Motherwort Health Benefits Facts, Uses, and Side Effects

Updated on March 4th, 2020
motherwort benefits

Motherwort is a herb that was used by ancient Greeks for medicinal purposes (1). It has many properties that are beneficial. Motherwort benefits include help with anxiety, high blood pressure, menopausal symptoms and may even be effective in preventing cancer Motherwort may be consumed standalone, or mixed with tea. While there might be some mild side effects, the herb is great for human health.

Motherwort is also called a woman’s herb as it is helpful in various stages in life, motherwort can help alleviate nerve pain, menstrual cramps, and heart palpitations. It may also help relieve menopausal anxiety. With its hypotensive and sedative properties, it can be used in today’s world, for its diuretic properties and cardiovascular benefits.

Here’s why you should include motherwort benefits in your diet

1. Anxiety


Taking a motherwort tincture orally may help reduce anxiety. Motherwort herbs have certain sedative properties, that can help with the symptoms of anxiety-like tachycardia. Beware though, as too much of motherwort may have a sedative effect. Overall, if you start using motherwort for anxiety, it may have some decent results.

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2. High blood pressure

The compounds, Iridoid glycosides, present in the motherwort herb, in conjunction with plant alkaloids, assist in not only reducing cholesterol but also blood pressure.  Taking a motherwort extract orally for 28 days can reduce blood pressure. This is again, due to the herb’s relaxing properties.

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3. Menopausal symptoms

According to early research, taking motherwort together with burdock, licorice root, and wild yam orally for 12 weeks may help reduce menopausal symptoms, like hot flashes, sleep problems, and mood changes.

4. Lowers inflammation


Motherwort reduces the release of the number of pro-inflammatory compounds and can help in controlling inflammatory diseases. Great for when those unexpected swellings occur.

5. Cancer prevention

Consuming motherwort may help in preventing you from getting cancer. The herb has many anti-cancer oxidants, that can build your immune system’s strength.

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6. Intestinal benefits

Motherwort may be used to control flatulence, and may also be used in case of other gastrointestinal issues.

7. Muscle-relaxant

Motherwort is a vasodilator and can treat nervous heart complaints (2), hysteria, and pains peculiar to females. It can also cure wakefulness, alcohol withdrawal and liver issues.

8. Lung problems

Lung problems

Due to its natural properties, this herb is great in treating lung problems like asthma and bronchitis. Thus, it is great for people who suffer from chronic lung disease, or even people who cough uncontrollably.

How to use it?

Motherwort can be ingested in various ways. You can consume the juice either via a tincture, or you can use the herb in conjunction with other herbs that you plan to eat for good health. You may also mix it to make Motherwort tea. Fresh or dried Motherwort flowers are used to flavor soups or split tea or lentil. Motherwort may also be used to add flavor to the beer. You may also cook young motherwort shoots like you cook regular green vegetables. The herb can be consumed in any way you like!

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What are some of the side effects that you can face?

  • Based on recent studies, some side effects of consuming excess motherwort may include diarrhea, uterine bleeding and stomach pain.
  • Motherwort may have the potential to affect heart rate and rhythm. Hence, people who consume heart rate medication like beta-blockers and people with low blood pressure need to consult their physician before consuming this supplement.
  • If you are by any chance consuming the blood thinner warfarin, you should stay away from motherwort. In fact, anyone consuming any blood-thinning medication should not consume this herb.
  • Lastly, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding shouldn’t consume this herb, as there is a lack of research on its effect, and it may cause uterine contractions.

Here are some precautions you need to take:

  •   Beware of the leaves, as motherwort leaves may cause dermatitis if they come in contact with your skin.
  •   The oil has a lemon scent, which may result in photosensitization.
  •   Sensitive people may get an allergic reaction.
  •   Motherwort consumption may provoke hyperthyroidism.
  •   It might stoke allergies in people who are not used to consuming this herb.

Hence, this wonder herb, used by the ancient Greeks to reduce anxiety during childbirth, motherwort has many useful properties that can be beneficial for your health. While it has been used for thousands of years to treat various conditions, including heart disease, anxiety, and irregular menstruation, many of its traditional uses are yet to be scientifically studied.

With its plant-based compounds and antioxidants, the Motherwort herb has many uses and it may help protect against several conditions like cancer, arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. However, kindly consult your doctor before you start consuming this herb.

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1. Can It Be Consumed by People of All Ages?

Motherwort is safe to be consumed by adults. It might be wise not to administer the herb to children, due to its strong sedative effects. While motherwort uses might be many, children may not have the strength to withstand its effects.

2. Can You Drive After Consuming This Herb?

Anything that impairs your driving skills is not a good thing to consume before you hit the road.

3. Can You Eat Motherwort Directly?

If you are okay with the bitter taste of the herb, you may consume it without diluting it with anything.

4. Does Motherwort Thin the Blood?

The herb may slow down the heart and thin the blood. It may also stimulate uterine tone and blood flow.

5. How to Make Motherwort Tea?

Pour one cup of boiling water over one tablespoon of motherwort. Cover and steep for 15 to 20 minutes. Strain and enjoy your refreshing cup of motherwort tea.

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