The Magic Matcha Tea-Facts, Benefits and Recipes

Updated on March 4th, 2020
benefits of matcha tea

Matcha is an ancient tea from Japan, which is also famous as a miraculous elixir. The literal meaning of the word Matcha is ‘ Tea in powder form,’ and this is a unique tea grown only in parts of Japan. The chlorophyll content of Matcha is very high because it is produced in the shade, and this is the reason why the texture and flavor of the leaves are enhanced. These leaves are picked by hand, steamed for a while, de-veined and then ground into a fine powder. Learn to know the facts & benefits of matcha tea.

Matcha tea has a bright green color and antioxidant properties, which is saved by storing this tea away from oxygen and light. There is no need to strain matcha tea leaves while making tea. You have to take in the entire leaf in powder form to get benefits contained in this fantastic tea.

Fun Facts About Matcha

1. Matcha Is the Only Suspension Tea in the World

Matcha does not dissolve in water. It just suspends in water; therefore, it is essential to have it as soon as it is prepared so that the leaves do not settle at the bottom.

2. Matcha Helps in Meditation

Meditation Women

Zen Buddhist monks have been using matcha tea(1) since ages while meditating as this tea increases concentration power. After having Matcha, there is a sensation of deep relaxation and calmness, which is the same as doing meditation.

3. Samurai Warriors Drink Matcha Before Going for Battles

In the 13th century, samurai learned about the benefits of Matcha from Buddhist monks. They drafted a strict code of conduct known as ’Wabi’ which had details about ways to brew match tea. Drinking matcha tea before battles gave samurai warriors mental relaxation and concentration to fight better.

4. Matcha Is Similar to an Elixir

Antioxidant properties of matcha help in fighting against severe conditions like cancer, blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and cholesterol. It also helps in weight loss and fat burn by increasing the metabolism of the body.

5. Bluish-Green Color vs. Brownish-Yellow Color

Its color can judge the quality of matcha tea. If the tea is bluish-green, then the quality of Matcha is excellent, whereas the brownish-yellow color of matcha tea indicates low quality. The topmost and nascent leaves on the stem are handpicked to make premium quality matcha tea giving it a bluish-green color.

6. Umami Taste of Matcha

High-quality matcha tea will give umami taste, which is known as the unexplained fifth flavor along with salt, sweet, salty, and bitter. The high content of glutamate, theanine, and iodine compounds give this umami flavor to matcha tea.

7. Matcha Is Sensitive to Air, Light, and Water

With exposure to sunlight, air and water Matcha become highly susceptible to oxidation; therefore, it is always stored in dark containers which completely airtight.

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Amazing Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

  1. High content of antioxidants
  2. Catechins compound present in matcha tea makes it a rich antioxidant(2) that helps in repairing damaged cells, thus preventing chronic disease. Matcha tea has more antioxidants than matcha leave just mixed with water as in the latter case the leaves are not releasing their properties entirely in water.
  3. Matcha is good for the liver
  4. Matcha tea reduces the effects of the damaged liver, and if regularly had, then it can also prevent any liver disease.
  5. Activates functions of the brain
  6. Consuming matcha tea improves memory, attention, and reaction time. L-theanine and caffeine present in MMatcha can help improve many aspects related to the functioning of the brain.
  7. Matcha helps prevent cancer
  8. Matcha has a high content of EGCG catechin that has shown many anti-cancerous properties. Though Matcha has only been tested on animals till now, it is assumed to have a positive reaction on human cancer cells.
  9. Helps in weight loss
  10. Proper metabolism will always promote weight loss, and matcha tea is known to enhance metabolism in the body provided it is consumed regularly.

Some Great Ways to Consume Matcha

1. Green Tea Smoothie

Green Tea Smoothie

Blend 1 banana, 2 teaspoon honey, one cup almond milk and 2 tsp matcha for a refreshing smoothie which serves as a complete breakfast.

2. Matcha Popsicle

Mix Matcha with yogurt and freeze the mixture to make matcha popsicles.

3. Matcha Latte

Mix 1 teaspoon of matcha powder with 2 oz of hot water and add 6 oz of steamed milk to make a healthy latte to elevate your mood.

4. Matcha cookie

Add a 2-4 teaspoon of matcha powder to cookie dough, and you will be amazed to see the result which would be a tasty and healthy cookie.

5. Matcha oats

You can add matcha powder to oatmeal during daily breakfast. This will make your day positive as MMatcha has soothing effects on mind and body.

6. Popcorn

Sprinkle matcha powder along with pink salt and olive oil over your necessary popcorn to enhance the taste and benefits of the popular snack.

7. Chia Matcha pudding

Add 2 teaspoons of chia seeds with 1 cup of milk, 2 teaspoons of maple syrup and 2 teaspoons of matcha powder. Blend this mixture and refrigerate overnight and wake us to have a tasty pudding.

8. Blend Matcha with spices

Add matcha powder with spices like black pepper powder, garlic powder, sea salt, etc. to create a distinct taste. This can also be used as a seasoning on fries, rubbed on meat, added to eggs and salads.

How to Make Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea

Well, we already told you how easy it is to consume matcha? Don’t you believe us? Try this Matcha Tea recipe. We bet you won’t stop with just one cuppa.


  • Matcha Powder – 1 Tea Spoon
  • Hot Water – 1 cup


  • Boil the Water in a Tea Pot/ Pan.
  • Sieve the matcha powder with a filter and add it to the cup of Hot Water.
  • Now whisk it with a whisker until it’s blended and frothy. Enjoy it immediately.

Note: The key to an excellent Matcha tea is whisking. So, ensure you do it enough and well.

Chia Matcha and green tea come from the same plant just that the way they are cultivated is different. Matcha has more benefits as compared to green tea as an entire leaf of Matcha is consumed as a tea, whereas green tea leaves are strained out before consumption.

Matcha has higher levels of antioxidants and plant compounds packed in it. Health benefits of matcha tea are unmatched, from weight loss to cancer; this wonder tea has shown positive effects on everything related to the body. The best part is, it is highly recommended to include this tea in daily routine to keep good health.

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