Common Sexual Problems That Cause Anxiousness in Men

Updated on April 22nd, 2020
male sexual problems

Sex is a big problem for many men. Sexual health problems can even lead to divorce. So, it is essential to consider what are the types of issues. It is vital to have an open, honest discussion regarding the same.

Sexual health is a common concern among married men or singletons. This is because intercourse remains an essential criterion for evaluating the relationship with their significant other/partner. Sexual problems in men impact their partners.

Male Sexual Problems

Sexual health is an integral and crucial part of a person’s life, man or woman. For the guys, sex can become an issue at any age. No matter what sexual orientation, intercourse remains an essential part of the couple’s relationship. It contributes to the quality of life. Sex problems in men are common and can be treated. These range across psychological or physiological disorders.

Problems with sexual health can be treated, but men need to discuss the issue frankly with their partners and doctor. A sexual problem is the failure to have a satisfying relationship due to problems in intercourse.

The sexual problem impacts quality of life as well as medical or psychological issues. Sexual complaints should be seriously evaluated, for it can stand as a symptom of psychological or medical problems.

Sexual acts require bodily coordination. Hormones and neurological pathways must be in place for sexual desire to be expressed. Nerves, penile integrity, and blood vessels must be present for effective erection and maintenance during sexual relations. Muscles and nerves coordinate the ejaculation.

This is when the sperm traverses the physical pathways from the testicles to the urethra. The sexual problem involves careful intervention from a sexologist.

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Types of Sexual Problems in Men

Sexual Problems in Men
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There are different kinds of sexual problems and disorders in men. While some involve sexual desire/libido, others involve erection, orgasm, and ejaculation(1). Two or more sexual disorders can impact a male at the same time. That is why detailed medical, emotional, and sexual history must be collected.

Physical examinations must be done. These two methods serve as the diagnostic basis for evaluating sexual health problems in men. Many factors can cause sexual problems. A patient’s partner can contribute to the assessment, providing valuable information.

Detailed medical, sexual, and psychological history should be obtained during the interview with the doctor. Men should be open and honest about their problems. It is essential to give useful information to ensure open communication with your doctor.

Some questions may be personal. These include the frequency of sexual relations with your partner, or your sexual orientation, number of sexual partners, and the quality of sexual relationships. Non-sexual complaints must be considered as they can impact libido and erection.

A complete physical examination involves assessing pulse in the legs. The external pubic area is examined, which includes the penis, perineum, and scrotum along with the reflexes. A possible test to be used here is the nocturnal tumescence test. This test evaluates nighttime erections.

Penile blood vessel functions or nervous system tests may be carried out to assess possible causes of sexual problems. A sexual problem is a common concern many men have. Problems can range across the entire phase of the sexual response cycle, from excitement to plateau, orgasm, and resolution.

male sexual problems

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Sexual problems in men can have physical or mental reasons. Physical causes include heart disease, diabetes, neurological diseases. Hormonal imbalances, chronic disorders like liver failure or kidney disease, drug abuse, alcoholism, and side effects of medication such as antidepressant drugs are also an issue. Treatment plans are based on the precise cause of sexual problems.

If the reason is rooted in the psyche, consult a psychologist or psychiatrist. In such situations, cognitive-behavioral therapy may be used. Treatment may involve couples therapy. If the cause of libido loss is medicines taken, alternative medication may be suggested. Hormone replacement could be in place.

Natural Treatments for Men’s Sexual Problems

For some men, natural remedies can treat sexual problems. Consult your doctor or specialist before opting for a new herb or supplement. Use the herbs with caution, and always check for US FDA approval.

Opt for supplements that are labeled and offer full disclosure of ingredients. Choose regulated supplements as they contain additional components not listed on the label. Check with the doctor to recommend a reputed brand. Avoid purchasing supplements online.

Some herbs that work effectively for treating sexual problems in men. These include DHEA(2), L-arginine, Ginseng, Yohimbe, and Asparagus racemosus.

1. Talk Therapy and Psychological Counseling

counselling with expert

Psychological factors can be implicated in the etiology of sexual health problems. This includes stress, anxiety, or even mental health issues like depression, and PTSD. If you experience psychological effects, counseling, or talk, therapy can help. Men can discuss significant anxiety or stress factors, feelings regarding sex, and subconscious innate conflicts impacting well-being.

If a sexual problem impacts your relationship, talk to a counselor to connect emotionally with your partner.

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2. Alternative Treatments

If sexual problems are due to stress, massage and yoga can help. Try massage therapy, such as prostatic massage. The tissues in and around the groin need to be massaged to promote circulation in your private parts.

Acupuncture or acupressure can help. But always look for certified practitioners who follow the US FDA guidelines. Another study found pelvic floor exercises can improve erectile functioning in the case of erectile problems. Kegel exercises can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

3. Lifestyle Changes

A healthy lifestyle can be the key to good sexual health. Exercise regularly maintain low blood pressure. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet and maintain a healthy weight. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes, too.

In some cases, medicines may be causing the problem. Talk to your doctor about the alternative medication you can take without impacting sexual side effects. Always consult your doctor before switching the medication.

So that sums up the essence of sexual health advice for men. Watch out for the causes and ensure a stress-free lifestyle. That way, you can develop a sexually and emotionally satisfying relationship with your partner/spouse.

Consult a doctor or therapist if you feel psychologically pushed and unable to perform well in the bedroom. Always check with the doctor before taking herbs and supplements for your sexual health problems.

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