10 Natural Energy-Boosting Foods That Will Keep You Energized the Whole Day!

Updated on March 15th, 2019
Energy-Boosting Foods (1)

What a great day! You have got up on time, done with your fitness schedule, had a delicious and healthy meal but wait, why are you still feeling dull? Are you craving for some sugar boosters to get your energy back? Stop and read this instead to find out how you can replenish your energy and get more through food without hampering your health mantra!

Do you know increasing energy highly depends on the type and quantity of food you intake? But don’t all foods produce energy for the body? Yes! But only some have nutrients that amplify energy levels and keep you active throughout the day.

Read ahead as we tell you how nutrition benefits your system and which ten foods can help get instant energy for greater productivity throughout the day.

  1. Nutrition Impacts
  2. Foods that Enhance Productivity
  3. Tips that Can Give a Headstart
  4. Precautions

Areas where Nutrition Impacts Directly to Enhance your Daily Life

  • Energy level: The more nutritious food you take, the more energy will get boosted which helps in skimming you through the day with enthusiasm. Nutritious food gives you a higher amount of strength, and the only thing is you need to enforce that into your daily life.
  • Weight: Body Mass Index (BMI) plays a vital role in determining your body index. Keep your nutrition right to maintain your weight. It is advisable to make the best choices regarding what to consume.
  • Aging: Do you want to look the way you are even after growing older every year? Then it is time to add some nutritious food to your diet. Some say that exercise and maintaining diet can fight the signs of aging but implementing nutrition food is nothing better than anything.
  • Brain function: Including vegetables in your diet doesn’t improve brain functioning to that extent. But it can be well achieved by including nutritious foods like nuts, seeds, and avocados, etc. to boost brain power.
  • Immunity: Having a healthy immune system is imperative to get a sound and healthy body. A nutritious diet serves the purpose to enhance your resistance to keep you with the best of energy for the whole day. Including food containing Vitamin A, B2, B6, C, D, E increases immunity in the body.

Top 10 Foods that Enhance Productivity and Energy Levels:

  1. Blueberries
  2. Salmon
  3. Green tea
  4. Dark chocolate
  5. Nuts
  6. Avocados
  7. Water
  8. Bananas
  9. Eggs
  10. Brown Rice

Food is the spine of life, and if you eat healthily you are directly working towards enhancing your concentration, memory power, and it also helps to keep your mood stable. So it is best to fill good fuel into your body by taking a diet rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

1. Blueberries:

Blue berry for energy

Blueberries top the foods list that works the best for your body. They contain antioxidants that help to enhance the immunity of your body. These even assist in acquiring a flat tummy and control your carvings. Blueberries develop cognitive capacity.

Blueberries even prevent acquiring of diseases in the future. It is said that the darker color of the berry signifies that it has a higher antioxidant concentration. These antioxidants also help to increases productivity and energy levels.

2. Salmon:



Fatty fishes are the best in increasing energy levels, and salmon is one amongst the top listers. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is best in increasing memory power. It even leads to decreasing depression and is connected to numerous health benefits like reducing inflammation and improving heart health.

3. Green tea:

reen tea is a likely energy developer containing no adverse effects. Green tea is the most effective to amplify the energy levels in the body and increases the feeling of being active. Taking a cup of green tea in the morning fills your whole day with more energy.

According to research, green tea enhances your controlling power on the brain. Taking green tea helps in increasing memory, reducing depression and makes you more alert towards your surroundings. Green tea also aids in avoiding the occurrence of constant fatigue.

4. Dark chocolate:

All that has sugar is not harmful to the body. Yes! You read it right. Dark chocolate works best in increasing focus and energy levels as the caffeine present in dark chocolate aids to improve your attention power and imparts higher productivity level. Dark chocolate even contains magnesium which is a natural stress buster.

Take a quarter part of the dark chocolate to experience the great taste along with boosting the energy levels. It develops your capacity to learn new things and increases memory power. You can take it as the part of snacks and remember to take it in moderation.

5. Nuts:


A healthy diet is not complete without nuts, and that holds for dual reasons. For beginners, nuts are the best source of protein which helps to maintain good health. You can include nuts in your diet since they have the right fat content and best antioxidants which help to avoid diseases commencing into the body.

