The Sweet, Sour & Tangy Pickle Juice That Can Cure Leg Cramps

Updated on January 6th, 2020
pickle juice for leg cramps

Pickles are a trend that never fades away. People love this condiment with their food all the time, and that is one reason why pickle jars are often hot sellers. They not only enhance the flavors of your food platter but also increase your appetite.

But more often than not, we throw our pickle jar away with the juice left at the bottom. So pickle juice; the latest trend of healthy sports drink/juice is the brine which is left at the bottom of the jar.

Very few of us know that this juice can be a great addition to your health regime as pickle juice for leg cramps is one amazing thing. Let’s read further to understand how pickle juice is good for leg cramps(1).

How Is Pickle Juice Good For Leg Cramps

Pickle Juice

Benefits Of Pickle Juice for Leg Cramps  :

Pickle Juice as we know is a fermented beverage, and fermented drinks/beverages are suitable for your overall health and well-being. Being a probiotic, it contains lactobacilli that are filled with humongous health positives. Although a little strong and crisp in taste, pickle juice is a powerhouse of health benefits. It helps your body in the below-mentioned ways:

  • Improves digestion
  • Prevents Diabetes
  • Lowers high levels of cholesterol
  • Treats bad breath
  • Treats sunburns
  • Relieves chronic headaches
  • Soothes sore throat
  • Treats hangovers

And the most important one among the others is treating leg cramps. You must be aware of the main ingredients of pickles. It contains vinegar which is the main component of pickle juice, and the key benefit of vinegar is that it is filled with the abilities to suppress the discomfort and pain which people experience during muscle or leg cramps.

Another sub-component of vinegar in pickle juice is sodium, which again is rich in calcium chloride. Calcium chloride helps in preventing leg cramps, thus making pickle juice a favorite among sportspersons.

These two main components/ingredients present in pickle juice help replenish the electrolytes. That is why pickle juice is considered to be a magic potion for athletes and sportspeople.

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How Does Pickle Juice Help Leg Cramps

Leg cramps

The healthy and nutritious Pickle juice cannot be had like a standard glass of juice because it is acidic and has a sour taste. So the pickle juice which, is good for leg cramps(2), should be consumed in the right quantity to enjoy the juice and make your body feel healthy and beautiful.

  • After you collect the brine from your pickle, use the juice to pickle your favorite vegetables like cucumber, radish or even egg. Even your most boring vegetables would taste so much better and sumptuous when enveloped in the crispy taste of the pickle juice.
  • If you love fancy food, then add the pickle juice to your pasta or macaroni, add it like a barbecue sauce to your grilled veggies like potatoes, carrots, bell peppers or chicken. A Sunday brunch can be made exciting and healthy with family barbecue in the backyard.
  • Make your shot of whiskey a little crisper by adding this pickle juice.
  • You can add the pickle juice to your cocktails to make them more healthy.
  • Make use of pickle juice to pan fry and add taste to your fish. This can be done with chicken and your other favorite seafood like prawns, lobsters, as well.

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Pickle Juice: Good for Leg Cramps, But It Is Also Essential to Know About Its Side Effects

High Sodium: If you are prescribed a low sodium diet, you should stay away from pickle juice as it is high in sodium or salt and can increase the level of sodium in your body impacting your health. So first keep an eye on how your salt levels will behave after consuming pickle juice, only then go for it.

Stomach Troubles: Reports suggest that if you drink more than 6 ounces of pickle juice at one go, it can impact your stomach resulting in cramps, bloated feeling, etc. Make sure you consume the juice in reasonable amounts and not make your stomach feel the brunt of this healthy addition to your daily diet.

Not Good For Hypertension: So if you are suffering from hypertension, then don’t consume this juice as it is high in sodium/salt that can increase your blood pressure level. High blood pressure can severely affect your heart as well as your other vital organs, so skip this juice if you have a problem of high blood pressure.

With high amounts of minerals and essential vitamins like Vit C, K, E and amazing amounts of calcium, sodium, magnesium & potassium, pickle juice no doubt, is a powerhouse of health benefits and above all it is natural. It doesn’t contain any kind of preservative. Pickle juice for leg cramps is beneficial. Pickle juice is good for leg cramps, so prevent those uncomfortable and painful cramps by consuming it and also make sure to check its side effects to be safe & healthy !!

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1. What Is the Best Home Remedy for Leg Cramps?

Apart from pickle juice, muscle stretches could help relieve leg cramps. You can also use the heat or cold method- use ice or warm towel over the tensed muscles to soothe the cramps.

2. Can Leg Cramps Be a Sign of Something Serious?

Cramps are involuntary muscle contractions, which could be very painful. Most of the cramps are harmless. However, some may be an indication of underlying artery disease.

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