Herbs for PCOS – How Efficient Are They in Treating Pcos?

Updated on January 13th, 2020
herbs for pcos

PCOS is an annoying and silent disorder, which is a common problem faced by millions of women globally. It is challenging to live with PCOS, but a few changes in your diet can help you fight against the disturbing condition.

Many women have tried herbs for PCOS more than over-the-counter medications. And the majority of them found significant improvement in their hormones.

Herbs for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

There are herbs like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Ashoka, chaste berry, and cinnamon that can help you treat this problem. Apart from that, saw palmetto PCOS is also one of the effective herbal remedies for PCOS treatment. These herbs are natural and have high chances of getting positive results. But you must know the amount of herbs to be ingested.

When to Have Herbs for PCOS?

You can include these herbs in your daily diet. Make sure to have three herbs at a time and not more than that. Either you take your herbs in the morning while having breakfast or in the afternoon or at night.

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How Do Herbs Help?

We will see how herbs can help you keep PCOS(1) under control so that you can have regular and happy periods.

1. Ashwagandha

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Ashwagandha is a magic herb which is also a great stress buster and energy provider. Your nervous system relaxes when you have Ashwagandha. And this will help your hormones to behave normally.

2. Shatavari

This lovely herb is asparagus. It is full of anti-oxidants and helps to deal with those unbearable cramps that get fierce during or before periods due to PCOS. The anti-inflammatory property of Shatavari helps to deal with PCOS and hormonal imbalances.

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3. Ashoka

This herb (the bark of Ashoka tree) is used to treat PCOS in Ayurveda. It mainly improves your endocrine system and helps to regulate the testosterone levels (male hormone) in the body which is responsible for excessive facial hair growth and hair loss.

4. Chasteberry (Vitex)

This herb regulates your menstrual cycle. It is perfect for those who experience irregular menstrual cycles.

5. Cinnamon

cinnamon benefits

Not only is cinnamon(2) for PCOS an effective treatment, but it helps to regulate the blood sugar level and also helps in relieving unbearable cramps.

How to Use these Herbs for PCOS?

Herbs for PCOS should be taken orally. There are many supplements available in the market (in capsule form), and also powdered form. You can mix it with your morning tea (without milk or sugar) or can gulp the capsule down or can even mix the powder in a glass of water and have it.

Side Effects of Herbs

Herbal treatment is natural and generally has no harmful side effects. But it is better to NOT have all the herbs at the same time. Instead, you should have three different herbs at any given point of time and not more than that. If these herbs are taken in small amounts, they work the best but allow your system ample amount of time to settle down with the herbs.

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Is There Any Evidence to Prove That Herbs Treat PCOS?

Pcos problem from women

Quite a few studies have been carried out to show that herbs work for PCOS. Herbal supplements, either capsules or powder, have proved to be useful for many women.

In a study named ‘Herbal medicine for the management of PCOS,’ it was found that the herbal medication that consisted of Vitex Angus-castus and Cimicifuga racemosa worked on maximum women with polycystic ovary syndrome.

In another study named, ‘A review on role of medicinal plants in polycystic ovarian syndrome: Pathophysiology, neuroendocrine signaling, therapeutic status and future prospects,’ it was revealed that herbal treatment has a positive effect on the levels of sex hormones, progesterone, insulin resistance, hyperandrogenism, ovulation, and PCOS symptoms, when compared to the readings, taken before and after the herbal treatment.

It can be said that a lot of research is still required to ascertain whether or not the herbs are the best possible medication for PCOS. If you take special care of your diet and lead a healthy lifestyle, then there are possibilities that you will get to see positive differences. Ensure you have healthy food and physical activities. However, consult a physician before starting the medication.

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1. Can I Take the Herbs for Pcos Every Day?

Yes, you can take these herbs daily. However, consult your gynecologist before starting the medication because we all have different body types. What works for one might not work for another so, it is better to consult first.

2. Are There Any Side Effects of These Herbs?

As such, there are no side effects of these herbs, but make sure that you don’t mix and match a lot of different herbs at a time. Have three different herbs at any given point of time not more than that.

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