Epididymal Hypertension; Learn to Treat Your Blue Balls Effectively

Updated on March 11th, 2020
how to get rid of blue balls

Epididymal hypertension is a health condition that is a bane for men all around the globe. Also known as testicular vasocongestion or blue balls, it is a condition that affects the male genital area. Although the state is not chronic, it can cause devastating pain in the testicles. It is mostly seen when men have an erection without an orgasm, and it is often noticed that there is a bluish hue in the testicles.

These symptoms and the pain in the testicles during EH occurs due to blood being built up in the nether region during arousal. It causes them to ache if the person remains aroused for too long. Blue balls are a painful condition; however, it doesn’t last long and is usually done once the state of arousal is done.  


People who experience EH may show the following signs and symptoms in their testicles:

  1. Heaviness in the abdominal region
  2. Aching 
  3. Mild pain in the abdominal region
  4. A blue tint

It is caused due to sexual arousal, during this phase, the arteries carry a lot of blood to the male genitals, which causes the tissue to expand, thereby increasing the blood flow to this area. Additionally, the veins that take the blood away from the genitals are restricted. 

After a person reaches the climax, their blood vessels return to their standard size. However, in the case of EH, during the swollen or aroused state, there is tremendous pressure on the testicles due to the stored ejaculate in the testicles. Simple home remedies and natural methods alleviate the pain and its associated symptoms. 

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How to Get Rid of Blue Balls Naturally?

1. Ejaculation

As blue balls occur only during an erection, one of the simplest and easiest ways would be to ejaculate as this helps to get rid of the pain as stored semen causes pain. There are several ways like masturbating, oral sex, or intercourse that can help in alleviating the condition. 

Ejaculation releases extra pressure from testis and vas deferens and makes way for blood to flow. Many specialists and doctors suggest that regularly ejaculation is healthy; however, an excess of everything has its drawbacks.

2. Meditation

Meditation helps in relieving pain, as it helps in controlling the mind. Following yogic exercises like Goumukhasanas helps in ejaculating and helps in regulating the blood flow in the genital regions. Also, it is strongly recommended that you say no to steroids or medicines, which promotes erection. It is recommended that you try meditating early in the morning every day for at least 20 minutes.

3. Distraction

Distraction during the phase of being aroused is a skill you would need to master, and it is not accessible by any terms. However, with practice, it would get more comfortable to get your mind and body away from the phase. 

You could try to do something that interests you, from listening to your favorite track to watching something on television or reading an exciting book. There are several ways one could get their mind off the aroused state, try what works for you the best.

4. Massage

Man Massage

Massage is a fantastic way to relax and reduce the blood flow to your nether regions. Mild pressure and your hands could help you tremendously. Relax and lay down on a flat surface, preferably a bed, then massage your nether regions, gently and make sure that you apply mild pressure.

It helps in reducing the blood flow and thereby helps in reducing the pain. It is recommended that you lightly twist and apply mild pressure.

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5. Exercise & Workout

Exercise and workout is an ideal way of keeping EH at bay, as they help in drawing blood away from the testicles and towards the muscles. It is advised that you stick to cardio and light exercises such as walking and brisk walking as these don’t put tremendous pressure on you in the early days of when you start the regimen. As time passes, you could shift to a more intense workout plan. 

Make sure that you exercise at least 30 minutes in the morning. A cardio session is advisable as it draws stored blood from the testes.

6. Steam Application 

It may seem a little off; however, steam is known to cause vasodilation and helps in the relaxation of the blood vessels and thereby reducing the blood pressure.

To soothe the pain EH, wrap a warm towel around your lower abdominal and genitals for 15-20 minutes at 3-4 times in a week whenever you are aroused. It’ll help you in easing the pain. Additionally, you could also take a steam bath, though it is less advisable as compared to other options but is quite helpful. 

How to Prevent Blue Balls

  1. Avoid wearing too tight clothes for a long time; they also affect the health of male genitals. If testis remains under pressure with no flow of air, their shape and size may get affected, causing resistance in the flow of blood.
  2. It is essential to stay hydrated. The required level of water should be maintained in one’s body so that all functions usually process along with ejaculating.
  3. Lifting heavy weights draws blood away from the testis. It causes something called the Valsalva maneuver in your lower abdominals, which regulates healthy blood flow. If blood keeps flowing in the testis, it does not cause any harm. 

Blue balls are a condition that causes pain in testicles(1), especially during unfinished arousal. Consult a sexologist if EH causes you significant distress or is affecting your sex life. Regular pain in the testicles, especially if it’s dissimilar to sexual stimulation, may indicate a more grave problem if conveyed by other symptoms. 

Few symptoms which are not ‘Blue Balls’ ones and need immediate treatment are:

  • A lump or enlargement in any one or both testicles
  • A feeling of dual aching in or over testis or groin area
  • Severe pain in the lower back
  • Inflammation while ejaculating

Some other reasons which may cause pain in the testis are Diabetic neuropathy in the scrotum, Kidney stones, mumps, Testicular cancer, and epididymitis.

Blue balls are a common but rarely seen condition. It is a result of high pressure caused due to testicles being full of ejaculate. Following good sex practices and using the above remedies would help you with your condition.

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1. How long do blue balls last?

Blue balls usually only last for about a few minutes, as it only happens when in an aroused state, after a couple of minutes, you should feel the reduction in your pain.

2. Are blue balls dangerous?

Blue Balls are not at all dangerous, it is a momentary condition, and once the blood starts to flow to your genitals, everything goes back to normal.

3. Do women get blue balls?

Yes, women do experience it. However, not in the traditional sense, like that of a man. However, in females, if a woman doesn’t reach the orgasmic stage, she is deemed to have ‘blue balls’

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