How to Get Rid of Blue Balls by Natural Home Treatments?

Are you facing pain in your genital area? A single issue related to genital area can change your mood from happy to frustrating in a minute. Blue Balls or Epididymis Hypertension is one such condition. It’s a condition where the fluid is jammed temporarily in the testicles followed by testicular pain.

The pain is not severe but causes a lot of discomfort. It occurs by prolonged sexual arousal in the human male without ejaculation. This problem is rare, and not all men experience it.

And if you are one among those suffering in silence then, here is something on what are the causes and symptoms for this condition and how to get rid of blue balls naturally.

What causes Blue Balls

Incomplete arousal, sex without reaching the climax in which a male does not ejaculate causes blue balls. When a person does not cum, the blood gets stored in testis and causes pain.

Symptoms of Blue Balls

  • Feel of heaviness and pressure over testis
  • Feeling unrelieved
  • Pain and swelling when getting into a sexual mood
  • Unable to ejaculate

How to get rid of Blue Balls with Natural Ways?

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Below are listed a few ways on how to get rid of blue balls naturally.

  1. Taking a cold shower or applying a cold object like ice or bottle over lower abdominal, helps in getting rid of blue ball problem. Cold water will numb the pain nerves and narrow blood vessels in the genitals. A packet of frozen peas or chilled beer or cold drinks can be used. These cold objects mimic like a non-adrenaline hormone, a hormone which releases after orgasm
  2. To ejaculate during arousal is the best way to get rid of pain, stored semen causes pain, and it is good to release it. There may be the various way like masturbating, oral sex, or safe and sound intercourse. Ejaculation releases extra pressure, from testis and vas deference and makes way for blood to flow. When getting an orgasm, one must jerk it off to be safe. Many specialists and doctors suggest that doing regular ejaculation is healthy; however, an excess of everything has their drawbacks
  3. Meditation also helps in relieving pain, as it helps in controlling the mind. Following some yogic exercise like Goumukhasanas helps in ejaculating and smooth blood flow. Also, it’s a big no to steroids or medicines like Viagra which gives unnecessary erection and causing trouble to get out of that provoking zone. Try to keep things natural and healthy
  4. Get distracted by music or something else. Get your earphones on and listen to your favorite tracks, it’ll divert your mind. These ways help in getting out of aroused. When you listen to music, your mind stops secreting testosterone and gradually lowers down the heart rate back to normal
  5. Massage – relax, lie down and massage the affected area. It helps in flowing of blood which is essential when blood stops flowing it starts the pain. Best way to is rubbing and lightly twisting them yourself by getting laid down. It is advisable to massage your genitals yourself
  6. Regular exercise and workout help a lot, as it draws the blood from testicles towards the muscles. A cardio session is advisable as it draws stored blood from testis. Any activity which increases your blood flow rate and causes blood to flow is helpful in getting rid of blue balls pain
  7. To sooth, the pain occurring from epididymis hypertension, wrap a warm towel around your lower abdominal and genitals for 15-20 minutes for 3-4 times. It’ll help you in easing the pain. One can take a small session of a steam bath, though it has a less advisable as compared to other options but is quite helpful. It helps in releasing an after orgasm hormone non-adrenaline one
  8. Avoid wearing too tight clothes for a long time; they too affect the health of male genitals. If testis remains under pressure with no flow of air their shape and size may get affected causing resistance in the flow of blood
  9. It is not directly related to this topic and may sound little off topic, but it is essential to stay hydrated. The required level of water should be maintained in one’s body so that all functions process normally along with ejaculating. As it has a connection with and liquidity of body
  10. If you have a sex partner, ask them to help you in releasing your ‘thing’ to comfort you. Best way to get rid of blue balls is to release it. If you could not do it yourself, then seek help from your girlfriend, wife or other sex partners. Intercourse or an oral job would be useful
  11. Lifting heavy weights helps in this, as it draws blood away from testis. Lifting weights cause something called Valsalva maneuver, in your lower abdominal which helps in flowing blood. If blood keeps flowing in testis, it does not cause any harm. However, if it does not flow properly, then blue balls occurs
  12. To get distracted or take your attention or mind to a non-sexual activity helps a lot. Blue balls generally cause pain when one is getting arose. Hence it is a best practice to divert your mind in another direction. Like start thinking about your parents, think about random things which draw your attention. Like what happens if I light a matchstick and put it over my hand etc.
  13. Waiting, yes it may sound weird as if someone is feeling pain and you are asking them to wait.  But it is proven that blue pain does not last more than one hour. Blue ball is a condition which happens when one is under orgasm but is not reaching the climax, which means they are not releasing their semen. If it’s paining then lie down and stay calm. Staying calm will command brain nerves to stay cool and gradually come out of orgasmic effect

Female Blue Balls

The Blue Ball problem is even seen in females. When a woman gets aroused, blood rushes towards the clitoris as it does for a male when he receives an erection. In the case of females, the Blue Balls is known as “Blue Lips.” It mimics the same feeling men get when things get stopped short, and though it’s familiar, it’s less recognized. The remedies and cures for getting rid of this are mostly same as discussed above.

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Blue ball is a condition which causes little pain in testicles, especially during unfinished arousal. Consult a sexologist if Epididymis Hypertension causes you significant pain or is affecting the worth of one’s sex life. Regular pain in the testicles, especially if it’s dissimilar to sexual stimulation, may indicate a more grave problem if conveyed by other symptoms. It generally stops paining itself, if it’s a blue balls case. However, if it does not stops then contact a sexologist ASAP. Few symptoms which are not ‘Blue Balls’ ones and need immediate medical help are: –

  • A lump or enlargement in any one or both testicles
  • A feeling of dual aching in or over testis or groin area
  • Severe pain in lower back
  • Inflammation while ejaculating

Some other reasons which may cause pain in testis are Diabetic neuropathy in the scrotum, Kidney stones, mumps, Testicular cancer, and epididymitis.


Blue balls is a common but rarely seen condition. It is a result of uncompleted orgasm. It is important to ejaculate. One can get rid of Blue Balls by following safe sex practices. Make it a thumb rule to ejaculate when you are under those blue clouds. Follow good sex practices and don’t panic if you are under a blue balls attack, release the stress along with your semen. Pain will disappear within minutes.

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