Will Regular Exercise Help You to Get Rid of Depression Quickly?

Updated on February 20th, 2020

Depression is one of the most common disorder which can affect both the mental and physical health of a person. Exercise is not only about your physique, solid structure and the extra pump in your muscles.

There is something more that drives many people to exercise on a regular basis. Those who regularly exercise experience an enormous amount of well-being. They feel more energetic and have a feel of freshness in their body, are able to relax better and also get a good night’s sleep. It is really a powerful way of improving your mental fitness and condition.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that regular exercise for depression reduces the risk of depression by 26%. It also has a significant effect on anxiety, stress, memory, ADHD, etc.

Just like an anti-depressant medicine, exercise can also have the same effect of suppressing depression. Even doing 15 minutes of exercise every day can bring significant changes to your life. So what can be a better way to deal with depression?

In this article, we will talk in details about how regular exercise can help you to get rid of depression.

Did You Know!

  • Regular exercise can really help you to improve your memory. Those who do a modest amount of exercise everyday experience better brain power.
  • Exercise has a positive effect on the metabolic system. The more you exercise every day, your overall body performance increases brilliantly.
  • Exercise provides you with more confidence. Those who regularly exercise for even 15 minutes have a more confident attitude..

What is the best exercise for depression?

Exercise for Depression

The latest report from the Journal of Sport and Exercise(1) Psychology it is discovered that exercise promotes happy emotions. In the real world, there are limitless options when you want to exercise almost every day. So here are some amazing exercises for depression that are very effective.

1. Running

Possibly one of the easiest, yet the most effective exercise you can carry out. Aerobic and cardio exercises provide better relief from depression. Regular jogging or running of 20-30 minutes can reduce symptoms of depression. Running helps you to stimulate the chemicals in your brain and as a result, you feel refreshed.

2. Yoga

Practicing yoga is one of the best ways to combat depression. Yoga effectively helps to eliminate depression, stress, and anxiety. Regular yoga sessions provide your body and mind with excellent anti-depressant benefits. When you can concentrating on your yoga postures, your negative thoughts tend to break. Thus, a balance in your mind is restored in a positive manner.

3. Tai Chi

A popular Chinese exercise, Tai Chi offers benefits similar to that of yoga. 15 minutes of daily Tai chi helps to break negative thoughts and combat depression efficiently. The slow and steady movements improve your concentration and allow your body to relax in a gentle manner.

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4. Walking

Walking for 20-30 minutes at a steady pace will help you to reduce depression(2). Besides running, walking is also an aerobic exercise. That is why you feel much better and your mind is able to relax. Many people will not pay much attention to walking. But always remember that it is better to do something than absolute doing nothing.

So carrying out these exercises regularly will surely help you to tackle depression. These exercises are not only good for your fitness but very beneficial for your mind also.

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How regular exercise helps to combat depression?

Mental challenges are a part of everyone’s life. Many times, a certain incident can leave a huge impact on your life. But you need to cope with it and stand your ground. Exercise for depression is just the right step you need to take. Regular exercise is a lot like an investment to your body and mind which will provide good return one day.

Exercise helps to promote different changes in the brain which includes reduced inflammation and release of endorphins. These help you to remain calm and feel confident. Endorphins energize your body and break negative thoughts. So your depression comes under control and it becomes much easier to lead your life.

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Do’s and Don’t’s of Regular Exercise

Even though regular exercise is important and beneficial, there are some Do’s and Don’ts you need to remember. Have a look at them in this segment.

Do’s –

  • Always choose an exercise which you feel comfortable to carry out. This will ensure that you have fun and you will not get bored.
  • Do your exercise with your partner or friends if you want to. This way you can also socialize with them which will help to control depression.
  • Keep your body hydrated when you are exercising. Drink ample water before starting.
  • Always warm up before starting the real exercise. This will prevent cramps and an uneasy feeling.

Donts –

  • Don’t focus only on weight loss. Concentrate on becoming fit and healthy. That’s more important.
  • Never eat when you are exercising or avoid a heavy meal before you start.
  • Do not compete or try to outperform someone else in a hasty manner. You will injure yourself.

Exercise is a very effective and natural way to deal with depression. There are many exercises for depression which we have mentioned in this article. Also, don’t forget to check the several Do’s and Don’ts to keep yourself in track and prevent any serious injury.


1. Can exercise cure depression?

Ans. Yes, exercise can cure depression. Exercise can keep you motivated and infuse positive thoughts in your mind which ultimately controls depression.

2. How long should you exercise?

Ans. The amount of time a person dedicates depends on their personal interests. But to get positive results you must exercise for at least 15-20 minutes regularly.

3. What are the best exercises for depression?

Ans. Running, walking, yoga sessions, Tai Chi, etc. are some of the most important forms of exercise for curing depression.

4. How can exercise cure depression?

Ans. Exercise helps your body to remain fit and allows the mind to divert your thoughts to something positive. You remain motivated, feel good and confident. Therefore breaking the cycle of negative thoughts and attitude.

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