How to Use Honey to Treat Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)?

Updated on March 5th, 2020

Honey is not just an excellent complementing agent. Instead, it is beneficial even for the medicinal purpose. In the event, where you get a deep cut or an open wound, honey on it can work effectively in the cure. At the same time, even when you have pink eyes or conjunctivitis; or any other eye infections, a few drops of honey can give a soothing and relaxing experience.

Those suffer from cataracts, pink eye infections, or other forms of eye problems use honey as an effective solution for the cure with no side effects at all. You can use honey for pink eye(conjunctivitis) infection if you want a first-hand treatment at home.

Ways to Treat Pink Eye Infection at Home with Honey

If you have been suffering from an eye infection and seek a homemade remedy, in that case, use Manuka honey for treating the pink eye problem. For a DIY, here is how you need to get started with;

  1. You need 1/8thteaspoon honey + 2 tablespoons of distilled water. Do not take filtered water+ minimal salt.
  2. In another variant, you need one tablespoon honey + 1 tablespoon distilled water.

How to Treat the Pink Eye with This Honey Ointment


In most cases, it is advised to wipe this ointment simply in a straightforward manner using the local raw honey on the affected region of the eye. Generally, it is recommended to apply it on the eyelashes and the tear ducts. Doing this could cause an itching sensation near the tear duct, but will eventually fade away. After you apply the honey for about 5 to 6 times in a day, that sensation will gradually go away.

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Honey for Pink Eye – Which One to Opt For

For making the aqueous solution, always go for the raw Manuka honey. Since it is not treated against the heat, it is extremely suitable for the aqueous solution. But in case it is unavailable, can make an eye drop using local but organic honey.

Precautions You Need to Undertake

Do not use the undiluted raw honey directly for the eye infection. Always make sure that you dissolve the honey in either distilled water, artificial tears or other saline solutions. In case you do not have purified water, you can initially start by boiling a cup of water and adding five teaspoons of honey in it. After the mixture cools down, you can use it for your treatment of the pink eye.

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Honey Ain’t Available? Try These Alternate Remedies for Pink Eyes

In case if you do not have honey at home and want an alternative solution, here are a few quick fixes

1. Cilantro for Pink Eye

Image: Shutterstock

In the Ayurveda, Cilantro is a classic example to treat the pink eye problem. To make the mixture that can cure your pink eye problem, blend a handful of cilantro, and add distilled water to make a fine puree. After doing this, strain out the liquid from the puree and apply the pureed cilantro on your eyes for complete relaxation in less than a minute.

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2. Chamomile for Pink Eye

chamomile flowers

Chamomile tea bags soaked in lukewarm water for 10 to 15 minutes, and after that, you can apply the tea bags on your eyes. If you do this process several times in the day, the powerful antioxidants in the chamomile tea bags will fight the infection.

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3. Potatoes for Pink Eye

Grated potatoes are also a good option for treating the pink eye problem. Just grate a few slices of the potatoes and place it on your eyes for soothing relief.

Why Science Backs Honey for Curing the Pink Eye Infections

Honey has anti-inflammatory properties that work best when you are suffering from any form of corneal, or other kinds of eye infections, especially pink eyes. Research at the US National Institute of Health(1) concludes that in the event of pink eyes or Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis, a few drops of honey can work to mitigate the problem. It will not cause any side effects, unlike topical steroids, antihistamines, and cell stabilizers.

To prove this point further, the NCBI or National Center for Biotechnology Information(2) in the US conducted clinical trials. The core objective of the research was to find out the efficacy of topical honey to cure pink eye problem. After the experiments were conducted on 60 patients diagnosed with VKC or pink eye infection, one of the groups of 30 patient was given honey eye drops, four times a day.

Whereas, the other group was on placebo, devoid of cromolyn and fluorometholone 1% eye drops. By examining with torchlight and slip lamps, it was observed that in the 1st, 3rd and 6th month of the study, those who were under the influence of the honey eye drops saw a significant reduction in the redness and the eye pressure.

In the result, it was concluded that when topical honey eye drops for pink eyes were used along with Cromolyn and Fluorometholone eye drops, there was a significant improvement in the VKC.

Bottom Line

Pink eye is easily treatable at home with simple homemade remedies. Honey is one of the effective ways you can get soothing relief from an eye infection. However, in an event infection, tends to worsen after application of honey, do seek consultation from a physician.

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1. How Does Honey Work in the Case of Pink Eye Problem?

Honey has a wide range of anti-bacterial and antiviral properties. By dehydrating the invasive cells and bacteria, the pH inhibits the growth of photochemical compounds that produces hydrogen peroxide; thus, killing the bacteria.

2. How to Know Whether It Is a Pink Eye or Other Types of Eye Infection?

If you experience itching, in that case, it is a symptom that you are having a pink eye problem.

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