Treat Frizzy Hair with Hair Masks

Updated on November 18th, 2019
Hair Masks for Frizzy Hair

Everyone loves healthy, shiny, lustrous hair, and there are several ways to have them that way. Women expose their hair to a lot of styling and heat products that make their hair dry and frizzy. Lack of moisture makes your hair frizzy and weak, leaving it dry, brittle, and resulting in hair breakage.

Moisturizing your hair often by oiling them regularly, using a conditioner after shampooing, and reduce hairstyling with heat, etc. could wonders. And also, some homemade hair masks for frizzy hair.

There are plenty of hair masks to choose from. So which is the best hair masks for frizzy hair available?

We recommend these homemade masks mentioned below.  Check them out.

Inadequate hydration and a poor diet could lead to frizzy hair.
Argon oil, Sunflower oil, Olive oil, Avocado oil effectively treat frizzy hair.

Benefits of Hair Masks for Frizzy Hair

We love shiny and long hair, and in an attempt to get them, we expose our hair to various shampoos and conditioners available in the market. What we don’t realize, behind almost every “anti-frizz” product lies several harmful chemicals which, when used regularly leads to more hair damage(1). So, always opt for alcohol-free and sulfate-free shampoos and hair masks.

You can make hair masks at home by using natural products that will leave your hair with all the required nutrients without any exposure to chemicals. It is quick to make.

  • The DIY hair masks for frizzy hair can make your hair look good in less than 20 minutes, with additional benefits
  • Hair Masks treat a lot of other problems like hair fall, dandruff, split ends, and hair thinning.

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Try These Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair

There are different and easy hair masks for treating frizzy hair. We consider these the best natural hair mask for dry, frizzy hair that you can make instantly.

1. Coconut Oil and Honey Hair Mask

coconut oil and honey

Things you will need

1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp honey.


  • Take a clean bowl and mix them well. Heat the oil to warm it up and apply it.
  • Apply this to your dry hair and keep it for half an hour. Wash it with a mild shampoo in cold water and towel-dry it.
  • Honey will help moisturize the hair and make it shiny and bouncy. It’s one of the best hair masks for frizzy hair.

2. Egg and Lemon Hair Mask

Things you will need

4 tsp lemon juice and one egg.


  • Crack an egg and separate the egg white and the yolk.  The egg white must only be used for this hair mask. Add 4 tsp lemon juice to the mixture and mix well. Make sections to your damp hair and apply this mixture in sections of your hair and leave it for an hour.
  • Rinse using a sulfate-free shampoo and towel dry it.

3. Banana and Yogurt Hair Mask

Banana and Yogurt Hair Mask

Things you will need

1 banana, 2 tbsp yogurt, and 1 tsp honey


  • Take a banana and chop it into pieces. Mash using a fork and mix it with yogurt and honey or put all the ingredients in a blender to make a smooth paste. Apply it to damp hair and let it rest for half an hour.
  • Rinse with shampoo and conditioner.

4. Coconut oil, Avocado and Honey Hair Mask

Things you will need

2 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp honey, one avocado, one egg


Mash the avocado and mix it well with honey, coconut oil, and egg. Apply it to your hair from the tip to your roots. Leave it for half an hour and rinse well with your shampoo and apply a conditioner.

5. Olive oil, Curd, and Gram Flour Mask

Things you need

2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp curd, and 2 tbsp gram flour.


  • Mix everything well in a clean bowl and apply it to your hair. Hair must be dry when applied. Rinse after half an hour.
  • Gram flour helps in strengthening hair roots while the curd and olive oil will help the hair look shiny.

6. Egg, Almond Oil, and Mayonnaise Mask

Things you will need

½ cup mayonnaise, one egg, and 5 tbsp of almond oil.


  • Use a blender to mix them all to a smooth paste. Apply it to dry hair and cover the hair using a shower cap. The best results will be seen if left up to an hour.
  • Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and use a conditioner. This high protein hair mask is another best hair mask for thick frizzy hair.

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Precautions To Be Undertaken

  1. Never wash your hair with hot water after applying a hair mask.
  2. Don’t style your hair immediately after a hair mask is rinsed. This will further damage your hair.
  3. Make sure you’re not allergic to the products used in the hair mask.

Frizzy hair is a treatable condition with the best hair masks as mentioned above. These hair masks for frizzy hair is best to use homemade treatments which guarantee ‘’zero’’ hair damage than procedures that involve chemicals. DIY hair masks for frizzy hair are easy to make and pretty affordable too, and the best results can be seen immediately after a hair wash after you apply the hair mask.


1. Are hair masks good for frizzy hair?

Yes. They are the best for frizzy hair as they have no chemicals in them. They are made with natural products.

2. How long does it take to see the results of DIY hair masks for frizzy hair?

You will notice significant changes after a wash, and permanent results can be seen in a month if applied regularly.

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