Why Use Rick Simpson Oil for Cancer, Arthritis, Depression, and More

Updated on April 16th, 2020

The oil is a type of cannabis oil derived from the Indica cannabis strain. This oil was discovered by a marijuana activist who stated that it differed from cannabis oil. Unlike other oils, it contains high amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that helps give them a high feeling.

It is known to have medicinal benefits that include treating high blood pressure and cancer amongst many others. It can be easily prepared at home to treat cancer.

Let’s learn some of its health benefits.


  • This oil was first tested to treat basal cell carcinoma.
  • This oil can be prepared at home, but the ingredients are deemed illegal in several countries.
  • It is made up of more than one strain of marijuana which makes it challenging to identify the dosage.
  • It has a sedative effect and may not be suitable for curing many ailments.

Can Rick Simpson Oil Treat Cancer?

Some patients strongly believe that following the Rick Simpson method involves a unique procedure of using its oil that has helped beat cancer. Although it is entirely anecdotal, it has immensely helped cancer patients to alleviate symptoms of pain and kept them in remission.

Early research shows that the THC in Simpson oil(1) causes cell death or apoptosis that causes the cancer cells to produce more ceramide that eats them up.

This oil kills the malignant cells by exposing them to a very high dose of THC. The ideal Rick Simpson Oil, also called Richard Simpson oil dosage is 1 mg oil every 24 hours after the body builds up a tolerance for the medication, which sums up to 400-950 mg of THC. It is advised to go slowly and begin with three doses per day and gradually increase over three months.

Research Findings

Multiple types of research have been done to understand the effect of Rick Simpson CBD oil on cancer.

  • It was developed in 1975 in a study that studied its impact on lung cancer in mice. It stated that THC and CBN reduced the growth of cancer in the cells. These are active compounds found in the oil. THC is a chemical compound that creates an illusion of being stoned and can only be offered by 0.3%.
  • In an RSO treatment(2), a 14-year-old girl who was seeking treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia had a Philadelphia chromosome mutation, as mentioned in a 2013 study.
  • The same girl had used hemp oil and RSO oil throughout her treatment which showed submissive effects on cancer, but it stands inconclusive as he died due to gastrointestinal problems.
  • The American Association for Cancer Research stated in 2014 that the combination of THC and CBD showed better results when they were used with radiation for treating cancer.

Health Benefits of Rick Simpson Oil

The popularity of Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil is because of the innumerable claims about treating cancer.

Simpson got diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and began using RSO in the affected spots. It is believed that the spots were corrected in a few days.

It is made from rare cannabis called Cannabis indica that has a soothing effect on the body and treats it.

1. For Arthritis

Rick Simpson Hemp Oil is effective in reducing symptoms of arthritis pain, swelling and trouble while walking. It has a sedative effect that also lessens the pain and allows us to live a healthy life with arthritis.

2. Asthma


Research says that taking it in an adequate dosage helps to treat asthma. It helps in opening the airways that ease out breathing. Asthma can be complicated to live with as its usually irreversible. RSO is a great alternative to help treat Asthma.

3. Fights Inflammation

RSO has anti-inflammatory properties and is therefore considered an alternate therapy for inflammatory disease.

People who have Rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammation in the body have reviewed this to be very therapeutic and effective in reducing the symptoms.

4. High Blood Pressure

This oil contains THC in large amounts and therefore, may help treat hypertension.

Testimonials of patients using THC state that they no longer needed medication for high blood pressure after using RSO.

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5. Depression


RSO is very effective in treating depression as the THC levels(3) reduce the pain that a depressed patient endures. The primary treatment for depression is regular minimal doses of serotonin, which in the case of the oil gets increased by THC. It is also natural, and if used moderately, there are quicker chances of recovery for patients suffering from clinical depression, anxiety, and stress.

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What’s the Right Dosage?

For cancer, you can start by ingesting an oral dose of RSO 3 times a day. Each dose should not exceed a drop or two, for a week. For the next week, you can double the dose, continue until 1ml per day is ingested. Continue this, until cancer seems to subside.

The dosage could vary based on other conditions.  To use the oil discreetly, it is important you check with a medical practitioner for the precise dosage.

Side Effects of the Oil

RSO oil side effects include some physical and mental health symptoms like the ones mentioned below-

  • Hallucination
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Slow digestion
  • Insomnia
  • Poor cognitive function
  • Impaired memory
  • Depression

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Before using Rick Simpson, you must consult a medical practitioner to get your desired dose based on your health conditions. The normal dose of over 90 days is 60 gms. It is usually taken orally in the form of a capsule as the absorption is better.

There is a constant debate to determine its effectiveness in treating cancer. Moreover, additional research needs to be conducted to understand how effective it is in treating cancer and other chronic diseases.

If you wish to use Rick Simpson Oil for treating cancer, talk to your doctor to know the right ways to use it.


1. Is RSO Oil Legal?

It is not legal in many countries, and he was asked to stop producing oil in 2009.

2. Can I Smoke Rick Simpson Oil?

No. It can’t be smoked or vaporized.

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