The Best Energy Drinks for Physical and Mental Endurance

Updated on April 23rd, 2020
best energy drinks

The busy and modern lifestyle sometimes requires more than nutritious food to go through the day. And energy drinks have been the answer to it. The best energy drinks give out an instant kick that can prolong the physical and mental endurance to get through the day without feeling lost or lethargic. 

Below listed are a few such energy drinks that are made for those who need an instant energy boost. 

1. Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink

Zipfizz is one of the best energy drinks that is enhanced with essential vitamins and electrolytes. It can deliver up to 500 mg of vitamin C, which loads the body with antioxidants and boosts the immune system. Besides, the ORAC of this energy drink is at a level that can immensely power the potential antioxidant activity. Vitamin B12 in this energy mix enhances mental focus, mental clarity, supports emotional balance and also reduces stress 

The healthy amounts of caffeine in this energy mix can quickly boost energy levels and alertness. 


  • Low carb & ZERO sugar
  • Gluten-free


Do not consume more than 3 tubes per day. 

zipfizz energy drink hydration with b12

2. Monster Energy Java Monster

The Monster brand itself is known for delivering the best energy drink. It is fueled with coffee from Kona, a place that is known for the best coffee on the planet. The added cream flavor makes it even more savoring. Monster Energy Java Monster is the perfect energizer for anyone who wants to stay alert, active, and energized through the day without trigger hyperactivity or feeling lethargic. 


  • Multiple flavors (Kona Cappuccino, Kona Blend, Loca Moca, Irish Blend, Mean Bean, Toffee, Vanilla Light).

3. Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy

As the name goes, the Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy is a perfect drink that can optimize the body’s energy and mental focus. 

The drink is loaded with 5g of Essential Amino Acids that help in proper muscle recovery. It contains 100mg of caffeine from natural sources, which can help in improving physical energy and mental focus. Potassium, sodium, and magnesium in this energy drink mix work together in endurance and active living by supporting muscle function and fluid balance. 


  • ZERO sugar
  • 10 flavors

4. 5-hour ENERGY Shot

5-hour Energy shot is the best energy drink for those looking for a quick and big boost. It is one of those drinks which can enrich your day with more productive hours without making you feel lethargic. 

It is packed with B-vitamins and essential nutrients, which help in improving mental focus, increasing energy, and overall physical and psychological health. 


  • ZERO sugar
  • Portable
  • Requires no refrigeration

5. Starbucks, Doubleshot Energy Coffee

Starbucks is known for its wide range of coffee and other products that instantly gives alertness and refreshes the mood. Now, the Doubleshot energy coffee is for those who want to fuel the day with high and more extended energy levels. 

It also gives a savoring taste with a mix of coffee smoothie, almond milk, and real banana. It is also loaded with ginseng, guarana, B vitamins, which can enrich the body with physical and mental strength.

6. Organic Clean Energy Iced Tea Drink

Looking to power your day with organic and the best energy drink? Organic Clean Energy Iced Tea Drink is your answer. It is packed with a unique blend of caffeine, polyphenols, and L-Theanine, which makes the best energy drink for sustained energy, improved mental clarity, and focus. 


  • Made with clean and organic ingredients.
  • USDA certified.


Energy drinks are a good option for those looking to be productive all through the day. But, drinking too much or over the recommended limit can cause jitters or anxiety or other adverse hyperactive conditions. If you are under medications or treatments, make sure to check with your doctor before consuming the energy drinks.


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Simple yet effective home remedies to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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