Tea for Diabetes: To Lower Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a health condition characterized by the inadequate secretion or improper functioning of insulin in the host body. Insulin is responsible for regulating the amount of blood sugar in our tissues.

Improper absorption of blood sugar in tissues leads to excess concentrations which must be released from the body through urine. If this improper insulin absorption continues for long periods of time, it can result in several serious illnesses.

Having diabetes means you need to be aware of all that you eat and drink. In today’s era of pharmaceuticals, people tend to forget that there have been alternate remedies such as herbal teas and green tea that can assist those suffering from diabetes.

As per the records, it’s the second most popular drink in the world (after water).

So why not use these properties of tea for Diabetes(1) treatment? Let’s understand how drinking tea can be advantageous for diabetic people.

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Best Tea for Diabetes

  • Tea has been widely known for its power to prevent cancer, soothe the neck and to sharpen mental health. It is consumed as a common drink to keep us awake and also as a stress buster.
  • However, tea may actually offer health benefits related to diabetes, too. Through a significantly complex biochemical reaction, tea helps the metabolic system function better.
  • There are many types of teas available that can help you with certain distinguish benefits.

1. Green tea:

Green tea, being prepared from unfermented leaves contains higher polyphenol and polysaccharides levels which increase its medicinal properties.

This chemical is the main component responsible to increase the performance of the metabolic system of the body and is effective in reducing blood sugar. Green tea also reduces the normal elevation of glucose in the bloodstream.

2. Ginger tea:

  • Ginger is known to decrease blood sugar(2) levels and increase insulin levels in the body. Due to its aromatic taste, it is a highly preferred ingredient in tea.
  • 3 grams of ginger a day can significantly improve your diabetic conditions.

3. Herbal tea:

  • Herbal tea is one of the most efficient types of tea when it comes to considering the health benefits.
  • Bilberry herbal tea, quite popular in America, has an ample amount of glucoquinine, which is chemically known for its ability to lower blood sugar.

How Does Tea Help Diabetes?

Sweet Potatoes for Diabetes

Diabetes is caused due to an increase in glucose and sugar level in the body. To break it down in simple words, tea has a group of chemicals, namely polyphenols which help increase insulin activity, and their anti-oxidative properties will protect you from inflammation and carcinogens.

With the above-mentioned major perks of tea for diabetes, it also:

  1. Prevents blood clots
  2. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  3. Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes
  4. Reduces the risk of cancer
  5. Can help you in stress relief (the flavonoids and theanine found in tea help lower stress and control blood pressure)

Different teas have different benefits. Tea can be as beneficial as to reduce the risks and even to cure certain symptoms of diabetes.

Like consumption of 5-7 cups of green tea, a week can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

However, to state which of the various teas is the most beneficial tea might not be right. Each one of them has its own benefits.

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Most recommended of all is Green Tea and Herb Tea.

Detox Iced Green Tea benefits

Green tea has certain specific properties like:

  1. The unfermented leaves make it more potent than other teas.
  2. It helps the body effectively metabolize sugar, thereby reducing the sugar level in the bloodstream
  3. Green tea is a catechin-rich drink. Catechins are an effective ingredient in reducing risk of diabetes.
  4. Green tea has strong antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals responsible for aging and developing diabetes.
  5. Green tea also attacks obesity and helps you stay fit by reducing appetite.
  6. It helps in burning a higher number of calories by stimulating the nervous system to burn fat.

Tips for Consuming Tea for Diabetes

  • When you are diabetic, you need to lay extra emphasis on the slightest of the details about your diet. You can not just intake green tea or herbal tea or any other tea thinking it would be beneficial. Extra care needs to be taken on how your tea is brewed and how you are taking it.
  • For the best effect, it is advised to consult a dietician for having an experienced and customized plan for your case. In general, you can take 3-5 cups of green tea a day with mild composition, not extra strong. This would help you get the best benefits of the tea.
  • Also, ensure that your tea is not mixed with extra ingredients like milk or sugar. AVOID SUGAR in your tea if you are diabetic.


1. Is tea good for diabetes?

Tea can be extremely beneficial for diabetes provided you take it as mentioned above considering which type you are choosing based on the benefits you are looking for.

2.  Is drinking green tea safe for diabetic people?

Yes, if you brew it perfectly without sugar it can be extremely beneficial.

3. Does tea cure diabetes?

Tea might not cure diabetes to the full extent, but it certainly helps you fight the symptoms and reduce the risk.

Green tea is beneficial for many cases including reducing risk of diabetes, ginger tea helps in increasing immunity, black tea can provide you the energy to work out and turmeric added in tea can battle inflammations.

Studies have indicated that about 4 cups of tea per day can improve  diabetic conditions and prevent diabetes. So take a sip of this awesome drink and let it improve your health condition.

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