Vitamins Supplement That Effectively Treat Psoriasis

Updated on February 18th, 2020
vitamins for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a genetic disease which affects 1%-2% of the total population in the US annually. In terms of numbers, this figure translates into 55 million patients. Psoriasis, in its typical form, is not considered a dangerous condition. However, overlooking can lead to severe consequences like psoriatic arthritis.

Advanced research on this skin disease over the last few years has brought various treatments. Among multiple treatments, certified health professionals recommend vitamins for psoriasis.

According to medical science, this systemic inflammatory disease is related to one’s genetics. Means the condition passes on to an individual from their parents through genes. However, medical science also discards myths that this disease is contagious by nature. Yes, psoriasis is not infectious.

How Can Vitamins Help Treat Psoriasis?

In most cases, doctors recommend vitamins for psoriasis.  Research in medical science on the disease has revealed that vitamins play a vital role in the treatment of skin disease. The prominent ones among them include Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E. Some home remedies are likely to benefit a patient with this condition.

1. Vitamin E for Psoriasis

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is known as an antioxidant(1). Antioxidants shield or guard the cells against the adverse effects of free radicals. Thereby they protect cells from damage. This is an essential requirement in the treatment of psoriasis. This is why health care professionals recommend Vitamin E supplements.

One can take Vitamin E prescribed by a certified physician to treat the condition. Besides, it is also necessary to follow a few precautionary steps to recover from this condition. Spinach and pumpkin seeds are considered as the rich sources of Vitamin E.

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2. Vitamin C for Psoriasis

There is a reason why it is strongly suggested by dietitians that you add green leafy vegetables to the diet. The simple reason for this is that it serves as a rich source of antioxidants. Leafy greens are packed with vitamin C.

Vitamin C, being one of the water-soluble vitamins, helps protect the cells of the body against free radicals.

Apart from green leafy vegetables, one can also get adequate Vitamin C from berries and citrus fruits. A certified health practitioner may also prescribe certain Vitamin C supplements to a patient. It depends on their condition and the requirement of Vitamin C.

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3. Vitamin D for Psoriasis

vitamin d

Apart from diet and supplements, there is another way of treating psoriasis(2). In the past, physicians relied on these two elements to treat psoriasis. However, medical science has seen some advancements in the last few years. Light therapy is also used along with diets and supplements in the treatment of psoriasis.

Also, doctors sometimes use light therapy to treat psoriasis that does not involve any artificial light setting. Light therapy is all about the optimum use of sunlight – the ultimate source of Vitamin D. This concept is used for the treatment of the skin condition. A study which was conducted in 2013 on the same suggested that the use of topical as well as oral vitamin D in the case of psoriasis.

Another study highlighted the fact that Vitamin D became rather useful when applied in conjunction with a steroid cream.

Risks and Considerations

The FDA doesn’t regulate dietary supplements. Because it would be difficult to make sure both quality of ingredients in the supplements and mention on the packaging. So consult your doctor before you buy vitamins supplements. The unnamed ingredients in the supplements could interfere with your regular medication.

Psoriasis as a skin condition can have devastating consequences. Especially if not taken care of at the initial stages. So treating psoriasis in early stages can prevent harmful effects in the future.

Psoriasis usually surfaces on the elbow and scalp regions. But it can also migrate to the other parts of the body. Proper nutrition, coupled with vitamin supplements, can go a long way in treating psoriasis.

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1. How Much Vitamin D Should I Take for Psoriasis?

Everybody has a different opinion on this matter. But most experts agree dosage between 400-1000 IUs of Vitamin D supplements can treat psoriasis.

2. Does Vitamin D Cure Psoriasis?

The answer to this question is ‘No.’ No amount of Vitamin D can cure psoriasis on its own. However, it can surely reduce the effects of psoriasis to some extent. Vitamin D supplements can also have a similar impact.

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