How to Stay Healthy at Home During COVID-19

Medically reviewed by Dr. Allison Merkey
Medically reviewed by Dr. Allison Merkey on August 11, 2020
Naturopathic Medical Doctor
Updated on August 12th, 2020
how to stay healthy at home

During this unprecedented time in history, we are challenged to find healing in more creative ways. We all know how important it is to get exercise, breathe fresh air, and eat healthy foods.

But now that some of our resources might be limited (gym closures, travel restrictions), how can we successfully shift into good, healthy habits that can be supported from home?

Tips to stay healthy at home

1. Get into (or simulate!) nature

 Make it a point to get out into nature almost every day or weekly. “Green exercise” is one of the most important and fundamental aspects of self-care(1). It has been proved that getting into a forest where there are natural, aromatic oils and vibrant plant life around can stimulate our own healing.

There are ways to simulate nature in your home. Have lots of plants in your home. Snake plant, Boston fern, pothos, wax begonia, to name a few. Having plants in your home not only purifies your home of airborne solvents and other impurities but also brings the healing of nature inside.

It has been researched that even just having pictures of plants in your home gives you similar benefits. You may consider having an essential oil diffuser with pine oil or another oil that reminds you of being outside.

Watch your lighting, too. Full-spectrum bulbs have blue light, which is suitable for daytime while more yellow, standard bulbs are better for nighttime. Keep screen time to a minimum, too. You can download apps that turn off your phone after a predetermined number of hours has been reached, which can dramatically reduce screen time.

2. Meditate

This is an incredible time to adopt a meditation practice. It is well known that meditation can help soothe worries, stresses, and bring you more into contact with your highest self. This means you get to become the best version of yourself. This is a great time to get mentally stronger.

Meditation helps you stay more centered, less reactive, and master your mind. Some people focus on breathing, others chanting, or simply being quiet and still. Dedicate a place in your home to this. Crystals, candles, incense, and sage can all be kept here as personal cleansing tools.

3. Learn plant-based cooking

When people switch to a plant-based diet, their health improves dramatically. Try to find some plant-based recipes you LOVE. This will make it easier to integrate more and more into your diet.

Try making your own veggie burgers indulge in a vegan cheesecake or delicious pumpkin seed, strawberry citrus salad, or vegan chili. This way, you can see how delicious your meal will look.

4. Stay physically active

 Stationary movements can be great for core strength, flexibility, and balance. There are many types of yoga: hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, ashtanga. All of these methods are available to view on YouTube. See which one resonates with you.

Some are more mediation and breathing focused while others you can watch and increase your cardiovascular ability. If yoga is not your thing, merely stretching, dancing, and lifting weights are great for stationary physical activity. Ideally, you will find a mixture of all of these methods to recruit various muscle groups.

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5. Find an art or craft project

When we go into our artistic side, we use other parts of the brain, keeping us feeling better overall. Make your craft time a priority. For many people, it can be deeply relaxing. There is no limit to what can be created! If you are new to this, see where your inspiration lies.

6. Clean daily and focus on minimalism

It feels better to have a tidy, blockage-free home, especially when we are in it most of the day! If you have a lot of clutter somewhere, time to reorganize, donate, or trash. Maybe it’s reorganizing your garage or kitchen (think labels, paint). This will make life easier for when things return to normal.

7. Keep learning

Peruse Youtube, Udemy, and new books or topics of interest. Keeping your brain active and learning new things is a great way to stay healthy overall.

The message is to take advantage of this time. We can choose to focus our energy on self-improvement for our overall health.

About The Author:

Dr. Allison Merkey, MS ND a naturopathic medical doctor, founder of and professor in the Maricopa Community Colleges. She have been a teacher for 15 years and now lectures up on YouTube and

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