How to Vanish Your Embrassing Cellulite with the Help of Cupping

Updated on March 4th, 2020

You love dimples, don’t you? But you wouldn’t like them on your skin all around your body. Let’s start with an understanding of what Cellulite is. When the overlying fat in the skin is pulled downwards by connective tissues to the deeper tissues, cellulite is formed. The common areas of cellulite are hips, abdomen, thighs, breasts, and buttocks. Women are more prone to cellulite than men.

Cellulite is caused due to multiple factors like hormones, weight gain, pregnancy, inactivity, etc. The appearance of the cellulite depends on the thickness of the skin. The older you get, the more it’s visible.

Although cellulite is a common condition, the treatment remains confusing and unknown to many. The best way to combat it is to opt for cupping for cellulite.

Did You Know

  • Cupping is ancient since and originated in China back in 206 BC.
  • Toxins do not cause cellulite in your body.
  • Age has no bar for cellulite. It is common in older women, but cellulite picks no age. It can happen to anyone.
  • Women are more prone to cellulite.
  • Cupping leaves painless bruising in your body. Now, who would have thought of that?

How Does Cupping Help in Cellulite?

When the fat is unmetabolized in your body, and the skin has trapped water and waste beneath it, this pushes up against the connective tissue and cellulite are formed. These waste materials give cellulite to your skin. The connective tissue provides support to other organs and body tissues.

Cupping(1) for cellulite pulls, stretches and lifts the connective tissue against the skin. This process promotes healthy blood circulation and flushes away all toxins breaking the lumps formed on your skin.

Cellulite treatment is very effective as it encourages lymph drainage and accelerates circulation.

This ancient technique involves the use of silicone cups. They work by creating vacuum pressure in your body and then place itself on your skin. A traditional massage consists in pressing of the tissues, but this old age technique involves gentle suction in lifting those tissues.

Cupping promotes body healing, flushing out toxins, and detoxifies your body.

However, it stands out due to its cellulite-reduction nature.

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Methods to Follow

1. Cupping Massage for Cellulite

Cupping for cellulite

This is slightly different from regular cupping. Cupping massage for cellulite involves using silicone cups for your body. In this unique treatment, the anti-vacuum cup for cellulite allows the body to detox as the lymph fluid moves to build immunity.  This movement increases blood circulation and gives radiant skin.

The therapist will move silicone cups over your muscles while lifting them and releases idle toxins in your body. It leaves no marks as the cups continue to move and are not stagnant.

This process helps in melting the fat in the connective tissue and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

2. Cupping Therapy for Cellulite

This therapy fights cellulite and reduces the appearance of them. This process involves a trained therapist to use silicone glass cups on your muscles. As the cups are positioned on your back, small papers are set on fire to create a vacuum to hold the cup.

This is one of the most ancient and conventional procedural treatments for cellulite.

Although cupping works for cellulite, the results take around three weeks to show.

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  • A  trained therapist must do cupping.
  • Cupping must always be done in a spacious, well-ventilated room.
  • Do not take a bath immediately after cupping. Try not to expose your body to a drastic change in temperature after cupping.
  • Do not cup on an empty stomach. Make sure to have a small, light meal at least 20 minutes before you start cupping for cellulite.
  • Make sure you’ve not been intoxicated before a cellulite session.
  • Ensure that all cupping instruments must be sterilized.

Cupping therapy is being used for a lot of things, and it has shown effective results in all of them. This therapy has been opted by a  lot of celebrities as well. Unlike the old days, cupping therapy involves glass or anti-cellulite vacuum cup. But these exceptional results can only be obtained if a trained therapist does it. Cupping is a fantastic way to detox your body along with treating cellulite.


1. Can Cupping for Cellulite Be Painful?

No. It is not painful. It can be slightly uncomfortable if you are new to the process as it can cause bruising, but it’s one of the best methods for a cellulite problem.

2. When Do the Results of Cupping for Cellulite Start to Appear?

Under a trained therapist, cupping for cellulite takes about three weeks to show the best outcome.

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