Health Benefits: That Make Shrimps a Healthy Food Option

Updated on November 12th, 2019

People often confuse shrimps with fish. It is not classified into the category of fish, unlike other water creatures like crustaceans, mollusks, coelenterates, and even mammals. It is categorized as shellfish and is famous for the health benefits of shrimps. Shrimps are full of nutrients, for example, iodine, which is not available in other foods. It is rich in protein and has several minerals and vitamins. 

Read further to know why shrimps should be a part of your regular diet.


  • There are over 1000 species of shrimps in the world.
  • Shrimp benefits include its ability to fight cancer.
  • Shrimps are not always tiny. Found mostly in the gulf, tiger shrimps can grow up to 12 inches and are longer.
  • Shrimps are omnivores.
  • Our ecosystem would not survive without shrimps. They are a significant part of our ecosystem.
  • Shrimps can be cooked quickly. Strangely, you can’t defrost them in a microwave.
  • Shrimps are very high in protein. But guess what? They are low in calories.
  • Shrimps are also known to cause allergies in many.

What Are the Health Benefits of Shrimp and Why Include It in Your Diet?

  • Shrimp nutrition includes 84 calories in every 85 gm of serving. The protein in the shrimps provides for the calories, and the rest originates in the fat.
  • Shrimp are known to have an antioxidant called astaxanthin(1). It is an alga and the reason behind shrimp’s reddish color. When you consume shrimps, you consume astaxanthin that prevents your body from inflammation and prevents free radicals from causing damage to the cells. They also strengthen arteries that reduce heart attacks.
  • Shrimps are known to tackle and maintain proper cholesterol levels in the body due to its antioxidants. IT increases the good HDL cholesterol in the body.
  • Shrimps are high for brain health. Its anti-inflammatory properties prevent the degeneration of the brain and reduce your chances of Alzheimer’s.
  • Shrimps are known to be a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Every serving of 100gms of shrimps provides 540 mg of omega-three fatty acids. It is a high source of omega-three fatty acids, although it isn’t an oily fish.
  • Shrimps are known to increase your levels of Vitamin D.
  • Mercury contamination(2) is a problem with seafood. Shrimps are an exception to this. Shrimps are known to have very little mercury compared to other kinds of seafood.
  • Shrimps provide taurine. They help reverse diabetes and reduce oxidative stress.

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Methods to Use Shrimp for Its Benefits

The health benefits of shrimp can be utilized in the following ways-

The recipes below are excellent for weight loss. These are low-calorie recipes that help you to utilize the health benefits of shrimps.

1. Shrimp Stock

Health Benefits of Shrimp

Things you will need

1 tbsp butter, uncooked shells of 5-6 pounds of shrimps, 15 cups of filtered water, 1 cup onion, 2 tbsp salt,1/4tsp of black pepper, one bay leaf.


  • Take a soup pot and put it on heat. Add butter and next add shrimps when the butter melts. Stir for a few minutes until the shells turn pink.
  • Now add water, onion, salt, pepper, and bay leaf. Let it boil. Remove any form of scum that comes to the top. Bring it to simmer, and keep stirring occasionally.
  • After about 70 minutes, strain the liquid and keep the stock aside. Let it cool and then refrigerate.

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2. Lemon Garlic Shrimp for A Low-Calorie Diet Plan

Things you will need

2tbsp butter, 1 tsp extra virgin oil, shrimps peeled and deveined, lemon thinly sliced, four cloves of garlic, crushed pepper flakes, salt,2 tbsp water or white wine.


  • Keep a large skillet over medium heat and add 1 tbsp butter and olive oil. 
  • Add some garlic, lemon slices, shrimps, crushed red pepper flakes, and sprinkle with salt. Stir occasionally cooking until shrimps turn pink.
  • Next, remove from heat and add some butter, lemon juice, and some white wine.

Garnish with parsley and serve.

3. Chopped Taco Salad with Shrimps 

Chopped Taco Salad with Shrimps 

This recipe is filling, and a bonus is fewer calories. This recipe is rich in citrus from the lemons and adds a zesty flavor to it. Skip the bread to lower carbs and calories. This recipe has an exact 362 calories and makes for a tasty, healthy meal.

Things you will need

 2 lemons (sliced thinly), limes- sliced thinly, 2 tbsp chopped oregano,3 tbsp olive oil,1/4 tbsp salt, ¼ fresh grounded pepper, one small cup lettuce chopped, four tortillas, one ripe tomato, one peeled avocado, one small bowl of cheese.


  • Take a grill pan and grill the lemon and lime in batches until it is browned. Finely chop shrimps and transfer without the juices to a bowl. 
  • Add some oregano, salt, oregano, pepper, and mash them. Divide them in two.
  • Take a serving platter and add lettuce. Grill the shrimps with the half of lime dressing and transfer to the serving plate. Use the remaining dressing after you warm and grill the tortillas.
  • Take diced tomatoes, and add the leftover lime dressing. Add the avocado with crumbled cheese.


A lot of people are allergic to shrimps, and symptoms include breathing problems, swelling, itching, redness, and stomach pain. If you’re suspecting an allergic reaction, seek medical help.

Always buy raw shrimps that are firm. And cook it until they turn pink or golden.

Although there are several health benefits of shrimp(3), the quality of shrimp matters in utilizing those benefits, some farm-raised shrimps are contaminated with antibiotics and can be harmful. Purchase from reputed sellers to ensure you are getting a high-quality shrimp. Make shrimps a part of your balanced diet and enjoy its benefits.


1. Does shrimp have Omega 3 fatty acids?

Shrimps are extremely rich in omega-three fatty acids and have tremendous benefits for your body when consumed healthily.

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