How to get rid of a cough from allergies in 6 natural ways?

Updated on March 24th, 2020

It is the inauguration speech of your new business three days down the line, and you are continuously coughing with no signs of recovery. How are you going to speak up on the D day? How disturbing it will be to talk like this. You need to know how to get rid of a cough from allergies.

A cough from allergies is a condition where the causes of a cough are different from that of the common cold. A running nose and nasal passage swelling are some of the causes of allergic bronchitis. Its symptoms include coughing that lasts for days to months and sudden coughing at the exposure of a particular allergen.

6 natural ways to get rid of a cough

  1. Foods
  2. Herbal
  3. Essential Oils
  4. Home remedies
  5. natural remedies
  6. Supplements

6 Natural Remedies on How to Get Rid of a Cough from Allergies

Here are a few simple hacks on how to stop a cough from allergies:

1. How to get rid of a cough from allergies with the help of food?


How to use?

  • Take two teaspoons of honey and mix it with herbal tea
  • Alternatively, you can also have it with warm water and lemon


Honey is one of the best remedies for a sore throat and helps to get rid of dry cough allergies and deep chest cough allergies.


How to use?

  • Take a pineapple and cut it into slices to eat
  • Or you can also take out its juice
  • Have it thrice a day


Do you know how to get rid of a cough from allergies with eating pineapples? There is an enzyme called bromelain in pineapple that helps to suppress a cough. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that work directly on the inflammation caused due to infection.


Individuals should not use this remedy on blood thinners. It is advisable to consult your doctor in that case.

Foods to eat

These foods help in fighting the allergy and help to fight infection.

  • Onions
  • Kiwi
  • Kefir
  • Tuna
  • Salmon

Foods to avoid:

Avoid having these foods as they aggravate the throat infection.

  • Alcohol
  • Fast food
  • Dairy products
  • Fried snacks
  • Juices having artificial sugar
  • Caffeine

2. How to get rid of a cough from allergies using herbal treatment?

Oregon grape root

How to use?

  • Take an Oregon grape root and squirt it directly in your mouth
  • Alternatively, you can also mix it in seltzer water to get rid of a sore throat


Oregon grape root has anti-microbial properties that help to cure cough and sore throat. It has a very beneficial property that it stops the ability of bacteria to develop resistance against medications.


How to use?

  • Take two teaspoons of crushed thyme leave and mix it in a cup of boiling water
  • Keep it for 10 minutes
  • Strain it and enjoy your thyme tea


Are you wondering how to get rid of a cough from allergies? Thyme has proven beneficial in relieving cough and cold owing to its high anti-inflammatory properties. It also acts on to dilute the phlegm build-up.


How to use?

It can be used in many different ways as follows:

  • You can chew it dry or crystal form
  • You can add ginger to your tea
  • You can eat it raw or add it to any food of your choice


It helps to alleviate the symptoms of gagging cough allergies. It has anti-inflammatory properties that target the harmful bacteria and helps to relieve phlegm.

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3. How to get rid of a cough from allergies using essential oils?

Rosemary oil

How to use?

  • Take a big bowl of hot boiled water
  • Add a small amount of rosemary essential oil to it
  • Cover your head with a towel and inhale the vapors of this mixture for 5 minutes


How to get rid of a cough from allergies is a popularly searched question. This essential oil helps to get rid of decongestion. It has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties to fight infection and relieve the pain.

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4. How to get rid of a cough from allergies using home remedies?

Salt water gargle

How to use?

  • Take ½ a teaspoon of salt and mix it in warm water
  • Take a sip of this mixture in your mouth and let it touch down your throat
  • Let it sit there for a few seconds and spit it out
  • Do this several times a day for a few days until a cough gets cured


  • It is one of the most effective natural remedies to treat a sore throat. Warm water helps to dilute the phlegm and eases its removal.

Salt water rinse

How to use?

  • Take three teaspoons of salt and one teaspoon baking soda to it
  • Store it in an airtight bottle
  • Add one teaspoon of this mixture to 8 ounces of lukewarm water
  • Pour this solution in a bulb syringe
  • Now lean your head and gently squirt this solution into your nose
  • Let the solution drain
  • Treat each nostril at a time while holding one with finger pressure and working on the other


This remedy helps to break the nose congestion thus getting rid of stuffy nose dry cough allergies. Salt helps to dissolve the mucus sedimentation and supports in easy removal.

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5. How to get rid of a cough from allergies using natural remedies?


How to use?

  • Take a hot water bath and shower and allow the bathroom to fill with steam
  • Be there for a few minutes
  • Come out and drink water to prevent dehydration


Steam directly works for unclogging the closed nose and removes a cough too. Taking steam helps to reduce wet cough allergies, tickly cough allergies, and deep cough allergies

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6. How to get rid of a cough from allergies using supplements?

  • Suck up throat lozenges. It will help to moisturize and soothe the irritated throat tissues
  • It will also help to get rid of chronic cough allergies
  • You can get slippery elm capsule in health stores
  • Taking a daily dose of NAC, an amino acid supplement will alleviate the frequency of wet cough

How to prevent a cough from allergies with these precautions?

  • Avoid getting close to sick people
  • Get rid of or stay away from irritants such as scented sprays and perfumes
  • Drinking plenty of water and natural juices will help you to get rid of persistent cough allergies
  • Always blow your nose than a sniffle. It will help you to get rid of stuffy nose dry cough allergies

Bottom Line

While allergies could be of several types ranging from mild to severe, there are some natural remedies on how to get rid of a cough from allergies. Some of the conditions such as phlegm cough allergies and constant cough allergies require medical intervention. However, that said, coughing is a prevalent condition, and most of the allergic coughs are curable. So, be it you or your loved ones, just refer this collation of excellent natural remedies. With this, we hope that your search on how to get rid of a cough from allergies comes to an end.

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