8 Benefits of Coconut oil for Diaper Rash

Updated on December 30th, 2019
baby diaper rash

Diaper rash is a term collectively used for all kinds of skin irritations in the diaper-covered region. It is very common in babies. However, patients or unconscious adults of any age group who use a diaper are susceptible to diaper rashes. Babies wear diapers all day long. It is the main reason why the areas under the diaper may get infected causing skin irritation.

Skin irritation is painful for the tender skin of the babies. It makes them feel uncomfortable and irritated making them cranky. Therefore, you must address the problem as soon as possible. Coconut oil for diaper rash is an excellent natural remedy to heal the inflammation.

What causes a diaper rash?

  1. Irritation of the skin covered by the diaper
  2. Skin infection due to Candida
  3. Allergic reactions to fragrances and components of the diaper.
  4. Lack of hygiene

Symptoms of diaper rash

  • The appearance of patches on the skin covered by a diaper
  • Erosion of superficial skin layers of diaper-covered skin
  • Pustules and blisters
  • Babies affected by diaper rash become uncomfortable during a diaper change.

Coconut oil for diaper rash

Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been used as a skincare product for many years. Coconut oil is gentle on the skin and thus can be used on the tender and vulnerable skin of the babies for curing diaper rash. Babies have sensitive skin. Therefore, using chemical medications on them is not safe. It is advisable to use natural substances for them which are gentle on their soft skin. Thus, coconut oil for diaper rashes is the best choice to address the problem of diaper rashes in babies.

Moreover, coconut oil is readily available in the market. It is the most abundant oil available in the market today. Getting your hands onto it is not a tough task at all.

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Why use coconut oil for diaper rashes?

Babies don’t get a diaper rash merely due to a caregiver’s negligence. It is very natural and is not escapable. Parents must not worry much about frequent diaper rashes. They are quite very normal. Diaper rash occurs in babies of 4 to 15 months of age. Diaper rash is also called diaper dermatitis(1), napkin dermatitis and ammonia dermatitis.

The most important reason why using coconut oil for diaper rashes is recommended is that it is naturally prepared and will not be harsh on the tender skin of the babies. But that is not all. Besides curing diaper rashes, it also aids the baby’s body in many other ways like:

  1. Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties that help to cleanse and nourish the baby’s body. A coconut oil massage relaxes the baby helping him/her to sleep peacefully.
  2. Coconut oil possesses moisturising properties which help the issues like baby butt rash and get rid of dry skin.
  3. The antimicrobial properties of coconut oil nourish the tender baby skin and keep it safe from infections.
  4. Coconut oil has excellent anti-fungal properties which eliminate the occurrence and spreading of fungus in the diaper-covered area.
  5. It is rich in vitamin and healthy fats that nourish the soft skin of the baby.
  6. Coconut oil prevents and cures baby acne. It contains lauric acid that kills the bacteria causing baby acne.
  7. You can also consume coconut oil after properly cooking it. It is a good source of fat and calories for babies.
  8. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help babies during teething.

How to use coconut oil for diaper rashes?

Coconut Oil benefits
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From the full range of coconut oils available for diaper rash, choose the oil perfect for your baby. Before applying the oil, clean your baby correctly. Wash the infected areas gently. Then, dry the baby’s bottom. Lay your baby on a soft towel or a blanket and leave him for some time so that the infected areas get some fresh air. Then apply the chosen variant of the coconut oil to the infected areas gently and generously.

Make sure that all the regions infected by diaper rash are covered with coconut oil. Repeat this process at regular intervals for fast and effective results.

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Dos and Don’ts

  • Choose the right oil for your baby. It is better to consult a pediatric health care professional before applying coconut oil to the genital region of the baby. Only an expert can suggest the oil perfect for your baby according to his body type.
  • Allergies can be very harmful to babies. It is better to test the coconut oil first for allergy information and then apply on the baby’s body. There are various methods to know if the baby is allergic to coconut oil or not. Consulting a health care expert will help you find out if the baby is allergic to coconut oil.
  • Store the coconut oil under the recommended storage conditions only to ensure that its efficiency is not compromised.
  • Sometimes, it is recommended to use the oil in a diluted form. Check that you dilute the oil to the exact amount.


  1. Apply the coconut oil very gently and do not rub the oil because it can irritate the baby’s skin.
  2. Follow the steps for the application of coconut oil for diaper rash properly.
  3. Do not buy any oils with synthetic smell, colour or ingredients.
  4. Use the oil in regular intervals for effective and fast results. Discontinuing the application after some time or sporadic application may not yield desired results.
  5. Always remember a baby’s skin(2) is very different from that of an adult and you must treat it with extreme care. Keep repeating this and act accordingly.

How to avoid a diaper rash

coconut oil for diaper rash
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The best way to keep your baby away from the pain of diaper rash is to prevent it. Here are some methods to avoid a diaper rash:

  1. Change the diaper at regular intervals. Never keep the diaper unchanged for a long time.
  2. Clean the baby properly and apply mild moisturizers while changing the diaper.
  3. Keep the baby without diapers for some time, so the diaper covered regions get some fresh air and do not irritate the baby.

Other home remedies for Diaper Rash

Coconut oil is not the only home remedy for diaper rash. Just in case coconut oil does not suit your baby, here are some other treatments that you may use.

1. Vinegar

It balances the highly alkaline urine that triggers a diaper rash. It thus reduces the pain due to diaper rash.

2. Baking soda

baking soda benefits baby diaper rash
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It has incredible healing properties that help cure diaper rash.

3. Petroleum jelly

Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly while changing the diaper can act as a barrier to prevent and cure diaper rash.

4. Cornstarch

It absorbs moisture and thus keeps the areas covered in diaper dry, thus preventing diaper rash.

5. Oatmeal

It has a high amount of protein that soothes the tender baby skin. It also contains saponin which acts as a protective layer for the baby.

An active baby is a healthy baby. Even a minor discomfort like a diaper rash can make them cranky and uninterested with things and people around. Parents often worry about infections caused by an untreated diaper rash. However, using a natural remedy like coconut oil can soothe the irritated skin and help it heal. Use it in the manner recommended by your health care expert and let this wonder oil work its magic.

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