Nuts are high in amino acids and vitamin E that aids in improving the memory power naturally and even boost the brain power.

6. Avocados:

Avocados help to establish a better blood circulation that strengthens the essential organs of the body namely heart and the brain along with others. These contain stimulants which develop the blood flow and are the most excellent way to fire up the brain cells. Avocados are also rich in healthy fats that increase memory power and focus.

7. Water:

You cannot count water in the league of foods as it is the elixir of life. It plays a vital role in enhancing energy levels and proactive capacity of the body. All the functions of the body perform well if you drink an adequate amount of water. Dehydration occurs due to deficiency of water in the body which eventually may lead to severe health consequences if not checked in time.

It is advisable to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water in a day. Drinking enough water helps to replenish your lost energy and even aids your thinking abilities.

8. Bananas:

Bananas are a powerhouse of instant energy. They function in the same manner as glucose. One banana is sufficient to replenish your lost energy and helps to revitalize mood swings as well. It is rich in potassium, calcium and vitamin B12 that make it the most exquisite food for efficient people. Research had shown that eating a banana before cycling improves the performance. It is famous not only amongst athletes and physically fit people but also acts as a hunger rescuer when hunger pangs strike you.

9. Eggs:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so taking eggs in your breakfast helps in improving brain performance. They help to enhance the energy level of the body and also in establishing instant reactions towards activities. Vitamin B in eggs assists in effectively operating the brain sensors. Since eggs are rich in protein, eating eggs for breakfast helps you to stay active all day.

10.Brown Rice:

Brown rice is a healthier option of rice that also acts as a stress buster. It is rich in magnesium, vitamins and other minerals that make it a storehouse of health and energy. Its high fibrous content aids the digestive system too. It is popular among people who love rice but also want to lose weight. It makes you feel full for long curbing the desire to eat between meals.

6 Incredible Tips that Can Give a Headstart To Your Day

  1. Get an early start: With the increasing intensity of work and constant functional hours in a day, many people start feeling exhausted reaching halfway through the day. Hence it is imperative to have an early start as morning energy helps to drive your day with ease.
  2. Sleep full and deep: Lack of sleep affects your energy level directly and make you feel tired in less amount of time, therefore; it is advisable to sleep for a minimum of 7 hours a day. But some may require less than that whereas some need more sleep depending on the health status. It is best to avoid mobile phones when you go to bed because it hinders your sleep quality adversely.
  3. Spend quality time with yourself: Experiencing stress leads to a tired attitude towards your daily activities and work whereas a reduction in anxiety increases the inbuilt energy of your body. So it is better to relax, read a book or spend some time with yourself taking a walk to eliminate stress. But if you still feel stressed and having high anxiety, it is better to seek medical help.
  4. Move your muscles through exercise: Exercise every day as it eliminates problems like stress, anxiety and even reduces the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity, etc. Start your day with a minimum of 30 minutes work out regime as it will make you active throughout the day.
  5. Enhance the quality of your diet: If you feel tired and get exhausted soon, then make changes in your diet. Your body requires fuel to be active hence taking nutritious food maintains your body with the best functioning.
  6. Avoid sugar to the max: Sugar is one of the reasons that make your body feels tired as foods with high sugar content will raise your blood pressure quickly. Taking sugar in large quantity even increases obesity, diabetes, and heart disease so taking less sugar is best for your health. Switch to healthy sugar alternatives to amplify your energy level.

Precautions to be taken to amplify energy levels:

  • Plan a healthy diet that includes all types of food. Do not limit it to just energy boosting foods as every nutrient is essential for a healthy body.
  • Always consult your doctor before starting any particular type of diet as any prevalent deficiency or condition might get worse if not planned properly.
  • Be careful about the physical activities and exercises and start with the simple ones that do not strain your muscles but gradually improve your strength.
  • Maintain your diet with few servings and add a few healthy habits into your diet that boosts the energy level and productivity.

But now this article has made you well-versed with the benefits of including these superfoods in your diet. They not only are beneficial for a healthy body but also help you fight many diseases in the long run. Practicing these habits helps you perform better at work along with enhancing your thinking abilities. Well, nothing is better than an energetic day that ends on a note of good health.

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