15 Warning Signs Your Body Needs Help

Updated on April 4th, 2020
signs of unhealthy body

Every organ in the body performs numerous actions to regulate healthy physical and psychological conditions. However, sometimes due to environmental, lifestyle, or dietary conditions, our body may disrupt the functions of these organs. In those conditions, the body often gives out signals stating it is stressed out, or some of its organs may not be functioning at optimal levels.

After all, there are different dimensions to the human body – the internal and the external. Signs and warning signals can indicate there’s something deep within that needs to be tackled. Here are 15 warning signals your body is calling out for help.

15 Warning Signs of Unhealthy Body

1. Bad breath

Halitosis(1) or bad breath is an indication of more than just a lack of oral hygiene. Following a good oral routine, including flossing, rinsing, and brushing, may not be enough to ward off oral odor. An oral problem can signal a possible health issue. While researchers have not yet established a link between heart and oral health, treating oral problems can prevent cardiac issues.

The oral odor is an indication your body is in trouble. Ulcers, or tonsils that are inflamed can also cause bad breath. If the odor does not go after proper dental hygiene or persists for days, contact your doctor immediately.

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Signs of Unhealthy Body

2. Painful Cramps

Cramps or constant muscular pains throughout the day or night can be a significant problem. They signify that there is severe dehydration or mineral shortage in the body, especially calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Consequently, the human body protests against the deficiency. Take care that you are sufficiently hydrated and do not consume too much alcohol. Get thyroid hormone levels checked, as these are also known to cause cramps.

Medications, treatments, lack, or excess physical activity can also cause cramps. Make sure that you consult a physician or work under a trainer when you frequently experience cramps after workouts.

3. Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are a sign of dehydration and an inadequate beauty routine. Chronic mouth chapping means you are not protecting your lips enough from the harmful ultraviolet radiation. Check lip cosmetics used for metals like cobalt and nickel in lip gloss, as these can also cause allergies and flaky lips. Try cosmetic grade beeswax and drink enough water before the lips wrinkle cry out for hydration.

4. Swollen Feet

Swollen Feet

Swollen feet indicate things are not working well. If the diet has excessive sodium and carbs, it can also cause ankles and feet to swell. Accumulation of fluid in the feet is also one of the reasons for this.

Salt leads to water retention and fluid accumulation, triggering swollen feet. In rare cases, chronic feet swelling is also the result of the liver, kidney, and cardiac issues. Check with the doctor if the swelling is an anomaly, and fix it with necessary treatment.

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5. Wrinkles on the Skin

Bad lifestyle decisions, dehydration, or lack of sunscreen causes skin wrinkles and premature aging. While lines are natural as a result of age, if there are excessive crows feet and furrows, something may be wrong with the diet or the environment that you live in.

If you’re consuming excessive sugar, processed food, alcohol, or smoking cigarettes, the chances of lines and folds on the skin are higher. Sound sleep is essential for warding off wrinkles across the eyes.

6. Food Cravings

Associations or physiological needs can drive food cravings. Either which way, the body feels deprived and tries to compensate for the loss. While associating certain foods with a mood can cause emotional eating. Nutritional deficiencies also drive cravings. Check with your doctor or healthcare provider to avert this problem.

7. Chronic Fatigue


Chronic fatigue(2), listlessness, and low energy levels are a surefire sign; something is wrong. Longstanding fatigue can be a sign of anemia, diabetes, depression, stress, or even thyroid imbalance. Find the triggers and keep the fatigue at bay. Maintain a health journal and visit your doctor regularly.

8. Insomnia, Leg Cramps & Irritability

If these signs are present, your body requires potassium and magnesium. To replenish such critical elements, add bananas, oranges, tomatoes, and spinach to the daily diet.

9. Dry Skin

Dry skin can indicate a lack of micronutrients such as vitamin E. Eat more vegetables and consume oil, nuts, and seafood to avert this deficiency.

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10. Sweet Tooth

If you have a strong urge to eat delicious food, stress, exhaustion, or depression could be the reason. Check with your physician if your body is craving glucose due to fluctuating blood-sugar levels.

11. Eating Ice

The desire to eat ice stems from anemia. Best iron sources to combat this deficiency include mollusks, eggs, and beef.

12. Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Gums

Sudden or constant bleeding of the gums, when the teeth are brushed, is a sign of vitamin C. Include the following product in your meals: green or red bell peppers, spinach, citrus fruits, cauliflower, tomatoes, cabbage, and broccoli.

13. Fragile Nails or Hair

This one is a case of lack of vitamin B. To fight this, drink enough milk and have nori seaweeds and mushrooms.

14. Rings Around the Iris

These rings can appear in individuals over 50 years. It is a healthy sign of aging. But if these rings are present in younger individuals, it indicates cholesterol levels are overshooting. Consult your doctor immediately in such an emergency case.

15. Greek Foot

Greek foot is also known as Morton’s Toe. This is the longer second toe on the foot, and it can be the result of calluses or discomfort on the ball of the feet or the base of the second toe. It could make footwear uncomfortable, and therefore, you need to watch out for this problem.

Bottom line:

In sum, different health signals can be a warning indication your body is facing stress, wear, and tear, or chronic diseases. Get yourself checked up regularly and ensure regular medical examinations are at hand to diagnose existing conditions and prevent future health problems. Also, make sure to use these parameters to assess your health and avert future medical conditions.


1. Is fatigue a sign of any underlying issue?

Fatigue can be a sign of various physical and mental health issues, including diabetes, cardiac problems, depression.

2. Why does my body always feel weak?

The body may feel because of stress, chronic health conditions, unhealthy diet or lifestyle habits, environmental conditions.

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