5 Amazing Benefits of Using Apple Cider Vinegar for Dandruff Removal

Updated on December 17th, 2019
How to cure dandruff

Is that irritating dandruff making you ditch a date with your friends? Or, have you been taunted for the dry skin flakes that fall on your shoulders? Dandruff makes your life difficult. It almost ruins your social life and keeps you away from your friends’ circle. Although there are multiple ways to get rid of dandruff, the cost you have to pay for them is even more painful. So, why not go for home remedies to treat dandruff? Bring an end to all your concerns with an amazing solution for dandruff- the apple cider vinegar. You can learn how to employ apple cider vinegar for dandruff treatment in various ways to ward it off permanently.

  1. What is dandruff?
  2. ACV for Dandruff
  3. DIY Shampoo
  4. Precaution

Do you know what dandruff is?

Hair dandruff is a mild skin condition that accompanies the appearance of skin flakes on your hair and scalp. It undoubtedly creates a situation of embarrassment for the sufferer as it often becomes noticeable when falls on shoulders. Itching is synonymous to dandruff.

appearance of skin flakes on hair and scalp

What causes dandruff?

The exact reason behind dandruff(1) is unknown. Many theories concerning the causes of dandruff relate it to hormonal changes. However, some scientific studies have come out with some common triggers of dandruff. These include:

  • Dry skin
  • Allergy to certain hair products
  • Skin conditions like eczema
  • Excessive growth of a yeast-like fungus owing to stress, lack of immunity or too much oil

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What are the signs and symptoms of dandruff?

The common symptoms of dandruff include:

  • White flakes of dead skin in hair
  • Itchiness on scalp
  • Red, scaly scalp

What can apple cider vinegar (ACV) do for dandruff cure?

Apple cider vinegar is a miraculous solution which is full of health benefits. You can rely on ACV for getting relief from a sore throat, kidney stones, UTI, and the list goes on. Moreover, you can trust ACV for being the best home remedies for dandruff. It’s known for its outstanding capacity to fight against dandruff. The strong-smelling vinegar works tremendously well in removing dandruff from your scalp.

Getting rid of dandruff is a kind of litmus test for many of you. But, it’s not so anymore as you can cash in on apple cider vinegar for dandruff relief. The merits of apple cider vinegar for dandruff cure will help you get a better understanding of the vinegar.

5 Extraordinary Utilities of Apple Cider Vinegar to Beat Dandruff

  • Sometimes, dandruff surfaces due to fungal infection. ACV boasts of terrific antifungal properties in its kitty. These amazing traits of apple cider vinegar help to keep your scalp in a healthy condition
  • Apple cider vinegar helps to maintain the natural pH of your scalp. This feature of apple cider vinegar is crucial for a healthy scalp as sometimes an imbalanced pH leads to dandruff
  • The use of chemical-based shampoos along with exposure to pollution results in the product build-up on the scalp. ACV(2) fosters removal of this product build-up. It also infuses a thorough cleansing of your scalp
  • Dandruff comes with itching and inflammation on the scalp. ACV with its anti-inflammatory properties helps to heal your scalp with a soothing sensation
  • An oily scalp can also give rise to scalp flaking. The incredible apple cider vinegar helps to maintain a perfect oil balance on the scalp

A List of Interesting Ways to Employ Apple Cider Vinegar for Dandruff Removal

The unprocessed apple cider vinegar contains the ‘mother.’ This constituent of ACV works wonderfully in normalizing the pH of your scalp. Mother contains the antimicrobial enzymes which kill the bacteria and fungus that cause bacteria.

There are multiple ways in which you can employ apple cider vinegar for dandruff cure. The home remedies using apple cider vinegar for dandruff removal can help you immensely, and you can say goodbye to the itchy scalp once and for all.

How to use apple cider vinegar for dandruff – 5 Methods

1. Magical massage of undiluted ACV to remove dandruff

ACV for dandruff

If you are not allergy-prone or if your skin is not too sensitive, this method is just for you.


