Is Ringworm a Cause of Worry? Try Bleach to Drive out Those Itchy and Scaly Patches!

Updated on March 4th, 2020
bleach for ringworm

Ringworm, or tinea, is a skin problem caused by fungus. It is contagious by nature and can affect anyone at any time. Millions of people around the globe deal with this skin condition. Usually, it takes a longer time to heal, even with the use of medications. Some home remedies are also helpful in providing relief from the infection.

The use of bleach is one among them. Due to its ease of use, it has gained ground as a leading treatment option for the condition in recent years(1). How useful can bleach for ringworm be for people with the disease? Does it have any adverse effect if used for treating ringworm? Read on to get the answers to these questions.

Bizzare Facts

  • Did you know that nearly 20% to 50% fungal infections of ringworm in humans come from animals?
  • Did you know that bleach was used for the very first time in New York as an ingredient to disinfect the water back in 1895?

Treating Ringworm with Bleach


When it comes to ringworm(2), it scares everyone at the outset. Most people tend to mistake it with a disease caused by a worm such as hookworm or a pinworm. Unlike these cases that are caused by worms, ringworm has nothing to do with any worm.

It is a condition characterized by the growth or infestation of a fungus in an area of the body. Killing the fungus and checking its multiplication is way forward for those who are infected with the condition.

It is essential to administer the treatment in the area which shows the infestation of the fungus. You can locate these areas by looking at the classical spots caused by the fungus that is responsible for creating the infection. Bleach treatment works only when it is applied to these spots.

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Does Bleach Kill Ringworms?

Bleach starts working the moment you apply it to the affected spot. It might work in two ways: it kills the existing fungus which intensify the problem of ringworm on your skin. Plus, it prevents the possibility of the multiplication of ringworms. By this two-fold treatment, it removes the root cause, which is responsible for causing ringworm.

Usually, liquid bleach works wonders for the treatment of ringworms.

However, a lot depends on how your body reacts to the treatment. If it does not work, then consult a doctor and use a more potent anti-fungal cream.

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How to Use it ?

Cure Ringworm

For people who have sensitive skin and can’t tolerate bleach, here’s how you can use bleach as a home remedy to treat ringworm.

  1. It is imperative to dilute liquid bleach before applying it to the affected area. You can do so by mixing ten parts of water to one part of bleach. This step prevents the possibility of irritation when liquid bleach comes in contact with the skin.
  2. After preparing the solution, use a cotton ball to dab the affected area. Let the area remain exposed for a while, so it dries up. The quicker it dries, the faster your ringworm will heal.
  3. Allow the bleach solution to stay on the affected area for some time. As long as you do not experience irritation or discomfort, try not to remove the bleach solution from the affected part. If you do feel any such sensation on the affected region, it means your skin is sensitive to it. In case of which, consider removing the solution from the skin to relieve the feeling of discomfort.
  4. If there is no sign of discomfort, wait for at least a day before washing it with soap water. Avoid using anything else other than soapy water to wash liquid bleach from your skin.

Of course, you can use the same ratio to take a bleach bath for ringworm. If the above steps work fine to relieve ringworm on your skin, then you do not need to take any further action. In case it does not work, then reach out to a certified dermatologist. They can prescribe you an over-the-counter cream with anti-fungal properties that can help you in treating the condition.

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Warnings/Side Effects

Possible Side-Effects of Using Liquid Bleach for the Treatment of Ringworm

  • While there is no denying the fact that liquid bleach is a potent home treatment for ringworm, it is not above side-effects. For instance, it can trigger some undesirable skin reactions and irritation if applied on sensitive skin. A patch test is recommended to ensure about the effectiveness of the treatment before undergoing it.
  • Due to the potential skin problems which liquid bleach may cause, doctors do not recommend it as the standard solution to ringworm. Instead, they prescribe creams with anti-fungal properties that are effective yet friendly to the skin. So kindly talk to your doctor before you try this home remedy.

The bottom Line

Given the ease of use, bleaching is an ideal treatment option for all individuals. However, one cannot rule out the possibility of potential skin infections and their consequences. It is therefore strongly recommended to consult a doctor and perform a patch test before making the final call on whether or not to administer this treatment option.


1. Does Bleach Kill the Fungus of Ringworm?

Bleach, being a robust solution, not only kills the fungus which is responsible for causing ringworms but also terminates its further growth. However, the effectiveness of the treatment option may vary from individual to individual.

2. Is It Safe to Use Liquid Bleach for Ringworm?

Anecdotes and studies say that bleach is a safe option to treat ringworm. However, applying it to areas other than the affected ones can cause irritation and other skin problems.

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