Want to Be Truly Healthy? End Each Day with Adequate Walking!

Updated on March 5th, 2020
Walking and Exercise

Try Walking To Get Active and Healthier

Exercising is mandatory to live a healthy life. No matter how much you watch what you eat, if you don’t exercise, you can’t truly call yourself healthy. Exercising need not be necessarily include going to the gym or practicing yoga- You can do simple activities like walking. You can utilize the benefits of walking by making it a part of your daily routine. Spend half an hour brisk walking and see the magic it does your body.

Walking for health has been a form of exercise since ancient times. There is no restriction on walking; however, don’t exert yourself unless you have a physical condition. Walking (1) helps in improving the oxygen flow in your body and keeps every kind of disease at bay.

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  • Brisk walking for 30 minutes every day gives you the same results as antidepressants.
  • Studies say people who walk less are likely to develop dementia or memory loss.
  • Walking helps improves memory and thinking ability as walking increases the blood flow to your brain.
  • Nothing better than walking to lose 100 calories.
  • Walking is the best form of physical activity ever.

Why Is Walking Called as the Best Exercise?

benefits of walking exercise

Walking (2) is called the best exercise in the world as it maintains the overall health of your body. This habit doesn’t require much preparation or time. Give 30 minutes of your time for this activity to utilize the benefits of walking. It can help you lose fat, increase the oxygen flow to your body and help you get rid of stress and depression.

There are several benefits to walking every day

  • Walking helps in losing weight. It burns your calories depending upon the speed in which you are walking and the distance covered.
  • The benefits of daily walking include strengthening your heart. Walking five days a week for half an hour reduces your risk of coronary disease.
  • If you are walking for health, you are on the right track to living a healthy life. Walking also eases out joint pain by improving the flexibility of bones and muscles.
  • Walking every day boosts your immunity.
  • Walking for diabetes is the best and natural way to treat your blood sugar problem.
  • Walking stretches your muscles, and it’s a great way to tone your legs.
  • Walking increases your memory.
  • If you have walked and jogged throughout your life, you will realize the benefits of walking in your older years. It prevents the aging of your body and helps you stay fit.

The Right Method of Walking to Maximize the Benefits

Here are a few pointers if you start to take up walking as a daily physical activity.

  • Get a pair of sturdy walking shoes.
  • Start by walking short distances.
  • Always choose a park or a less crowded area, preferably with greener lawns/pastures for walking.
  • Drink plenty of water before you start walking.
  • Always wear loose clothing and most importantly cotton clothing that allows your skin to breathe.
  • Start by walking at your average pace as a warm-up exercise and then brisk walk.
  • Time your walking for at least 30 minutes to utilize the benefits of walking.

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Precautions to Follow

  • It is safe to walk during pregnancy, but ensure your doctor gives you a green signal as some pregnancies have certain complications.
  • Do not start walking when you are ill.
  • It is advised to walk after surgeries to get your body going, but do not extend it to physical activities right after surgery.
  • Make sure you walk in a joggers track or areas meant for pedestrians.
  • Avoid walking outdoors during peak summers as it might dehydrate you.

All our lifestyle disorders are due to a lack of physical activity. Doctors recommend at least half an hour of activity every day to lead a healthy life. Out of all exercises and methods to be healthy, the health benefits of walking outshine everything else. It doesn’t need any special preparation or gears; this is just good to go. Just ensure to wear appropriate clothing so that it doesn’t get uncomfortable when you sweat, and then you are good to go. Walk every day and live a healthy life.


1. Where Do I Walk If There Are No Parks Around?

Walking doesn’t require a specified location; walking at home will give you the same benefits as walking in a park. Walk for 25-30 minutes every day. You can also add some freehand stretches for better functioning of your body.

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