5 Foods for the Prevention & Treatment of Osteoporosis

Updated on January 2nd, 2020
diet for osteoporosis

In the modern era, every one entirely busy schedule the whole day. Therefore they eat whatever is accessible in hustle-bustle. Many times they are dependent on packed or ready food products that contain a high amount of salt and other preservatives that harm the health.

Due to improper and untimely eating habits, our body is surrounded by different dangerous disorders, out of which one is osteoporosis. This condition is most prevalent in women as compared to men.

Osteoporosis is a condition or disease in which your body suffers from the loss of bone tissues. As a result, you have weaker bones, and the tendency of new bone formation also decreases with the duration of time. This disease has several adverse effects on health, causing joint pains, bone fractures, and frequent leg pain.

These issues can be cured if addressed on time but can cause serious health problems if untreated. Therefore several home remedies and foods are available, which can be included in daily diet to overcome the problem and prevent the condition of osteoporosis.


Around 10 million people in the US have osteoporosis, while 44 million have low bone density, thus increasing the risk of developing this condition. 8.9 million fractures are caused due to osteoporosis annually. Experts believe that one in two women and one in four men break their bones due to osteoporosis (1).

Diet for Osteoporosis

1. Calcium-Rich Foods


Calcium and vitamin D play an active role in building strong and dense bones when you are young and keep them healthy and energetic as you grow old. Besides bone-building, calcium also helps our muscles to contract, blood to clot, and helps our heart to beat. 99% of the calcium is present in bones and teeth. The body loses calcium through hair, nails, sweat, and urine, and the body is unable to produce its calcium(2). Therefore our body uses calcium from the food we eat.

Calcium is necessary to carry out various functions in the body; hence, the body requires an adequate amount of it daily. If we eat food which is in calcium such as cheese, milk, yogurt, and green vegetables daily, it provides you the calcium required by the body.

Typically our body requires 1000mg- 1200 mg of calcium daily. It means if you drink milk twice a day and take yogurt and green vegetables daily.

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2. Fish

Fishes are beneficial for our bodies. Fishes are highly rich in vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and omega-three fatty acids. Some variety of fishes such as salmon, sardines contain vitamin D and omega-three fatty acids, which helps the body to use calcium and also aids in healthy bones. Therefore fishes are suitable for fulfilling the body’s calcium requirement.

In the case of fishes, you should go for canned fishes because they contain a high amount of calcium. In the process of canning, they mix small and soft bones with meat pieces that are not noticeable while eating.

Three ounces of salmon has 180 milligrams of calcium, 3 ounces of sardines has 325 milligrams of calcium, and 3 ounces of shrimp contains 125 milligram of calcium which is a high amount.

3. Fruits

Fresh Fruits health

Fruits are loaded with many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and are therefore very healthy for our body if consumed regularly. The health benefits of fruits are tremendous. It is suitable for a healthy body. It gives you glowing skin, and you stay fit and active if you have a healthy diet.

Some of the fruits like oranges, strawberries, apple, guavas, and bananas are also good for healthy bones and aid in robust bone health. As these fruits have a high amount of vitamin C or citrus fruits are helpful in bone strengthening and prevent the condition of osteoporosis(3).

Fruits should always be taken before meals, as recommended by experts. If your stomach is empty; you can have an ample quantity of fruits, which provides you innumerable health benefits. You can eat fruits as a whole and can also consume it in the form of juices. It is beneficial in both ways, but it is said to be more healthy if you have it in raw form, and as a whole fruit rather than juicing it.

One apple a day makes you healthy and active. This saying is very old, but it is true. If you consume little quantity of two-three varieties of fruit regularly, it makes you healthy and strengthens your immune system. It also prepares your body to fight with unwanted diseases at any phase of life.

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4. Vegetables

Including vegetables in our diet is a common thing from ancient days because they have several health benefits and makes our body strong and healthy. Vegetables are loaded with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which strengthens our body and aids in the proper growth and functioning of our body.

You can include vegetables in your daily diet as part of all the meals you eat in a day. Usually, all the vegetables are healthy for the body, but for strong bones, you should include Healthy, dark-green and leafy Foods, Collard Greens, Turnip Greens, and Chinese Cabbage in your diet.

One cup of cooked turnip greens provides about 200milligram of calcium, which is 20% of calcium required daily. Therefore the little amount of one vegetable as per your preference should be included in your diet regularly.

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5. Almonds

almonds for skin care

Almonds are very healthy nuts, power-packed with nutrients. Almond is useful for fit and healthy body in many ways. It contains 200mg of the daily dose of required calcium by the body, which aids in keeping the bones healthy. It is also rich in vitamin E, manganese, fiber, etc. which helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You can munch onto this nut as a snack in dried and roasted form. You can also consume almond milk, which is rich in calcium and beneficial for healthy bones and prevents osteoporosis conditions.

One glass of almond milk or a handful of almonds as a snack provides 200mg of calcium required by the body daily. Therefore including almonds in the daily diet prevents the condition of osteoporosis and reduces its risks.

Including fruits, vegetables, fish, milk, and other calcium-rich products in our daily diet plan, can help avoid the condition of osteoporosis, and other ailments as deficiency of calcium can cause other health hazards also. This diet helps the body in absorbing calcium, vitamin D, and other essential nutrients required by our body to perform the necessary functions.

If your calcium intake is not fulfilled after taking these foods, you can also opt for calcium supplements that are readily available in the market. You should take it as per the advice of your physician for a specific duration of time.

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1. What Are Home Remedies Useful for Osteoporosis?

Useful home remedies for osteoporosis

  • Consumption of adequate amounts of milk.
  • You should avoid Smoking.
  • Exercise should be done regularly under proper guidance.
  • You should also avoid the consumption of alcohol.
  • Include nuts, fruits, and vegetables in your daily diet.

2. What Foods Should Be Avoided for Osteoporosis?

Food to be avoided for osteoporosis include

  • Wheat Bran
  • Avoid consuming caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea, or take it in a limited amount.
  • Alcohol should be taken in a limited amount.
  • Avoid eating foods that have a high amount of salt, such as packed or canned food.
  • Avoid having beans and legumes.
  • Soft drinks are also harmful.
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