What are the Best Exercises for Hemorrhoids

Updated on April 16th, 2020
Exercises for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are the condition wherein the veins at the lower part of rectum and anus become swollen and distended. It is often believed that we, as upright creatures, are more prone to developing the problem of hemorrhoids.

This is because blood vessels are in constant need of pumping blood against the force of gravity to get blood back to the heart.

Two types of hemorrhoids are commonly known to us. The first, internal hemorrhoids happen in the lower rectum, whereas the other, external hemorrhoids occur under the skin in the vicinity of the anus.

External hemorrhoids are the more painful, primarily because the skin tends to erode, making it more uncomfortable. In the event of formation of a blood clot in internal hemorrhoid, the pain tends to be severe.  When the clot dissolves, a skin tag remains and that often becomes irritable.

The idea of using exercises for hemorrhoids(1) is basically to increase blood circulation to the rectum, which prevents the formation of blood clots. Any vigorous exercises like weightlifting or other activity that would cause exertion could result in the swelling of hemorrhoids.

However, none of the damage is permanent. There is no reason that one should not indulge in physical activity unless the hemorrhoids reach a level that they produce symptoms that seem unacceptable.

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Did You Know?

  1. It has been reported that by the age of 50, more than half the people would have been diagnosed with one or the other symptom of hemorrhoids, which may include itching, bleeding, and in some instances, a prolapse, which is the protrusion of hemorrhoids through the anal canal.
  2. The two most common conditions for the occurrence of hemorrhoids are pregnancy and obesity. This is because of the immense pressure that the veins are being caused, causing them to swell profusely. Exercise is the most common solution to hemorrhoids in these conditions.

Best Exercises for Hemorrhoids

Walk, aerobic exercises, and Yoga are very helpful in overcoming the symptoms of hemorrhoids. The circulation of blood to the rectum(2) is improved, and as a result, the blood clots are not formed. Here are a few exercises that you can practice to avoid hemorrhoids problems.

Pelvic Exercises: The most efficient category of exercises for hemorrhoids is Kegel exercises. For this, you need to contract your anal muscle and then hold this pose for 3 seconds. This has to be done five times to complete a set. One must do 4-5 sets in a day for it to be highly effective.

The use of Kegel exercises is that they help with the pelvic muscles and also give strength to anal muscles. One may prevent internal hemorrhoids from forming external hemorrhoids, and this is a good exercise for internal hemorrhoids.

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1. Yoga

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In addition to various other things, Yoga is also suitable for treating hemorrhoids. The following kind of Yoga exercise can be done for the treatment. Stand up straight and then lift your leg at a 90-degree angle.

Both legs have to be raised to a 90-degree angle, one at a time. This needs to be repeated for 3 minutes to 10 minutes as it’ll help blood pass on to the rectum. This also provides quick relief as compared to other exercises.

For the treatment of external hemorrhoids, there’s another exercise. Stand up straight on your toes, and point straight hands over your hand towards the sky.

Then bend forward, only using the waist and try to touch the floor with straight hands. This is help strengthen anal muscles and help you avoid any hemorrhoids issues in the future.

2. Exercises to Tone Your Muscles

exercise for muscles
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To treat hemorrhoids pains, one may also consider toning the abdominal and rectal muscles. Get your body in a high pushup position and then try to contract your abdominal muscles and hold this position for about 30 seconds.

A buttock press can also be performed, which involves first contracting buttock muscles and then holding the contraction for a few seconds. One must do several repetitions of this.

Interesting Facts about Hemorrhoids

  1. There is no set duration for the cure of hemorrhoids. While in some cases, symptoms hemorrhoids can disappear within a few days, in other cases they may last longer. After trying out exercises, it is advised to get medical help of hemorrhoids are not going away.
  2. Only standing and sitting during a day is the more significant problem area for hemorrhoids. This puts more pressure on the veins, and they tend to swell. To be clear of hemorrhoids, one is advised to walk at least 20 minutes daily.

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Exercises That Can Be Avoided

Several exercises, especially those that put pressure on the hemorrhoids, should be avoided. These include rowing, cycling, and they may induce pain over an already painful condition.

Other exercises that fall in the same category include sit-ups and squats, the reasonability of which also depends on the weight of the individual. Further, another activity that should be avoided is weightlifting, which puts immense pressure on the rectum.

Hemorrhoids never completely heal, but they only change their degree as far as symptoms are concerned. And one should visit the doctor if there is rectal bleeding to make sure that its hemorrhoids and not something else.

However, in the majority of cases, symptoms of hemorrhoids can be brought under control using exercises only. In addition to the exercises, there are other home remedies. You can choose your pick based on the severity of your condition.

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