

According to the reports, in America, almost 30 million people are affected by Tinnitus, with 13 million having reported to be suffering no hearing loss. The problem of Tinnitus amongst older people is more serious, with 27 percent of the older population suffering from this problem.

  • One in five people belonging to the teenager age group suffers from the problem of Tinnitus.
  • It is also prevalent in the war-torn areas and is popularly known as the “war wound” too.

How to Use Vitamins for Tinnitus

1. Vitamin Supplements

vitamin D benefits

For treating the problem of Tinnitus, the best approach that people should adopt is vitamin therapy. According to the report of National Institute of Health, the one vitamin which has the potentials to cure Tinnitus is Vitamin B12. The majority of the people who suffer from Tinnitus suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency.

This deficiency increases the chances of the problem in the people as they do not consume sufficient amount of vitamin B. By increasing the consumption of vitamin B12, you will be able to reduce the symptoms of Tinnitus(1) immensely.

Some of the other supplement that can provide relief with Tinnitus is Niacin and Thiamin. You should ensure that thiamin should be taken under advisable quantity and according to the recommended dietary allowance, thiamin should be consumed between 100mg to 500mg, as suggested by a doctor. On the other hand, one should consume Niacin from 50mg to 500mg.

According to the reports, you should take these different vitamin B supplements under the supervision of a doctor. Both these different vitamin B supplements will provide instant relief. Apart from this, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E can also help in treating the problem of Tinnitus.

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2. Vitamins in the Form of Diet

Vitamin B12

There are various supplements of vitamin B that can help people in treating Tinnitus. But for curing the problem in lesser time, you should increase the intake of vitamins in your diet. You should ensure that you consume fruits and vegetables daily. On the other hand, you should consume fish every week.

Adding a cup of coffee in the daily diet will also be extremely beneficial for resolving the problem of Tinnitus. On the other hand, people should ensure that they avoid some of the food products from their diet, which includes sugar, wheat, and eggs.

Some of the other minerals that you can include in the diet are Melatonin, Zinc, and Gingko Biloba. Several studies stated that the problem of Tinnitus arises due to the deficiency of zinc and melatonin. By consuming these different minerals in an appropriate quantity, will slowly and gradually resolve the problem of Tinnitus. People should plan a perfect diet and increase the consumption of coffee and fish; at the same time, you should avoid eating eggs.

Still doubtful On why use vitamins for Tinnitus? Vitamins for Tinnitus will help restore Vitamin B12(2) in the human body and will help in curing this problem. The vitamins help in maintaining the health of eyes, muscles, and skin. In addition to this, they help in treating the issue of depression and stress. All these are the main symptoms of Tinnitus.

Thus, vitamins have to be consumed regularly, to cure these different problems, which will invariably help in treating Tinnitus. Vitamins provide a stabilizing effect on the nerves, which further justifies the fact that vitamins help in treating Tinnitus.

With adequate Vitamins for Tinnitus, people will be able to get relief from hissing, whistling, and roaring sounds and sensations, which may add to the discomfort. In addition to this, older people facing a high risk of hearing loss will be able to improve their hearing abilities. Also, you can do away with any additional problems, which can happen due to Tinnitus.

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1. How Can Vitamins for Tinnitus Be Used?

One can use Vitamins in different forms. It can be consumed naturally in the form of various food products available to us. On the other hand, they can be consumed artificially as well in the form of different supplements that are readily available in the market.

2. What Other Supplements Can You Add in the Diet for Tinnitus?

You can add various other supplements such as Zinc, Melatonin, and Gingko Biloba in the diet for treating Tinnitus.

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