Get Rid of Wriggly Pinworms with Garlic

Updated on November 20th, 2019
garlic for pinworms

Children often complain of severe stomach pains, and mostly pinworms could be the underlying cause.  These worms gradually affect the digestive tract and intestinal area, leading to itching near the anus, and loss of sleep. However, not only children but even adults can be severely affected by pinworms, which affects their digestive system.

Treating Pinworms with Garlic


Using Garlic for pinworms is beneficial because it has anti-inflammatory and also anti-bacterial properties. Garlic helps to bring a balance in the gastrointestinal tract and makes way for good health. To ensure a healthy digestive system, it is essential to include garlic in your regular diet.

Let’s See How It Works

Garlic contains a compound called alliin(1) guests combined with alliinase(2). When these compounds move into the small intestine, these are further broken down. They get absorbed in the small intestine and then is released in the bloodstream. Finally, when the compound has mixed with the blood, it starts eliminating the harmful organisms. This is how garlic for pinworms work to help you when you are suffering from stomach problems.

If you are skeptical about consuming the raw garlic you can consume it in several other ways.

How to Consume Garlic for Pinworm Cure

As we mentioned above, garlic for pinworms is an effective way of treating stomach upset and digestive problems. Many people would not want to consume garlic in its raw form. So here are some brilliant ideas to consume garlic.

  • You can chew one or two buds of garlic cloves regularly. Instead of chewing the garlic raw, you can mix it with one teaspoon of honey and then consume it. You can also choose to add them into different food recipes like a seasoning.
  • Take a glass of lukewarm water and add a spoon of honey to it. Add 2-3 crushed garlic buds into it. Then drink it in one go, and you’re done. The taste of the honey will help you swallow the garlic.
  • Make a sandwich! Use your favorite ingredients and make a sandwich but with 2-3 crushed garlic buds in the middle. Now eat the sandwich so that the garlic can easily be consumed.
  • You can mince garlic clove buds and then mix them with petroleum jelly. Then apply it on the affected area. If possible, do this at night.

So here are some very effective ways of consuming garlic for pinworms. Now we will move to the side effects.

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Side Effects of Garlic for Overconsumption

garlic benefits

Excess consumption of garlic can aggravate this ongoing health condition. Therefore, the use of garlic for pinworms should be within a limit. Here are some side effects of overuse of garlic.

  • Bleeding Disorder: When you overuse garlic, then it poses a severe threat to your health by increasing your chances of facing a bleeding disorder.
  • Fall in blood Sugar Levels: Garlic is an active ingredient to lower the levels of blood sugar. However, taking too much garlic can bring the sugar levels much lower than usually recommended. Hence, this can quickly lead to a serious life-threatening situation.
  • Stomach or Digestion Problems: even though we use garlic to treat our gastrointestinal disorders, too much garlic can lead to digestive issues. It can cause gas and make you feel nauseated. Sometimes it can lead to diarrhea as well.
  • Gives bad breath: The odor of garlic is found to linger in your mouth even after brushing your teeth.

The use of garlic for pinworms is an effective remedy for getting rid of these harmful organisms. Garlic is undoubtedly a brilliant natural remedy that can help you maintain a healthy digestive system in the long run. However, make sure that you do not consume garlic too much or else it can lead to several side effects like the ones mentioned above.


1. Can Garlic Kill Worms in Humans?

Ans. Yes. Garlic consists of a compound named as Allicin, which helps to eliminate the harmful organisms like pinworms from the human body.

2. Can Pinworms Go Away on Their Own?

Ans. If there is no risk of infection and the symptoms are minimal as well, then there is always a chance of the pinworms going away on their own. However, if the effects are serious, then you need medication.

3. How Do I Check Myself for Pinworms?

Ans. You can examine the area around the anus for a small white-colored thread-like worms which could be pinworms whether they exist. Even though it is really difficult, sometimes you can see the worm there.

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