Everything You Need to Know About Chipped Tooth and its Treatment

Updated on January 30th, 2020
how to fix a chipped tooth

Our teeth are sturdy but endure a lot in a lifetime and hence, are susceptible to chipping, cracking, and sometimes even breaking.

Enamel, the topmost layer of a tooth, precisely is what gets damaged when you have a chipped tooth. According to experts, many people experience chipped teeth at least once in their lifetime.

A report suggests that 34-74% of people between the ages of 30-50 have one or more chipped teeth(1).

Some more causes of chipped teeth are:

  1. Chewing on something hard
  2. Trauma (accident, sport)
  3. Teeth grinding
  4. Misaligned teeth

How to Fix a Chipped Tooth Pain?

Home remedies for chipped tooth pain usually involve temporary solutions that only alleviate symptoms like pain and discomfort. Check out some easy ways to relieve the pain.

1. Clove Oil

Clove Oil Uses

Clove oil is extracted from clove trees and is one of many essential oils. This oil has antimicrobial properties, and it helps kill bacteria, fungus, and yeast. A recent study indicated that clove oil is one of the most effective oils that helps stop the growth of a range of fungi, and is more effective than antibiotics in killing staph bacteria. It is also useful in relieving pain caused by toothache.

A study(2) conducted in 2006 found that clove oil and over-the-counter gels have almost equivalent pain-relieving capabilities.

You can use a clean tissue or a cotton swab with clove oil to the affected area. You can also directly place a clove near the chipped tooth for several minutes. Clove oil can be applied every 2-3 hours to the tooth and the gums.

2. OTC Drugs

One of the most urgent concerns with a chipped tooth can be a pain. Over the counter (OTC) pain relievers and anti-inflammatories like acetaminophen can be used to handle the situation until a dentists’ visit.

OTC drugs come with their own directions for usage. Over-the-counter medications have fixed dosages that are mentioned in their packaging. Stick to the dosage and do not consume more than what is prescribed to help your pain, as these medications can have some severe overdose side-effects.

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3. Saltwater


The combination of salt and warm water flushes out and kills all the microbes in the mouth, and also offers pain relief. A comparison study(2) has proven that saltwater can be as effective as chlorhexidine mouth rinse in fighting and preventing oral diseases. It helps manage toothache by killing off infection-causing microbes and reducing gum swelling.

This remedy is a very simple one. It needs just a tablespoon of salt mixed in a glass of warm water. You can gargle with this solution for instant pain relief.

Saltwater gargling can be repeated every 2 hours to get maximum benefits.

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Foods That Are Good for Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth calls for soft foods for two reasons. One, it might be painful to chew with a chipped tooth. Two, chewing hard food items can lead to further chipping and tooth damage.

Soups, soft bread, and porridge are a few soft foods you can eat in case of a chipped tooth. If there is extreme sensitivity to hot and cold food, the menu should be planned accordingly to avoid tooth irritation.

Certain food items improve tooth strength and can help in preventing incidents like chipping. Children, as well as adults, should include foods like cheese, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, chocolate, and green tea in their routine diet.

Taking Care of Chipped Tooth

Slight chipping can be ignored as it is close to being nothing, but the problem is, if not treated, that it may further chip and create issues like an infection in the future. Thus, it is crucial to see a dentist and get a proper assessment of the situation.

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Self-Care Before Doctor Visit

  • An over-the-counter pain killer can be taken for the pain.
  • If the chipping has created a rugged, sharp edge, it should be covered using chewing gum or a piece of wax.
  • Only soft foods must be consumed until the doctor’s visit.

Temporary Tooth Repair Kit

Temporary tooth repair kits are self-help kits available at drug stores. These kits contain wax or other material that can be used to cover the jagged edges of a chipped tooth while waiting for a dental appointment.

Temporary tooth repair kits cannot help with severe issues like tooth loss, infection, and complications related to tooth chipping and should not be used as a permanent arrangement.

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Care After Treatment

The treatment of a chipped tooth depends on the level of damage. If the chipping has removed just the enamel, the treatment is simple. In this case, a dentist repairs the tooth by filling in the chipped part with dental cement.

The aftercare for filling procedure is simply not to eat anything for the recommended few hours. Some doctors may recommend eating only soft foods for a day or two and suggest you avoid chewing hard food items on the repaired side.

In case of a large chunk breaking from the tooth, the treatment may need a filling plus a cap or a crown to protect it from further damage. In some cases, where the root of the tooth has been affected, a procedure called root canal becomes important before fitting the crown. This procedure is painful and will call for eating only soft foods for a few days and avoiding the damaged side to chew hard food items for longer durations.

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How to Avoid Tooth Chipping

Tooth Pain 

Some food items can instantly damage your teeth by chipping the edges or completely breaking them. If you think that a food item is tough for you to chew, carefully break it before you start chewing it. You can also altogether avoid eating hard food items that can damage the teeth, such as popcorn, meat bones, and ice cubes.

Another primary reason that causes tooth chipping is accidents. Sports injuries, accidental falls, or being hit by something on the face can all cause tooth chipping. To avoid tooth chipping while playing a sport, wear proper protective gear.

Closing Thoughts

Tooth chipping may sound like a very simple problem, but it has the potential to escalate into a severe condition. A timely visit to a dentist and proper care can help in preventing further damage. Foods and supplements that are rich in calcium and Vitamin D should be consumed for healthy and strong teeth.


1. Is tooth chipping a permanent condition?

Yes, tooth chipping is permanent. The enamel on the teeth does not grow back.

2. Is it necessary to visit a dentist for a chipped tooth even if it doesn’t hurt?

Yes, because a chipped tooth can get chipped further and even break with usage. So, a dentist visit is compulsory to avoid future complications.

3. Does filling need multiple sittings?

The number of sittings entirely depends on the amount of damage caused to the tooth.

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