Emotions- Our Body Keeps the Score!

Updated on February 24th, 2020

We are living in a time where we are moving dangerously away from our connection to mother earth, we are disconnecting from our inner child, spending less time with family and have become more and more externalized and desensitized to our inner dialogue!

With the rise in emotional/ mental health challenges in the western world and the expansion of clinical fields such as psychoneuroimmunology, we are aware that things are only getting worse!

Those in the field of health and wellbeing are being inundated with people getting worse due to a failing in medical approaches to mental health.

The practices of simply numbing the pain or the addiction to tools that pacify emotional trauma such as recreational (low quality) drugs, medical drugs such as anti-depressants, etc. are not a long-term solution.

If we are to heal, we must become grounded in basic, healthy practices that support inner connection, openness, and creative expression through words and actions/activities.

Let’s be honest here, suicide is at the highest rate in human history, we have more addicts and more phobias, yet we have more counselors, more anti-depressants, better healthcare, etc.

To add to the above, scientists have noted that our septum pellucidum (a thin membrane located at the midline of the brain between the two cerebral hemispheres) know as the joy center of the brain is now 3 times smaller than it was thousands of years ago!

We apparently have more people to help with more problems, but…. The key thing to highlight here is why do we have these problems? Rather than what we are trying to do about it!

Most heart attacks in the western world take place between 8 am – 9 am on Monday mornings! The reason why is because most people dislike or even hate the work they do and the stress it gives them and the anticipation of starting the week causes higher levels of stress.

emotional trauma
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As I mentioned at the start, we are moving away from our connection to mother nature and our inner dialogue, we know that the average person has 68, 000 thoughts every day, and that 95% of the thoughts we have today are same as the ones we hade yesterday, the disconcerting thing is that 90% of those thoughts are negative!

If most of our thoughts are negative, we are playing a game we cannot win unless we work on the thoughts that lead to actions that create negative results in our psychic perception.

Our thoughts affect us at a physiological level when we are happy we release serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine, these are often referred to as the “happy hormones”.

When we are in fear we release stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol,  so what you realize is that your thoughts or phycology have an actual effect on your physiology.

The thought is the epiphenomenon, the center of where health improves or diminishes, whatever we believe of ourselves creates pain or healing at a cellular level!

There is no right and wrong in broad terms  (in our own self-view of life) there is the only perception! It’s our perception of events and circumstances that create happiness or sadness.

In truth, we are always in the pursuit and happiness and the avoidance of sadness, or “ joy and pain”

Mental health challenges arise through emotional trauma held in the body from birth onwards, the human mind is built to survive, unlike animals, when we experience emotional trauma we learn to ignore it so we can “get on” with things!

Every time we experience a traumatic event, it is absorbed into our body at a cellular level- we have a cellular memory of it that impacts our organs and glands and we create (breath) holding patterns.

When the ego experiences emotional trauma, it fragments our psyche at the age that we experience it, so if we experienced a painful event at 5 years old, a part of our psyche is stuck at that age, which is why many people talk about having a painful childhood that still affects them in adulthood!

We have our autonomic nervous system (that automatically regulates bodily functions such as heart rates and digestion) that gives information to the body through signals; this system has 2 branches, the sympathetic or fight and flight and the parasympathetic or rest and recovery.

brain functioning

Whenever we experience a stressful event we activate the sympathetic branch of the nervous system so that we can fight or run from danger, this system has been developed over millions of years to protect us from real “life or death” situations.

Today, most humans experience and more importantly, “react” to daily events as if it’s a life or death situation and thus are almost always in the fight or flight state!

Most of the above is based on each person’s perception of daily challenges and the inability to be able to react differently to their habitual programming!

In essence, there is no such thing as actual reality, there is only each person’s perception of reality, and thus the label they place on daily events they experience!

So, how do we change? We must first realize that it’s the label that we put on an event that creates our experience of it!

No one is reacting to the event (challenge) we are only reacting to a self-generating program (our beliefs/ perceptions).

If two people go on a rollercoaster ride and person ‘A’ finds it joyful, yet person ‘B’ hates it, they will have a completely different experience of it, the event is the same, their perception of the event is different!

So, we are simply bundles of conditioned beliefs, following a program formed in the first 7 years of our lives.

To change is hard, yet it’s the only universal constant!

Train your emotions and control mental trauma by Warren Williams

We cannot just change, most people want to change limiting beliefs and habits that don’t serve them, the challenge is learning to become comfortable with the unfamiliar (person you see in the mirror) which is the number one reason why change is hard!

We fear that we will not recognize who we are anymore, but as I always say, “you are not changing, you are simply changing habits and actions”

“The formula for change is when the desire for change is greater than the resistance to change”

So, start your day with a morning ritual; a great start of any ritual is the “I am” affirmation! Write down 3-5 powerful statements that help to shift your negative thoughts, for example- “I am living with passion”, “I am listening to my body” “ I am happy” “ I love” etc.

Other suggestions for morning rituals are;

  • Writing your thoughts in a journal, this is a great way to become away of your unconscious limiting beliefs
  •  Performing “box breathing” for 9 repetitions of; inhale 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds, exhale 4 seconds, and hold 4 seconds. A great way to calm the mind.
  • Taking a cold shower- the parasympathetic nervous system is activated whenever you need to move blood towards the vital organs, this is a great awakening and positive exercise.

Note:  You only need to do this for 15 seconds, start slowly with lukewarm water and eventually over a few weeks gradual low the temperature so it’s not a shock to the arterial vascular system.
Walking in nature- even 20 minutes a day helps to charge the body with negative ions (these are good for healing)

  • 5-minute silent meditation- this is NOT meditation, it is just sitting in silence with eyes closed for 5 minutes to relax the mind.

All of the above are great ways to shift our thoughts with present-day challenges and to own the day!!!

There are also many people who are challenged with anxiety and depression based!

Anxiety is fear of the future, depression is fear/anger of the past, the story is not where our focus should be to heal, because that (story) never changes, it’s our ability to change our perception of it!

Once we are able to start to shift our program or perception of events we no longer operate from a place of depression or anxiety.

To heal trauma we need to move that energy out of our bodies, there are many ways to do this; breathwork, energy healing, plant medicines, scream therapy, art therapy, and T.R.E or violent shaking!

Have you ever noticed that when animals experience some form of stress they tend to shake their bodies, this is a way to move the trauma out of their body at a cellular level.

If we start to implement any of the above practices we no longer are crippled by emotional trauma and have the freedom to live a life of freedom and potential.

About the Author:

Warren Williams, C.H.E.K Practitioner

Warren is a traveller on the path of growth, a peaceful warrior, having learnt that life is the lesson.

Warren combines a great feel for body movement and mechanics fostered by over 25 years of martial arts practice with 20 years studying esoteric practices such as meditation, energy healing and emotional self management to help people honor themselves and become their own master.

Over the past 17 years Warren has honed his mastery of the C.H.E.K system whilst integrating his unique understanding of martial arts, energy healing and life coaching.

Acting as a faculty member for the world-renowned CHEK institute, Warren specializes in teaching Holistic lifestyle coaching through out Europe.

Warren has successfully coached a diverse clientele from elite world class sports men and women to corporate leaders, to injured mums and other C.H.E.K practitioners and healthcare professionals, he has consulted to premiership football teams and assisted those deemed medical failures to full health.

Website: warrenwilliamscoaching.com

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