Top 15 Health Benefits of Endives

Updated on July 15th, 2019
endive benefits

Natural remedies are always preferable than allopath or any other kind of medications. Mother Nature has all the answers to our questions, ailments, and well-being. She nurtures us and heals us in her natural way. Our ancestors had the wisdom to understand the benefits of plant-based treatment, and oriental people named it as Ayurveda.

Among a lot of plants, today we will talk about the benefits of Endives. Endives gained its popularity because of its health-boosting essential components.

Belgian endive was unknown to mankind, and it was discovered around in 1830 by Jan Lammers of Belgium, who forgot that he’d kept chicory roots in his warm vault. He later found that the roots had sprouted, producing an “innovative” type of green with wide, whitish, flavorful leaves. Familiarized in Paris in 1872, the popular new vegetable was called “white gold.”

Endives: An Overview

To elaborately talk about the benefits of endives or uses of endives, we must know about the plant a bit. Endive is a leafy vegetable and grows in the Mediterranean region. The taste of Endive is bitter, but the benefits are like nectar. The inner leaves of endives are relatively sweeter. The plant is a member of Daisy or Asteraceae family. It is mainly a cool weather plant. Apart from being nutrition rich vegetable, endive is known for its robust flavor.

Endives (1) are suitable to be mixed in smoothies or salads, just like lettuce. It has similarity with lettuce. It can be tenderly cooked as well like green leafy spinach.

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What Are the Endives Nutritional Composition That Makes It Stand Out?


Let us start with the variety of minerals, endives have. Starting from Iron to zinc, magnesium to potassium, calcium to thiamin, endives are the natural mine of all these health-boosting mineral.

Our body needs antioxidants to function correctly and to prevent the life-threatening diseases, and the primary sources of antioxidants are Vitamin A, and C. Endives are full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Apart from that, it is also dense in vitamin E, P and K. The phytochemicals of endives lowers cholesterol level. It also has essential amino acid, folic acid, saturated fat, and folate.

But remember, overcooking endives may decrease the nutritional value of the plant, and you will not get the benefits of endive. So consuming it raw or in the smoothie is better. Here is a list and ratio of major nutrients of endives

Dietary fiber 8 gm
Folic acid 5%
Pantothenic acid 4%
Iron 9 mg
Niacin 4 mg
Potassium 9 mg
Thiamin 5 mg
Vitamin 8%
Vitamin A 2%
Vitamin K 4%

Top 15 Benefits of Endives that Can Boost Your Health in Every Way

So, now you know about the necessary information of endives, where it grows, how it tastes and the compositions as well. But you need to know about the benefits of endives to become its real fan. Here are 15 Endive health benefits:

  1. Endives deeply and effectively detoxify your liver and flush out toxins from the liver. To get the ultimate detoxification, have it raw or make a green smoothie or make endive salad. It keeps your gallbladder healthy and maintains the Bile secretion. Bile is the one which supports the functioning of the liver. If you do not flush out the toxins from your body, then the organs of your body will start reacting and will eventually dysfunction.
  2. Endives are great for a healthy pregnancy because endives are full of folic acid which are always recommended by physicians for the expectant mothers. Nutrients are necessary for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, so the inclusion of endives in the diet chart of a pregnant woman is beneficial. But a would-be mother should always talk to her doctor before changing any diet on her own.
  3. It is our collective tendency to ignore oral health.  But all the major issues start from our mouth. The accumulation of bacteria inside our mouth is the onset of internal infection and many other damaging troubles. Endives are great for maintaining oral health because it is full of antibacterial properties which kills bacteria ruthlessly.
  4. Endives can prevent and slow down age-related memory deficiency and problems like Alzheimer. The minerals and antioxidant properties of endives help the brain cells and tissues to function well which is necessary for psychological health.
  5. Endives can boost eye health, fight poor eyesight and cure eye related issues.
  6. Endives also stimulate better digestion because of dietary fibers. It can ease persisting constipation and give you comfort from indigestion.
  7. If you have asthma, then include endive and feel the gradual healing. The anti-inflammatory ingredients of endive can help you, and the respiratory issues can go away.
  8. Endives are magical for high cholesterol. They do not have extra fat and can process the food accordingly to lower your high cholesterol level.
  9. The acids and enzymes present in endives can prevent the gallstone issue.
  10. Endives are full of Vitamin E, so skin loves endives. Your skin and hair will thank you if you start consuming endives.
  11. Anorexics will be amazed once they start eating endives. It improves digestion, and the taste will remove the tastelessness you generally feel all the time.
  12. Because of its detoxifying agent problems like acne and other skin diseases, bloating and toxin-related muscles can also be healed.
  13. Endives are good for losing fat because it does not contain extra fat. It flushes out the toxins, improves digestion and treats constipation.
  14. Endives are a boon for diabetic people because this magic plant is rich in insulin.
  15. Endives can treat anemia. So make a green smoothie with parsley, celery, and endive and see the result.

There are many more health benefits of endives, but the points mentioned above are the major and primary ones.

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Versatile Ways to Incorporate Endives in the Daily Diet

As we have already, said overcooking or over boiling of endives can decrease the nutrients or food value of this plant. To get the benefits of endives (2), try adding it to your smoothies or salads.

  • Try a Smoothie Made of Parsley, Celery, and Endives. The Green Smoothie Is a Detoxifying, Anti-Inflammatory and an Excellent Source of Anti-Oxidants.
  • You can add endive petals in your regular burgers and sandwiches. It will increase the taste and promote health as well.
  • Serve endive petals with goat cheese, smoked salmon, shrimp, sprouts or spicy walnut. It will just add a different and new flavor which you will undoubtedly enjoy.

Tips While Using Endives for Consumption

endive salad
Image: ShutterStock

If you are about to include endives in your daily diet, then keep in mind the following tips:

  • Always wash the vegetable well and thoroughly. Because it is a leafy vegetable, and often accumulates dirt and sand from nature.
  • Try to consume it fresh to get the benefits of endive in a significant amount.
  • Do not over consume it. Overdoing anything is never recommended. So have it moderately.
  • Cut off the stem and remove yellowish or discolored leaves.
  • Do not store endives for more than four days in the refrigerator.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using Endives

Our body needs to adjust to a sudden change. If you are determined to consume it to get the benefits of endives then you need to keep in mind a few things:

  • Though we have explained its health benefits for expectant mothers, but talk to your doctor first.
  • Do not have alcohol or smoke after consuming endives because Vitamin A and tobacco or alcohol reaction can be damaging. Maintain a gap of 6 hours before/after consumption of endives.
  • If your body glucose level is already low then moderately have endives as it is rich in natural insulin
  • Underweight, then talk to your dietician first, as it can increase your metabolism.

If you want a healthy life, the lifestyle and dietary change is the only savior. Moderate workout and few superfoods like endives will make you less dependent on medicines. And as the wise men say, prevention is better than cure. And endives can address and prevent almost all the major health issues of this millennium. Be thankful and show your gratitude to Mother Nature for such a gift.

So add it in your diet and get the benefits of endives to wake up with better health every day.

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