Castor Oil for Acne is an Effective Remedy which you Must Try

Updated on January 20th, 2020

Acne is always a pain. Like how a bad hair can ruin your day, the same way acne can bring down your motivation and confidence making you ultimately conscious. Acne is a skin condition of inflammation that results in spots and pimples. Acne is commonly seen among youngsters in their puberty stage.

The condition of acne is not dangerous, but it can leave behind scars. There are no known medical treatments for acne, but thankfully, you can now use natural remedies such as Castor Oil for Acne and get rid of this ailment immediately.

Causes of Acne

Some of the significant factors that cause acne include,

  • Unhealthy diet
  • Genetic reasons
  • Anxiety or stress,
  • Changing climatic conditions,
  • Menstrual cycle for women,
  • Excess oil secretion, and
  • Squeezing existing pimples.

Types of Acne

Some of the common types of acne are: –

  • Cystic Acne
  • Baby Acne
  • Back Acne
  • Adult Acne
  • Fungal Acne
  • Scalp Acne

Many health experts claim treatments that would help with acne. However, such treatment requires regular visits and can be a hole in your pocket.  Moreover, such treatment does not claim total recovery from acne issues.

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Natural oils are one of the best alternatives when compared with costly treatments provided by health experts. They help in fighting against acne also against hormones that trigger the breakout of acne. Another primary reason for face acne, scalp acne, and back acne is the clogging of pores and excess secretion oil and the presence of bacteria.

Why use Castor Oil for Acne

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Castor oil is best for acne since it helps in dissolving and removing the dead skin cells, the excess oil, bacteria and the accumulated dirt which tend to clog the pores on the skin. It has fantastic anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties which drastically help in reducing the appearance of breakouts.

One of the primary reasons for the causes of acne is excess oil secretion on the surface of the skin; castor oil contains fatty acids that keep the skin moisturized and prevented excess production of oil. This oil is also a rich source of ricinoleic acid which is the best fighter against acne.

Castor oil is a powerful laxative, a natural moisturizer promotes quick wound healing and has anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it also helps in reducing acne, fighting against infections and fungus, and much more. 

Which castor oil to use for Acne

There are different types of castor oil classified based on the processing method. Following are a few types of castor oil: –

Jamaican black castor oil: The significant difference between Jamaican castor oil and natural castor oil lies in the way its extraction has been done. Mashed and pounded castor seeds are mixed with and then slow boiling technique is used to extract this oil. The oil thus obtained is thick in consistency and has a pungent smell.

Black castor oil: It is regarded as the purest form of castor oil as it undergoes minimal processing during production. The black color is a result of some impurities remaining after extraction.

Cold pressed castor oil: The extraction of this oil takes place using the cold pressing method. This process ensures that the oil thus obtained is pure and potent. It also ensures that all the properties of the oil are intact. It is lighter and thinner as compared to other types of castor oil.

Organic Castor Oil: As the name suggests, this oil is organic, i.e. free from all types of artificial or synthetic preservatives.

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How to use castor oil for acne

One way to prevent acne is to maintain the pH balance of the skin. The best way is to apply castor oil for acne onto the skin after taking good steam. The process of steaming will help open the pores and also help the castor oil penetrate easily into the layers of the skin.

Let the oil stay on overnight as a night mask and in the morning rub away the oil with a damp towel. Using castor oil will dissolve all the impurities present on the skin and beneath the pores.

They help moisturizing and stabling the excess oil production of the skin. Adding in a few drops of tea tree essential oil will help make the treatment of acne more efficient. 

Dos and don’ts while using castor oil for acne

Ingestion of highly potent olive oil should be avoided without any instructions from health experts. Storing of oil in a dry place is essential which will keep all bacteria away. It is good to know what works best for your skin based on individual skin type. Therefore, proper for using anything onto the skin it is better to know what will work best for you and will have better effects on the skin.

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While you are using castor oil, certain precautions need to be exercised.

  • Consult an expert before ingesting castor oil to determine the exact quantity suitable for your body.
  • Pregnant women or young kids must be supervised castor oil in regulated quantities.
  • Do not store the oil in the fridge. Just store it in a cool place away from sunlight.

Other home remedies for acne

  • Take a powdered orange peel and mix it with water forming a paste as a face mask. Keep it on for 10 minutes and after that rinsing it off. Orange peel controls the excess secretion sebum on the surface of the skin. Moreover, it also helps boost production of collagen to repair damaged skin.
  • Applying raw aloe gel from the aloe plant or stem is an excellent remedy for acne. Aloe Vera is said to imbibe properties like an anti-bacterial and an astringent. Also, it also contains antioxidants that help repair damages in the skin.
  • A mixture of castor oil and turmeric powder makes a good remedy for acne. Applying the mixture onto a cleansed face focusing more on the affected areas for 15 minutes and after that rinsing it off with cold water. Turmeric powder contains anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and also anti-bacterial properties. It helps kill the bacteria which cause acne and also helps healing scars.
ance free girl

Using castor oil for acne is a natural way that will hardly have any side effects as compared to medicinal drugs. It offers excellent relief from this ailment without affecting you physically or financially. However, in case of highly sensitive skin, one should visit a health expert and seek for advice.

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