Is Turmeric Really Helpful in Treating Gout

Updated on November 22nd, 2019
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Gout is a chronic ailment that, in the form of arthritis can put even the mightiest of men on their back. When gout attacks, the bone system is weakened. Ideally, anti-inflammatory medicines are used to treat it. However, a very prominent way to both fight and prevent Gout is the inclusion of turmeric (in reasonable quantity) in your diet.

Turmeric is a very diverse culinary ingredient that goes into the preparation of various eastern delicacies. However, such complex preparation processes bring down the effectiveness of turmeric, limiting it to deliver only a certain degree of color and taste.

If you truly wish to extract the complete efficacy of turmeric for Gout, then you need to consider consuming turmeric in alternative forms – Forms that are simpler, rudimentary -yet fiercely potent!

Did You Know!

  • Turmeric can also act as anti-venom to certain poisons, including that of King Cobra.
  • This natural pain reliever is also a decent agent of skin care. When moderately used, turmeric can provide reliable skin care solution, against pimples and acne.

How to use Turmeric For Gout Treatment

Turmeric is a prevalent spice in the eastern culinary palette. This golden spice provides the delicacy a rich flavor and vibrant color. However, the preparation processes involve so many complicated steps that the turmeric gets overcooked. As a result, the spice loses a lot of its nutrition value. Hence if you are planning to take turmeric for Gout, it is best to do so in one of the following ways.

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A Turmeric Detox Drink in the Morning

Start your day with a refreshing drink that will thoroughly cleanse your body and establish an effective detox. Such a drink will not just balance the PH within your body but will also work added benefits to generate overall well-being.

Anti-inflammation, blood sugar control, weight loss, bacterial and fungal infection cleansing, energy-boosting, immunity strengthening, aided digestion, and anti-oxidizing are the most noticeable effects.

For your morning turmeric detox drink take a cup of warm water and squeeze in half a lemon. Then add a tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon ACV.

turmeric detox with honey lemon and ACV

Finish your detox drink by adding a half teaspoon turmeric and a pinch of cayenne pepper. With this drink, you are not just taking turmeric for Gout, but a complete drink with comprehensive mind-body well-being.

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Drink a Glass of Golden Milk with Your Breakfast

  • Add the golden spice to milk, and you have your golden milk. Turmeric milk is a favorite drink that can contribute to a wide range of health concerns, including Gout.
  • Milk, in general, is considered one of the complete food with all essential nutrients. Add the medicinal turmeric to it, and it becomes a drink hard to beat in terms of nutrition value.
  • To make the ideal golden milk, take a cup of whole milk, add a teaspoon of turmeric, one teaspoon honey and 1/4 teaspoon black pepper. Mix it all together and set it for boiling.
  • Simmer the mix for a minute and your golden milk is ready. Make sure to drink it while it’s still hot. Golden milk is easily the most convenient and effective way to consume turmeric for Gout.(1)

Eat Fragrant Yellow Rice for Lunch

fragrant yellow rice

If rice is your staple food, then there is an opportunity to include turmeric.

  • Take 2 cups of jasmine rice and rinse it thoroughly.
  • Then add 2 cups of water, one bay leaf, one medium cinnamon stick, three whole cloves, three-fourths teaspoon turmeric, and one teaspoon salt.
  • Mix it well in a pot and bring to boil on medium-high heat.
  • Then cover the pot and bring down the heat and slow cook for ten minutes.
  • Finally, remove the cover and add two tablespoons butter and stir it well.

The fragrant yellow rice is best savored with a serving of mixed beans Masala.


When you are consuming turmeric for Gout, remember that the spice has a robust taste and potent effects. Even in little amounts, turmeric can exhibit beneficial benefits to your health. However, considering how potent this spice is, if you overuse it -effects could backfire.

Additionally, turmeric in excessive amounts will also characterize your food with a repulsive taste. In terms of overdose, turmeric can lead you to experience an upset stomach, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, and cardiovascular difficulty.

Does Adding More Turmeric in Your Diet Help Gout?

Curcumin, the primary chemical compound found in turmeric, is one of the most potent natural anti-inflammatory agents. This fact alone makes turmeric the most logical choice when it comes to battling any form of arthritis. Scientific studies have shown that Curcumin, suppresses the activity of Xanthine Oxidase enzyme, which helps in the production of Uric Acid.

Curcumin also facilitates the creation of cortisone hormone and helps reduce your stress levels. Finally, Curcumin also restricts the production of prostaglandins, which is also closely related to pain sensation and inflammation.

Considering such factual details related to this spice, using turmeric for Gout would seem a sane man’s solution.

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1. Is turmeric good for Gout?

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve you from painful Gout. However, you are on blood thinners or gallstones; you should use turmeric.

2. What is the best thing to drink if you have Gout?

Well, turmeric is, without doubt, one of the most excellent natural remedies to Gout. Now if you instead drink it than eat it, then you have three best options -turmeric milk, honey-turmeric tea turmeric-infused detox drink.

3. How much turmeric should I take a day for inflammation?

Always remember that turmeric is superiorly potent. Hence, an overdose is never an option. You must consume the minimum amount for best results. It is a common notion that anti-inflammatory effects are safely derived by consuming 500 to 1000 milligrams of Curcumin per day. In standard terms, one teaspoon of turmeric contains 200 milligrams of Curcumin.

4. What spices are good for Gout?

Gout is a form of arthritis. Hence, any spice with the anti-inflammatory property will be good for Gout. Namely -black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, ginger, cayenne, and cloves.

5. What are the adverse side effects of Turmeric?

When you are consuming turmeric for gout, you must remember not to cross the safe range of 1000 milligrams per day. Overdose of turmeric can bring unsettling health conditions such as stomach upset, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, and cardiovascular difficulty.

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