Exercises for Immediate Back Pain Relief

Updated on February 24th, 2020
exercises for back pain

Accept it or not, all of us know that, back pain in most of human beings these days is a result of uncontrolled and imbalanced lifestyle. Addition to this is the lack of exercises. An extensive discussion is to follow on the good and bad effects of several exercises on back pain.

However, you should remember that exercise mostly helps you to stay functional, fit, working and in moving condition like the normal livelihood of any person since their middle age. This problem recurs and increases in senior citizens mostly.

So, one should be careful about the fact that not all exercises for back pain are good for health. What are the good and bad exercises for back pain? Let’s check them out.

Did You Know?

  • Walking releases one from the unbearable muscle pains. It even increases endorphin production.
  • Apart from walking, swimming, several aerobics, machine exercises too are helpful as exercises for back pain.

What Exercises for Back Pain Will Give You Relief?

Unbearable back pain or lower back pain at times is relieved by some home remedies and medications under the prescription of a physician. But let’s first know the good exercises required for good health.

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1. Partial Crunch

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Cross your hands beneath the head and slowly lift the shoulders, keeping the stomach muscles tight. Do not lift the whole body. Repeat the process for 8-12 times. This keeps the spine, shoulder, and tailbone in a line and stretches the whole area.

2. Hamstring Stretches

Hamstring Stretches

This one opined t be one of the best back exercises. Lying on your back, bend one knee. Straighten the other leg upward. Loop a towel and place it under the foot of the straightened leg. Then pull back the towel so as to feel a stretch at the back of your leg. Keep in this position for 30 seconds and repeat the process alternately for both legs for around 8 times.

3. Wall Sits

This one is another back pain exercise(1), which is easy and quite acceptable among the practitioners, especially senior citizens. Stand 10-12 inches away from the wall. Then lean back until your back is flat against the wall. Slowly slide down placing the back at the wall and form a slight bend over the knee. Stay in this posture to a count of 10. Relax and repeat the back pain exercise for about 4 times.

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4. Press-up Back Extension

Lie on your stomach and chest and push the shoulder gradually upwards. Then, keeping support on your elbow lift the shoulder, back, and waist to the extent you are feeling comfortable. Retain this position supporting on your elbow for a few seconds.

5. Bird Dog

Bird Dog

Back exercises at home are many in number. In this back exercise, the posture should resemble that of a four-legged animal. Keeping support on all the fours, i.e. legs and arms stretch one leg backward. While stretching, keep the other leg over the mat with support on the knee. Stay in this position for 10 seconds and switch to the other leg. Alternatively, repeat the exercise for around 4 times. Sometimes even trying on the stretching of the arms alternate to the leg stretched also initiates a speedy relief and recovery from back pain. The whole process becomes fruitful ultimately.

6. Knee to chest

Lie on your back and bend on your knees, keeping the feet flat on the floor. Cross one leg and lift towards the chest. Rest the hands on both sides over the floor. Keep this position for 10 seconds and repeat the same with the other leg. Repeat the back pain relief exercise for 8 times.

7. Pelvic Tilts

Continuing in the same position from the exercise before this, tighten the stomach muscles and lift the pelvic portion pressing the back and feet over the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds and keep breathing slowly. Repeat for 10 times.

8. Bridging

Like the previous one, with slight alterations undergo this exercise. Pressing on the heels and shoulders, lift the other portions upwards. Stretch the back, pelvis, and hips along with the waistline. This works on the total back portion and area around the spine excellently.

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9. Weight Liftings

A few heavyweight exercises and gym mechanisms also work as a good aid to back pain relief. But one should start this quite young to keep continuing till ages.

10. Aerobic Exercises

Walking, swimming, and biking also keep the body’s functionality, blood circulation, in a proper way.

11. Pilates Moves

This must be done under the supervision of a trainer. The teacher must know the level and type of back pain. Lest the patient might need to skip on a few movements(2). The Pilate movements work on the abdomen, spine, and strengthening and stretching of muscles.

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The Exercises You Should Avoid During Back Pain

After an extensive discussion on the good exercises for back pain, the list of the negative ones should also be kept in mind. These include:

  1. Leg Lifts
  2. Sit Ups
  3. Toe Touches

Other Effective Treatment

Now the compartmentalization of good and bad exercises for back pain is definitely and effectively needed to avoid any harmful and drastic effect on health. Pain is a very delicate issue. If it aches, positions and body movements should be followed carefully. Otherwise, it might aggravate. Besides taking painkillers and other medicines, some home remedies are also effective.

Undergo daily body massage, put hot bags underneath your back to relief morning back pain. Other than that, take a regular hot bath. Each and every exercise needs precaution. Moreover, exercise without guidance could worsen the problem.

As is the case, every back pain sufferer must know the remedies carefully to treat the same. Overburdened and hyper exercises sometimes call in for more problematic issues. In these cases, doctors opine to first rest and relieve the pain with certain medications and home remedies. Nonetheless, exercises are needed. Back pain calls for mobility. If the body stops the normal movement then issues might get exaggerated. So, walk and exercise daily for at least 30 minutes and keep yourself fit and away from unhealthy consequences

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1. Does Walking Help Back Pain?

Walking not only helps you maintain your functional capabilities but also help lessen back pain. Hence, exercising is recommended in reducing back pain.

2. What Exercises Help with Lower Back Pain?

Of all the exercises, Partial crunches for back pain is highly recommended since it strengthens the stomach and back muscles.

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