Heart Intelligence: The Secret to Managing Your Stress

Medically reviewed by Renee Greenberg
Medically reviewed by Renee Greenberg on August 11, 2020
Updated on August 12th, 2020
heart intelligence

If you, or someone you love, are experiencing anxiety, stress, fear, or depression, you are not alone. As our global pandemic seems to have no end in sight with rules changing daily, it’s no wonder! Instead of turning to medications, first, consider this self-regulation practice.

A simple tool to find calm in the storm

Find a simple tool that you can use to calm anxiety and stress responses and create a more stress-resilient heart-brain connection. Let’s begin to understand the power of an in sync heart-brain connection by talking about something we can measure objectively.

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a term that describes the healthy beat to beat slowing down and speeding up in response to the stresses of the day and your breath on inhalation. When your heart and brain are working well together, your heart rate varies as it should, and you experience good health.

When your heart and brain are out of sync, your heart rate has less variability, and over time, it could lead to chronic health conditions. The good news is that when the heart and brain work together, we can create profound vitality and longevity.

The HeartMath Institute has studied this connection between heart and brain for over thirty years of published articles that discuss the importance of healthy heart rate variability. This data may provide scientific evidence for what we think of as our intuition and the ancient practices of mind-body medicine and meditation.

The HeartMath Institute works with schools for improved academic performance among students, corporations for creativity, improved work output, and working in hospitals and clinics for overall health benefits.

When your heart and brain are in harmony, it is referred to as coherence. This coherence improves your creativity, work productivity, and connection with your loved ones. This specific heart-rhythm pattern also gives you a feeling of well-being that creates a positive magnetic field that can influence the people around you.

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How do I create Heart-Brain Coherence?

You can develop more coherence through meditation, abdominal breathing, and walking in nature. The HeartMath Institute has also created a biofeedback probe to use with a mobile app to sync up your breathing and heart rate, called Inner Balance, that works great with kids, teens, and adults.

You can start by taking slow, relaxed abdominal breaths and breathing into the space around your heart while evoking a loving or grateful feeling. This allows your heart and brain to shift into a state of coherence.

After practicing these techniques over time, you will be able to maintain calm and balance during chaos or stress around you as you regulate yourself emotionally and physiologically.

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Benefits of Heart Coherence

  1. Quickly lower BP in stressful situations
  2. Calm recurring thoughts & images in PTSD
  3. Control ADHD in teens and lifelong tools for reactivity
  4. Reduce health risks of stress
  5. Improves hormone balance by lowering cortisol and raising DHEA
  6. Reducing anxiety and improving academic performance in students
  7. Improved test-taking anxiety
  8. Social coherence: improving group dynamics
  9. Global coherence to connect us, to nature and our earth

We can all benefit from increased heart intelligence when we learn to more consistently to self-regulate our emotions from a more intuitive, intelligent, and balanced way,

The heart coherent state is directly associated with increased intuition, improved health, and cognitive function as we age. It’s something that takes practice, but a simple one that is easy, free, and available to everyone!

About The Author:

Renee GreenbergReNee Greenberg is a women’s hormone health expert who guides women over 40 back into balance through a whole body hormone health approach.

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