A Complete Guide to Find ‘Alone Time’

Updated on August 26th, 2020
Signs Your Body Needs Alone Time

While this bustling world of ours may make it appear like you have to hit the floor 24/7, it’s essential to keep in mind the benefits of spending time alone, slowing down, and taking care of your physical and mental health.

If you don’t ever allow yourself downtime — to read, relax, wear sweatpants, and do your own thing — you will get wear out. And that’s not going to help you.

Scheduling a vacation,  canceling a few plans or taking a day off,  may feel like an impracticality, but you need to make it a priority — just like you do everything else.

Alone time is crucial to restoring balance in your lives. If you haven’t been contemplating being alone in your own thoughts for more than half an hour a day, it’s time to do it. It will completely refresh your life.

Taking some me-time is also essential when it comes to staying focused and actually getting crap done. The brain and body need time to unwind and shut down to function at their full potential.

Me time allows you to solve problems free from distractions, whether it is people or technology. Once you allow yourself that week (or day ) off, you’ll likely be even more productive when you return to your regular life. Read on for such signs it may be time just to be alone.

Signs Your Body Needs Alone Time

1. Everything’s Been Irritating You Lately

If you’re way overdue for a day off, it may become challenging to control your emotions. And that’s when agitation can set in. We start to feel irritated and triggered by small things that wouldn’t usually bother us, and our patience for others diminishes.

Whenever you start to feel anxious, take a few seconds, and ask yourself what you’ve been up to over the past few days. If you’ve been way too preoccupied, it may say a lot.

2. You Feel Totally Overwhelmed By Everyday Tasks

If you’re beginning to feel overburdened by the tiniest of tasks, take note. If it takes enormous energy for you to finish just the smallest job — sending that last email, cleaning the kitchen,  or beginning a little project — this is a signal that you’ve been going over it for far too prolonged.

When that occurs, it may be time to spend a day alone, all for the sake of that mental well being.

3. You Feel Totally Uninspired

When you don’t give yourself time to relax and do your own things, you can enter into the foul territory of not giving a damn. If this sounds Déjà vu, take some time off for yourself right away. Absence makes the heart grow warm, so it’s lovely to take a much-deserved break to revitalize your passion.

4. You Don’t Seem To Care About Anything

It does not matter what it is — your family, your friends, your job, your to-do list — you’ve totally given up caring about it all. At the same time, this may be a symptom of other things, like depression.  It might also be a signal that you need a break.

Taking care of yourself by having a ‘day off’ to recharge your batteries is essential for your mental well being. It’s okay to have a few days where you do precisely what you want to do and reconnect with your inner self.

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5. You Make Plans And Then Break Them

Have you become the globe’s most massive flake? If so, it is not just a sudden instance of introversion. Saying ‘yeah’ to too many things and then backing out is a sign that you may need to take a ‘psychological health day’ to reset your priorities.

Once you do, you’ll become more transparent and ready to hang out with your colleagues. (For sure this time.)

6. You’ve Been Feeling Pretty Cranky

If you’ve been irritable as of late, don’t let it go unnoticed. Taking some me-time allows you to go over those times when you had a ‘knee jerk’ reaction to something or someone and look at the ways you would have liked to respond. Also, taking some days to just “do you” can help you feel more revitalized and, thus, less possibly snap back.

7. You No Longer Understand What You Want

As mentioned above, taking some alone time is a meaningful way to reconnect with yourself. So if you notice like you’ve lost touch with your passions, it may be worth reasoning out why. Take some off time to give what is really essential to you some serious thought. Once you’ve stepped away for a while, life may feel a lot more lighter.

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8. You Are Totally Drained

If you can’t seem to cheer yourself up, despite getting plenty of sleep and drinking coffee, you might be in dire requirement of a mental wellness day.  This thought pattern is a direct result of a way-too-strenuous lifestyle. And that isn’t great.

9. Resentment Has Become Your MO

When you aren’t protecting your mental well being by taking time off, it can feel like the whole universe has set out to put you down. And you might even catch yourself feeling belligerent towards others. If you find yourself getting jealous about hearing of others’ vacations or dreading going to work, it’s a symptom you need time off to relax.

10. Your Anxiety Has Gotten Way Worse

Extra anxiety is another sign to look out for.  Lack of me-time can cause you to become way too burnt out, which can make anxiety worse — even for individuals who don’t necessarily struggle with the disorder. Either way, this is not something you want to pull yourself to.

11. Are People  Calling You Out For Being Forgetful?

If your coworkers have been calling you “scatterbrained,” or you can’t seem to remember where you put your keys, take it as a signal.  Losing items always or making mistakes at work is a sign that you are overburdened in your life and need a physical and mental break.

Bottom Line

It can be challenging to make (or find) the time, but me-time should be a priority in your life. It can take some effort, but it’s all worth it for your mental and physical well-being.

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