Just Use Curry Leaves to Ward off Your Hair Care Worries!

Updated on December 20th, 2019
curry leaves for hair

Are you facing hair fall? Is the fear of thinning hair driving you to expensive cosmetic clinics? Don’t worry, for the solution to your hair problems is a kitchen herb. Try curry leaves for hair fall and solve the problem permanently.

Many times, hair fall is not only related to follicle health but leads to follicular problems and scalp issues in the long run. Hair growth is also impacted when hair follicles get clogged. It’s not surprising that you have to comb tangled and unruly hair, which loses its volume in time. Consider how beauty products come loaded with chemicals.

Of course, the human scalp may be naturally oily, but pollution only harms hair growth further. With so many issues, how can we safeguard hair growth? Turn to curry leaves and prepare to be amazed by the healing properties of this antioxidant-rich natural remedy.

Why Use Curry Leaves?

curry leaves

Curry leaves are teeming with antioxidants. This natural remedy moisturizes the scalp while removing dead hair follicles. Curry leaves are an excellent source of beta carotene and protein, which form the basis of keratin to prevent hair thinning and hair loss.

Curry leaves are also enriched with amino acids(1) for strengthening the follicles and ensuring they are healthy. Curry leaves/ sweet neem leaves are used in so many Indian dishes to add flavor and aroma, besides offering hair health benefits.

1. Treats Hair Damage

One of the most significant ways curry leaves can solve hair issues is by treating hair damage. Chemicals and additives in hair products and excess pollution cause hair follicles to be clogged, resulting in weak, dull, and damaged hair. This further causes hair loss. Curry leaves are useful as they assist in scalp restoration, helping hair follicles to breathe and strengthening them.

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2. Reduce Hair Fall and Thinning

Hair loss may occur due to a lack of proper diet, inadequate protein, and poor hair care. Curry leaves reduce hair loss and improve hair growth through nutrients like beta carotene and protein. These leaves are rich in antioxidants and amino acids, which moisturize the scalp and strengthen the hair follicles.

3. Averts Dandruff

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Curry leaves also remove dead hair follicles, the reason behind dandruff. You can end up losing up to 70 hair strands daily. But in unusual cases, it could be higher. Dandruff and other infections can be averted through antioxidant-rich curry leaves.

These leaves strengthen the hair follicles, moisturize hair strands, and improve the scalp’s blood circulation. Further, they help to prevent hair loss. Vitamins B present in the curry leaves strengthen hair shafts too.

Curry leaves are also known for their anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. When tried on the scalp, these properties help to fend off dandruff and minor infections on the scalp. A sensitive scalp can be treated using these magical leaves, as well.

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4. Prevent Hair Graying

Gray hair(2) is often the result of genetic factors, smoking, stress, and alcohol. Curry leaves are a rich and vital source of vitamin B, restoring hair color by nourishing and strengthening the roots. With durable and long hair, you are not always guaranteed black color, too. So, if you want to prevent graying, it’s time to stock up on curry leaves. Curry leaves further nourish the hair, boosting melanin production, which prevents premature graying.

A word of caution, though. Do check you are not allergic to curry leaves by performing a patch test. Ensure you do not consume the seeds, for they are poisonous.

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DIY Hair Recipes Using Curry Leaves

1. Coconut and Curry Leaf Hair Tonic

Use Coconut Oil

Ingredients Needed

  • A couple of fresh curry leaves
  • A couple of tablespoons of coconut oil.


  • Place the coconut oil in a saucepan. Add curry leaves to the simmering oil.
  • Heat this oil, till a dark residue is formed on the leaves.
  • Ensure you stand a distance away from the stove, because the oil may sting.
  • Once the leaves darken a bit around the edges, turn the flame off.
  • Let the mixture/tonic cool before straining it.
  • Then, apply this coconut oil and curry leaf paste onto your hair.
  • Massage the scalp using fingertips while applying the oil.
  • Concentrate on the tips and roots of the hair strands.
  • Leave the paste on for 60 minutes, before rinsing it with a shampoo.


Coconut oil is famous for its moisturizing and lubricating properties. It is excellent to lubricate and nourish the hair. Oil infused with such nutrients like MCFA when combined with curry leaves results in a potent hair tonic. The mixture is rich in a particular B vitamin, vitamin B6, which strengthens the hair shafts and roots and curbs hair loss.

Massage your scalp using this herbal tonic twice or thrice every seven days before a hair-wash and restore your damaged tresses to their previous glory. Regular oiling and scalp stimulation boost the rate at which hair grows.

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2. Yogurt and Curry Leaf Hair Mask

Women with Hair Mask

Ingredients Needed

  • A couple of curry leaves.
  • 3-4 tablespoons of yogurt.


  • Throw the curry leaves into a blender till it forms a thick mixture.
  • Add one tablespoon of this curry paste to the yogurt.
  • Mix these two ingredients to the paste is consistent.
  • Use this paste as a hair mask and ensure your hair is covered from root to end.
  • Leave this on for thirty minutes and then wash it off with a shampoo.
  • You can even use milk instead of yogurt for the same effect.


Yogurt/curd is a beautiful agent for hydrating the scalp. It removes dandruff and dead cells, leaving the scalp protected, and the hair, soft and shiny. Curry leaves also have nutrients that remove toxins from the scalp and boost follicular health. Apply this hair mask once in a single week to make hair soft and shiny, besides cooling the scalp.

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3. Recipes for Oral Consumption

Haircare is all about what you eat, as much as it is about what you put on the hair. An ideal way to use curry leaves for tackling hair fall is to make it part of your diet. Add curry leaves to rice, or gravy preparations for instant benefits for your hair. Curry leaves can also be shredded and added to smoothies and beverages like buttermilk.


Curry leaves boost follicular health by removing dead skin, grime, and dirt topically. But consuming curry leaves works just as well.  The nutrients nourish and strengthen the roots, preventing hair loss. Curry leaves are also a rich source of vitamin B, protein and beta carotene which helps in hair growth.

As one gets older, hair becomes lifeless and weak. Premature graying can be a real problem. Vitamin B content and other nutrients in curry leaves also offer exceptional value. Hair retains its luster and color longer. Curry leaves help to battle free radical damage.

They keep your hair healthy. Improve the elasticity and tensile strength of hair. Damaged hair gets moisture and nourishment, retaining power and luster. Combatting hair fall is easy using these wondrous curry leaves. So, don’t waste a single minute. Try these fantastic recipes for hair growth today and restore your crowning glory to its true beauty.

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