  • In a bowl, pour half a cup of raw, undiluted ACV
  • Divide your hair into two parts
  • Use a cotton ball to apply the vinegar to your scalp and hairlines
  • Cover your head with a warm towel and leave it for an hour
  • Wash your hair using lukewarm water
  • Avoid using shampoo

2. ACV anti-dandruff spray


  • Mix one-third of a cup of vinegar(ACV) in a small spray bottle
  • To this add two tbsp of raw honey and 4 tbsp of distilled water
  • Shake the bottle well after closing its nozzle
  • Partition your hair in multiple sections and spray the solution
  • Cover the hair with a shower cap
  • After 15 minutes, rinse off with cold water
  • Finally, wash your hair using a herbal shampoo

3. Coconut milk and ACV to cure dandruff

Coconut Milk And ACV To Cure Dandruff


  • Five tbsp of coconut milk
  • One tbsp of apple cider vinegar
  • Six tbsp of the gel of aloe vera
  • One cup water


  • Take a bowl and mix aloe vera gel with the coconut milk to make a paste
  • Wet the hair and massage this mixture on your hair and scalp
  • Leave it untouched for five minutes
  • Rinse with water
  • Dilute the apple cider vinegar with water and rinse the hair with this solution
  • Avoid any further rinsing of hair

4. Neem and apple cider vinegar for dandruff

Neem And Apple Cider Vinegar For Dandruff


  • In a small pan add one cup of water and add ten neem leaves(3)
  • Boil the water and leave it to simmer for ten to twelve minutes
  • Allow the mixture to cool at room temperature
  • Now take three tbsp of powder of fenugreek seeds in a bowl and ACV to get a paste
  • Add the fenugreek paste to the strained neem water and stir well
  • Apply this liquid to your wet hair and massage your scalp
  • After 10 minutes, rinse with regular water
  • After washing your hair with quality shampoo, condition it

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5. Chamomile tea and apple cider vinegar for dandruff

Chamomile Tea And ACV For Dandruff


  • To a cup of chamomile tea add a tbsp of apple cider vinegar
  • Wash your hair
  • Now rinse your hair with this chamomile and vinegar solution
  • Don’t wash your hair further

A Fantastic DIY Shampoo with Apple Cider Vinegar for Dandruff Removal

Commercial shampoos are full of chemicals and harmful substances. You should have no qualms in accepting that these chemicals cause more harm than good. Indulge yourself in making this astonishing apple cider vinegar shampoo at home.


  • A quarter of a cup of olive oil
  • Two tbsp of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar
  • Four tbsp of liquid castile soap
  • Two drops of lemon essential oil
  • One tablet of crushed aspirin


  • In a container add apple cider vinegar and crushed aspirin
  • Add liquid soap to this
  • To this add olive oil and lemon essential oil
  • With the help of an electric blender, mix the ingredients
  • Pour the solution into an empty shampoo bottle

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A Word of Caution Before Using Apple Cider Vinegar for Dandruff

  • Always use apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse after dilution with water as ACV is highly acidic and may cause irritation and burning sensation on your scalp
  • Always perform a patch test before using apple cider vinegar for dandruff
  • Also, be sure that no vinegar reaches your eyes
  • Always make sure to use small quantities of apple cider vinegar. An excess of apple cider vinegar can drain away the natural oils of your scalp.
  • Make sure to apply oil to your hair on a regular basis while using apple cider vinegar to prevent the hair from getting brittle

Dandruff is a common condition. Generally, people relate it to poor hygiene and failure to maintain healthy hair. These factors do affect the occurrence of dandruff, but there are several other factors as well. The market is full of hair products which claim to remove dandruff in no time. These hair products are not only costly but also hamper your hair texture. Excess of chemicals proves harmful in the long run.

Apple cider vinegar for dandruff is the best thing you can use to get rid of dandruff quickly. These convenient and easy-to-use natural remedies of dandruff will give you relief from the scaly scalp and leave you with healthy looking hair. Since you are well aware of all the ins and outs on how to use apple cider vinegar for dandruff removal, employ these fantastic methods and kick out dandruff from your life.

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