14 Hacks To Fight Fatigue First Thing In The Morning

Updated on August 27th, 2020
Fatigue Fighting Hacks

It would be fine if you found a way to battle your fatigue during the day because multiple things will drain your energy. You need to understand that you could get through a busy day, and you need to fight away those power naps that have eaten up so much of your day.

Anyone who is attempting to be as productive as possible during the day should use all the hacks below to get ready for the next day. You will be less fatigued, and you will finally feel like you can change your life for the better.

We all have those lazy days that do not feel like waking up. Most times, this occurs even after we have slept well. For those lazy and tired mornings, here are some tips that will surely help you.

Fatigue Fighting Hacks

1. ​Stop hitting the snooze

Hitting the snooze button after getting a pleasant night’s sleep is not the right thing to do. The last 30 minutes of your sleep is called fragmented sleep, which, as per scientists, affects your ability to function throughout the day. Half an hour’s sleep after hitting the snooze button isn’t usually a peaceful one.

You can try the 90-minute trick. For this, you can set the alarm for 90 minutes before you get up and precisely for when you want to get up.

The 90 minutes of slumber will help you wake up after your rapid eye movement (REM) state, rather than in the middle of it.

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2. Drink a glass of water the first thing

Even mild dehydration can make you feel lazy, sleepy, and cause mood fluctuations. Sip a glass of water to hydrate yourself right after you wake up. You can squeeze in some lemon to it, to make it more hydrating.

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​3. Try some stretching

We all know it’s great to start our morning with some light exercise. Also, when you sleep at night, our muscles technically get paralyzed. When you perform stretching, it rejuvenates them and releases energy stimulating endorphins in the body. 

​4. Sprinkle some water on your face

If waking out of bed is your primary issue, then try to spray some water with a sprayer on your face. It’s wise to take a cold shower to freshen up your body immediately. 

​5. Have your breakfast on time

Taking your breakfast and having it on time both are equally important to jump-start your day. Skipping breakfast or having a lengthy gap between breakfast and wake-up can adversely affect your energy.

When you sleep, your body fasts for six to eight hours. Thus, its best to energize your body as soon as you get up in the morning.

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6. More Powerful Breakfasts

The breakfasts that you make should have vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and eggs. Many people would like to have an omelet, and others will want a burrito. You should fill these things with the veggies and meats that will help you feel revitalized [1].

You can use these foods to be more rejuvenated than you would if you were just drinking a lot of coffee.

7. Try not to have sugar until lunch

Sugary foods in breakfast can increase your blood sugar levels and leave you sapped too soon. Thus, it’s perfect for saving your sugary foods treats for the afternoon.

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8. Do not have excessive coffee

A lot many people load up on coffee when they feel lethargic in the mornings. But overconsumption of coffee, as we all know, leaves us feeling anxious and increases our trips to the washroom.

Don’t skip your coffee, but also don’t over consume it. To stick by this, you can change your coffee cup to a little one.

​9. Get some sun

Going out in sunlight improves your body’s serotonin level and enhances your sleep. This, in turn, also supports improving your daytime energy, and as per research by the UOR (University of Rochester), enjoying time in nature makes us feel refreshed [2] .

If you do not have time to go out, you can open the window or adjust your curtains to get some light and fresh air.

10. Take A Supplement

You can take a supplement to get your day off to a great start. Most people who are trying to make adjustments to their exercise program and diet will feel a much better understanding that they can see a difference in how they feel just after having these supplements.

The supplements are only the initial step, but this is a perfect step that you need to take to make sure that you will feel as though you can get things done in the morning.

11. Orange Juice

Orange juice will energize you because it has that typical acidic taste that will make you know the day is beginning. You can drink water for the remaining day, but it is good, to begin with, orange juice. If you don’t like orange juice, you can opt for cranberry juice, which will be more tart but very pleasant on the palette.

12. Try Matcha

If you have a problem with coffee jitters or crashes later in the day, try drinking matcha in place of it. Like green tea, matcha has L-theanine, which helps to create focus and sustained energy throughout the day [3]. But just like coffee, don’t over consume it as too much may have the opposite effect.

13. Connect With A Friend Or Family Member

Use the morning as a time to reconnect with others. During your morning commute to the office, take some time to call that friend or family member who’s always full of positive energy. That energy is infectious, and once you have it, don’t forget to share it with others.

​14. Have something to look forward to

Do you remember how comfortably you used to wake up for college when it was the picnic day or your favorite sports period? Sometimes all we need to perk up our energy is a little excitement.

To fight the morning blues, you can call someone you love or plan a day before you eat.

Bottom Line

Fortunately, you don’t need to invest in any extremely caffeinated beverages or fancy supplements to get your energy levels up. If you’re looking to feel revitalized in the morning and start off the day on a high note, try these morning hacks that help fight fatigue.

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