5 Miraculous Remedies that work as Natural Wart Remover

Updated on February 6th, 2020
natural wart remover

Are there peculiar outgrowths of skin on your body which are multiplying rapidly? If yes, then you must worry about these strange growths that are known as warts. If not taken care of, warts can increase at a fast rate causing much trouble. Although, these are benign growths but can be painful and cause much trouble if they grow on sensitive areas. Warts under feet, on hands and those in the genital area, may cause difficulty in your routine life. Here are some easy Natural Wart Remover remedies that you can try at home and get rid of warts easily.

What is a Wart?

A wart is an unusual growth of skin that may occur at any part of your body. Mostly these are identified as raised bumps with a rough texture. These are benign growths which means that they are non-cancerous but are contagious and can spread rapidly.

What Causes Warts?

A virus known as Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is known to cause warts. The virus influences a skin protein Keratin causing it to speed up the production of skin cells, resulting in outgrowths.

Types of Warts

The warts are of five kinds

  • Common warts: These grow on hands, toes, elbows, knees, and other body parts.
  • Plantar warts: These appear on the sole, heel, toes of feet and grow into the skin.
  • Flat warts: These occur on the face, arms, thighs, and have a flat surface.
  • Periungual Warts: These warts grow under the nails of fingers and toes.
  • Filiform Warts: These are similar to skin tags and may grow on eyelids, neck, around the mouth, on the nose, etc.

Symptoms of Warts

Warts are benign skin growths. These can be identified as:

  • Peculiar bumps on the skin
  • Hard to touch with rough texture
  • Cause pain if these grow under the feet

Homemade Wart Remover to clear Wart Easily

Warts are undoubtedly unwanted. These cause a lot of embarrassment and can bring unwanted attention.

Further, their contagious nature may be a thing to worry. Warts do disappear on their own, but that takes much time. Till then you need to be much cautious and make sure that they do not spread. To make it easy, here are some natural wart remover remedies that you can follow and speed up the clearing of warts. The wart removal home remedies mentioned below remove warts quickly and provide you with much relief.

1. Foods that Work as Natural Wart Remover

Grab a Potato, Your Facial Wart Remover

potato for facial wart remover

Yes, the potato is the natural wart remover that will happily help you out in clearing warts. It can also be used as a genital wart remover for its mild effect and quick results.

How to use?
  • Take a potato and peel it
  • Grate the potato and strain it to get the juice
  • Apply the juice using a cotton swab on the area with warts
  • Leave it for around twenty minutes to dry
  • After that, rinse the area with lukewarm water
  • Repeat the process daily till the wart disappears.

Benefits of potato

Regular application of potato juice can help in removing warts. It is an excellent wart remover for face. It is because the potato contains strong antimicrobial properties that restrict the growth of the virus that causes warts(1).


You must use this potato remedy on a regular basis to see results. Always use fresh taken potato juice.

Foods to eat

Your diet significantly affects your health and your vulnerability towards infections. Warts are caused due to the activity of a virus. While a robust immune system may prevent the virus from spreading the disease, poor immunity makes you susceptible to it. Hence, to boost your immunity, you must include some nutritious foods in your diet.

  • Whole Grains
  • Fresh fruits especially citrus fruits
  • Vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibers

Foods to avoid

Some foods act like fillers and provide you no nutrition. Instead, these add unwanted fats, sugars, and calories to your body. The foods that you must avoid are:

  • Foods high in unsaturated fats
  • Foods high in sugar content
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol

2. Herbal Treatments That can be used to Remove Warts

Use Basil for Getting Rid of Warts Naturally

basil for getting rid of warts

Basil is one of the best wart removal home remedies for eliminating warts naturally. It is your natural HPV wart remover that can help you in getting rid of the obnoxious bumps easily(2).

How to use?
  • Take a few fresh leaves of Basil
  • Crush them to get a mushy consistency
  • Apply the squashes leaves on the area with warts
  • Cover the area with a bandage
  • Continue applying the leaves till warts disappear

Benefits of Basil

Basil is known to contain antiviral components that actively destroy the virus that causes warts. Thus, due to its antiviral properties, basil can be claimed to be the best wart remover.


Use fresh, thoroughly washed basil leaves for treating warts. Whenever reapplying the crushed basil leaves, use a clean bandage to cover them.

3. Essential Oil Wart Remover Treatment

Frankincense Essential Oil is the best Wart Remover for Hands

frankincense essential oil for wart remover

Essential oils are known for their potent properties. One such essential oil is Frankincense Essential Oil(3) which is known to have numerous benefits. It can treat various skin conditions effectively and also acts as a wart remover for skin tags. Using Frankincense essential oil is one of the most-effective wart removal home remedies.

How to use?
  • Add two to three drops of Frankincense Essential Oil in a carrier oil
  • Soak a cotton ball in the blend and apply it on the skin surface with warts
  • Let the cotton ball stay on the warts
  • To keep the cotton in place use a bandage
  • Repeat this remedy two times every week to see warts disappear.

Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential oil works as the best wart remover for a finger. It is efficient against warts, owing to its antimicrobial and astringent properties. Application of the oil on warts restricts the growth of HPV virus. Further, it also soothes the region and speeds-up the skin’s healing process. Frankincense Essential oil is your best natural wart remover.

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Essential Oils are quite potent; hence these must be used on the skin in diluted form only. You must dilute Frankincense Essential oil with a carrier oil. This remedy must be avoided by people who are on blood thinning medications. Expecting and nursing mothers should also avoid using Frankincense Essential Oil.

4. Home Remedies that work as Natural Wart Remover

Apple Cider Vinegar is your best Wart Remover for Feet

apple cider vinegar for wart remover

The thick and dark liquid obtained by fermenting apples contains numerous beneficial properties which make it a must in every kitchen. This magical potion finds countless uses and is also an effective remedy for removing warts. Know how you can use this natural wart remover to alleviate your troubles.

How to use?
  • Mix apple cider vinegar and water in the ration 2:1
  • Apply the solution on warts with a cotton ball
  • Put the cotton ball on warts and fix it using a duct tape
  • Leave it overnight
  • Next morning remove the cotton
  • Repeat this process for some time until the wart disappears.


  • Add equal parts of apple cider vinegar in the same amount of water in a bucket
  • Soak your feet with warts in this solution for around fifteen to twenty minutes
  • After that, rinse them with plain water

Benefits of Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar slowly burns warts and causes them to fall-off. Further, its acidic property kills the HPV virus which is known to cause warts. Warts on the feet and hand can be effectively treated with it.

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Apple Cider Vinegar may irritate the skin due to its acidic properties, but this is how it will treat your wart. Always use diluted apple cider vinegar on the surface of the skin.

5. Natural Treatments that can Clear Warts

Soak in Epsom Salt Bath to Remove Warts

epsom salt bath to remove warts

Epsom salt works as an excellent wart remover for genital warts.

How to use?
  • Add two cups of Epsom salt in your bath-tub filled with lukewarm water
  • Soak in it for around thirty minutes
  • After that, pat yourself dry

Benefits of Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt is an effective natural wart remover. It soothes your skin and eases the itchiness caused due to warts. Genital warts can be easily removed with this remedy.


Do not stay in the water for too long as it may dry your skin.

The Natural Wart Remover remedies mentioned above give visible results. But you must use them regularly. Application of these natural wart removers causes the wart to disappear over time. You must be patient with them and try not to prick or cut warts. It may worsen the situation and cause warts to spread. The wart removal home remedies are safe and pose no threat; thus you can use them without any worry.

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