How Effective is Magnesium for Back Pain?

Updated on December 6th, 2019
magnesium for back pain

Magnesium is quite effective in pain relief. It helps in the prevention of central sensitization. Magnesium also plays a pivotal role in In case of pain management. It helps in dysmenorrhea, headaches, and acute migraine attacks. It is also used as an analgesic adjuvant as per clinical studies.

Calcium ions are inhibited by magnesium. It can also help in the access of calcium into cells by antagonizing the NMDA receptor. It blocks the NMDA receptors. NMDA receptor is a membrane ion channel which is expressed in the central nervous system.

Magnesium for back pain relief is the most discussed topic among clinical researchers. Different clinic researchers have proved that magnesium is effective in curing the pain the patients are suffering. It also has many muscle relaxing effects.

Did You Know?

  • Several studies have claimed magnesium supplementation as “Pain Medicine.”
  • It helps in reducing pain among the patients who are suffering from complex regional pain syndrome
  • It is also recommended to those who are suffering from chronic muscle aches and pains because of magnesium deficiency.
  • Magnesium also helps in osteoporosis.

Why Magnesium for Back Pain?

Magnesium Benefits

Back-pain is one of the most common health issues faced by people around the world. It gives you so much pain that you cannot even move.

Many doctors recommend magnesium supplements because it is one of the essential minerals for your body.

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Following Are the Reasons Behind Using  Magnesium for Back Pain Problems:

  • It helps in the synthesis of energy and functioning of the cardiovascular activity
  • Back pain can make you stick to the bed and make you unable to move from bed. One of the significant roles of magnesium is that it stimulates metabolism and gives you relief from back pain.
  • It helps to manufacture ATP, which acts as the body’s fuel. Neuropathic pain is caused by the damage to or by the dysfunction of the component of the central or peripheral nervous system.
  • The causes of neuropathic pain include spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, diabetic neuropathy, radiation injury.
  • Magnesium Sulphate is shown to have beneficial effects on patients who are suffering from neuropathic pain due to cancer infiltration, the intensity of pain.
  • Magnesium also helps in relaxing muscle tension and pain.

How Much Magnesium Should You Take Daily?

The RDA for magnesium(1) is 310-420 mg for adults depending on their age and gender, especially if you are suffering from the problem of back pain.

Magnesium Rich Foods

If you are wondering which foods contain magnesium and that you can take to get rid of your back pain then here is a list of those foods, you can have a look at it:

1. Nuts

Benefits of Nuts

If you love to eat nuts(2) then to get relief from back pain you can have cashew nut, peanut, and almond because magnesium contains in these nuts are quite high compared to the others. You can also have peanut butter in your daily diet chart because magnesium contains in it is quite high.

2. Beans

Soybeans and dried beans have quite high magnesium contain, and they are also quite useful for health. So, you can also add them to your daily diet chart.

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3. Vegetables


Spinach and potatoes have high magnesium contain, and if you have it in your daily diet, then it may have some positive effect on your health.

Apart from all these whole grains to have high magnesium content and thus if you are suffering from back pain, you can have them in your diet chart but of course, after consulting your nutritionist or doctor.

However, if you are not comfortable with the list of foods that contain magnesium, then here are few Magnesium supplements for you. You can have these supplements for better results; however, in this case, also the consultation of the doctor is the utmost important thing.

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Different Kinds of Magnesium Supplement

You can go for the magnesium containing foods in your daily diet, but if you are suffering a lot from back pain, then only magnesium contains food for back pain will not do you will need Magnesium supplement for back pain relief.

Thus, there are a few names of supplements for you that you can have when you are going through the problem of back pain. So, let’s have a look at it:

1. Magnesium Oxide

You will find the highest amount of magnesium in this particular supplement. However, often the physicians do not recommend this specific supplement because this supplement is not at all soluble in water and at the same time, because of this particular reason, it is regarded as the poorly absorbed supplement.

2. Magnesium Chloride

Now, this supplement is offered to you because of two reasons, the first being the fact that it easily gets absorbed in the water and the next important thing that you should know here is that it is available in the form of oil. So, you can use it to give a massage to your back and have magnesium for back pain relief.

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However, researches are being carried out in this field because the experts want to have a surety about this fact; they are still not confirmed much about how well it gets absorbed by the skin.

3. Magnesium Gluconate

This particular supplement has been derived from the Magnesium gluconic acid, and it is a kind of Magnesium salt for back pain. The supplement is recommended because it gets absorbed very quickly. However, the experiment, until now, has been carried out on the rats only.

Magnesium is a useful pain relieving mineral. It is declared by many of the researches that it is used in reducing chronic pain. In the body, magnesium converts vitamin D, which acts as useful bone-strengthening calcium. It also helps in reducing muscle tension and release neurohormones.

Hence, when you are suffering from severe back pain then consuming Magnesium supplement for back pain or back pain relief could be the best thing for you. There are foods that have high magnesium contains; you can also have them in your daily diet as well.

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