Why Coconut Flour Is the Best Substitute for White Flour: Nutrition, Benefits and More

Updated on July 17th, 2019
Coconut flour nutrition

The current trend amongst people is to lead a healthy life. This has become a fad, which has impacted a massive volume of people in the last few years. From practicing different forms of exercises to adapting to various diets like a high-fiber diet, high-protein diet, low-fat diet, and low-carb diet.

One such trend that is prevailing in the market is the Keto diet, which is a no-carbs diet. With this diet, many people switched to different food products, which have a low level of carbohydrates.

Now the question is about the best flour. White flour is rich in carbohydrates(1), but for the Keto diet, it has to be replaced with the best substitute, which is Coconut Flour. The Coconut Flour is better for Health than White Flour. You know, why? Because it is low in carbohydrates, is gluten-free, and offers various different nutrients, which are best for maintaining good health.

Fast Facts About Coconut Flour

Coconut flour nutrition

Some of the fantastic and unknown facts about Coconut Flour are –

  • Coconut Flour is a rich source of Energy as 100 grams of it offers 443 calories, due to the presence of immense good fat in the Coconut Flour, which offers humongous Energy.
  • It is high in Fiber as it provides 150 percent of daily dietary Fiber, making it one of the best sources of Fiber.
  • Coconut Flour has fewer carbohydrates, especially in comparison to the white flour as it contains 60 percent carbohydrates, which is lesser than white flour that contains 72 percent carbohydrates.
  • The Coconut Flour is Gluten-free, and thus, it is the best substitute. In comparison to the wheat flour, Coconut Flour is high in protein and also, have no gluten.
  • Coconut Flour helps in maintaining blood sugar. Due to the high level of Fiber present in it, the release of glucose in the body is reduced, which helps in controlling the level of blood sugar.
  • The Coconut Flour also facilitates a healthy digestive cycle.
  • The Coconut Flour also helps in killing the different bacteria and viruses from the body, as it contains lauric acid.

Nutrition Facts Table

Coconut Flour is a rich source of nutrients, which is very helpful in providing the body with necessary and good minerals. According to professionals, a ¼ cup of Coconut Flour, which will be around 30 grams contains –

Calories 120
Carbohydrates 18 grams
Sugar 6 grams
Fiber 10 grams
Protein 6 grams
Fat 4 grams
Iron 20% (Daily Value)

The Coconut Flour also offers the body with medium-chain triglycerides also known as MCTs, along with plant-based iron. The medium-chain triglycerides is a beneficial fat, which helps in reducing weight, provides protection from harmful bacteria and viruses, and is useful in managing the problems associated with brain and heart.

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Additional Nutrients of Coconut Flour

The additional nutrients that are available in a small 28 grams serving of Coconut Flour are –

Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 13 mg 1%
Sugar 11 gram Less than 1%
Iron 5 grams 4%
Calcium 5 grams 1%

What is Coconut Flour?

With the increasing awareness about the various benefits of Coconut Flour, there has been an increase in its production. And, the product has created a considerable noise in the market amongst health-conscious people. The Coconut Flour was originated in the Philippines.

The Coconut Flour is made from the flesh of the coconut, which is dried and grounded. It is 100% natural, unsweetened, and organic. Due to these various positive attributes, the Coconut Flour contains high fiber and is extremely useful in reducing weight.

In the manufacturing process of Coconut Flour, the first step is the extraction of coconut milk. After various stages of processing like rinsing, grating, and straining. Finally, this is future baked at a low temperature, until it completely dries out, as to be grounded adequately into the flour.

The final product is a white powder, which may look similar to wheat flour(2) or white flour, but is more nutritious than the others and have a mild taste.

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Benefits of Coconut Flour

Coconut Oil

People who are health freaks should definitely know about the various benefits of Coconut Flour such as –

Coconut Flour Is Popularly Known as “Protein Powerhouse.”

The organic Coconut Flour contains more amount of protein in comparison to other flours like white flour, rye flour, wheat flour, cornmeal flour, and many others. 100 grams serving of Coconut Flour have around 14 grams of protein. For people who want to build strong muscles, this is a perfect choice.

Coconut Flour Helps in Keeping the Heart Healthy and Fit.

According to many studies and also professionals, the Coconut Flour helps in reducing the cholesterol level of the body, which helps in keeping the heart fit and healthy. This is due to the high fiber level found in the Coconut Flour.

Coconut Flour Provides Better Regulation of Blood Sugar.

One of the most common diseases people are infected with these days is diabetes. Coconut Flour is effective in fighting this problem. The Coconut Flour has a low level of glycemic index, and due to this attribute of the product, people can effectively manage their high level of blood sugar.

The biggest and the responsibility a person has is towards their health. So, replacing the unhealthy food products with better and healthy food items is paramount, especially in the current circumstances, where everything is artificially produced. The Coconut Flour is one such food item, which helps the human body in many ways.

From being a great source of nutrients to help to manage heart problems, from being really useful in the process of weight loss to becoming the best substitute of flour to gluten intolerant people. The Coconut Flour has brought a revolution in this health freak and health conscious environment, by helping people in different ways.

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