Are Tea Good For Asthma Treatment ?

Updated on December 5th, 2019

Asthma is a chronic disease which cannot be cured completely. But, with medication and proper breathing techniques, you can keep the disease under control. Moreover, there are certain home remedies that can help you to stay away from asthma attacks.

Tea is definitely one of those. Tea for asthma is really effective as there is licorice in it, especially in green tea which has the power to control the symptoms of asthma and give you relief. Let’s quickly get to know why herbal tea for asthma is worth having. Read on to know more.

Did You Know!

  • If you have mild asthma, don’t panic! Your life expectancy is almost like the non-asthmatic person.
  • Smoking cigarette is a major cause of developing asthma.

How Does Drinking Tea Help in Asthma?

Tea for asthma is a good natural remedy. If you want to have tea to get relief from asthma problems, you can choose black, stash or green tea. According to the Cochrane Database of Systematic Review, the caffeine present in these types of tea can work effectively in healing asthma. Caffeine can clear the airways and make it easier for you to breathe freely. But, you should not have eucalyptus tea as this could further worsen the problem.

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Different Teas for Asthma Relief

There are different types of teas for asthma that you can have to while suffering from Asthma(1). So which tea should you have to get a cure? Have a look-

1. Lemon-Ginger Tea

lemon ginger tea

Both lemon and ginger are full of antioxidants and also have anti-inflammatory objects. Therefore, this tea will cure the inflammation in your respiratory system and also the warmth helps you to breathe easy.Ginger Tea for asthma is the best  natural remedy for quick relief.

2. Oregano Tea

This is another tea for reducing inflammation during asthma. Besides, the antioxidants lower the oxidative stress and also reduce the breathing trouble.

3. CBD Oil

You can buy CBD powder or hemp oil to make this tea. It is also full of anti-inflammatory properties that help you in providing relief.

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4. Honey Tea

Honey Tea

Honey is really effective in curing asthma along with other health issues. While making green or black tea, you can add honey into it.. Having honey can keep you stay warm during winters.

5. Peppermint Tea

Common cold can turn your asthma into something worse. Having peppermint tea can give relief from stuffy nose and also treat asthma and other cold allergies.

Does Caffeine Help in Asthma?

Tea, coffee, etc. are the richest source of caffeine. When it is believed that too much consumption of caffeine can cause several health issues, there is a discussion that caffeine can heal asthma. Is there any truth behind it? Actually, the components of caffeine are kind of similar to a famous bronchodilator, Theophylline. It is responsible for controlling the symptoms of asthma, like wheezing, coughing, breathing trouble, etc.

But, there are other studies also that shows if caffeine has to effect like theophylline, one has to consume it in a large amount and that won’t be good for health. So, further researches are going on to prove whether caffeine can help or not.

Hopefully, now you know how tea for asthma is effective. If your child is suffering from asthma, instead of only depending on home remedies, you should consult the specialist now. You can have tea to get the cure, but only under doctor’s supervision.

Other Natural Ways to Fight Asthma

Tea is a great remedy for curing asthma. But, there are several other remedies that you can use to get relief from the asthmatic problems, like-

1. Ginger

Image: ShutterStock

Apart from having it in tea, having ginger(2) in your food can cleanse up your airways and boost up normal breathing. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants can soothe your problems of asthma.

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2. Foods with Magnesium

You should also include foods with magnesium more in your regular diet. This mineral is effective in lowering the constriction of your airways in the lungs and helps to breathe. Add berries, nuts and seeds, green leafy vegetables, etc.

3. Include Omega-3 Fatty Acids

omega 3 rich food
Source: ShutterStock

According to studies, an omega-3 fatty acid also reduces inflammation in your respiratory organs and makes it easy to breathe. You can have fish oil in the forms of the capsules and also include foods, like walnuts, soybean oil, kidney beans, flaxseeds, etc. in your regular diet.

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1. Which Herbal Tea Is Best for Asthma?

You can have peppermint tea and ginger tea to get the best relief.

2. How Ginger Tea Is Effective in Asthma?

Ginger has anti-inflammatory objects that reduce inflammation in your respiratory organs and gives you relief.

3. What Helps Asthma Without an Inhaler?

Herbal remedies, like tea, ginger, mint, etc. can help you without having to use an inhaler.

4. Why Is Asthma Worse at Night?

As your body goes through hormonal changes while sleeping, asthma gets worse at night.

5. Do Hot Drinks Help Asthma?

Yes, warm tea or other hot drinks can soothe your respiratory system and gives you relief.

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