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Updated on November 29th, 2019
supplements for anxiety

Anxiety and stress are common conditions with symptoms. It includes symptoms like tension, racing heart, nervousness, and chest pain. Anxiety disorder affects 18 percent of Americans each year. It is common among teenagers. Medication and natural therapies can relieve this condition. An active lifestyle and a healthy diet also help alleviate mood and ease anxiety symptoms.

One such natural treatment is using supplements for anxiety. The purpose of supplements is to help relieve anxiety-causing symptoms.

Did You Know?

  • Around 25.1% of children between the age group of 13 to 18 years are affected by Anxiety.
  • Children with anxiety are at a higher risk of poor academic performance. They also engage in substance abuse.
  • Anxiety disorder is curable, but only 36.9 % of patients receive the appropriate treatment.

Try These Supplements for Anxiety

anxiety treatment

Anxiety is a common mental disorder and can lead to nervousness and sleep deprivation. Forty million people in the US  are affected by this condition, which affects both adults and teenagers.

Feeling anxious is normal, but more periodic and constant triggers to external stimuli could be disruptive and affect your daily routine.  These anxiety reactions and symptoms could vary amongst people. However, when these symptoms are recurring and affect your day to day activities, it’s an indication that you need to treat it effectively.

Anxiety can cause constant throbs of fear. Supplements for anxiety though help reduce stress. Vitamin A, D, and other supplements are some of the supplements you can opt for.

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Supplements are rich in antioxidants and play an essential role in making the nervous system healthy. They also help combat anxiety by retrieving deficiency of any nutrients. Some natural supplements for anxiety contain compounds like GAMMA that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain.

Various medicinal treatments are available to reduce the symptoms. Home remedies and natural therapies also help with the condition, including using supplements for anxiety and panic attacks. Natural supplements like vitamin A, C, D, and omega-3 fatty acids contain antioxidants, which help combat stress and anxiety(1).

Herbal supplements like Ashwagandha, Kava kava, and Bacopa have positive effects on nervous systems, which improve mood and reduce stress. Certain active compounds in these herbs also have effects on mood receptors and improve the condition.

Let’s check these supplements.

1. Vitamin A Supplements for Anxiety

vitamin A benefits for health

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin and plays a vital part in a person’s health. It maintains a healthy immune system. Also, the deficiency of Vitamin A might result in anxiety. Thus, an adequate intake of Vitamin A is essential.

Vitamin A nourishes your nervous system and is also useful for the relaxation of muscles. A healthy nervous system reduces the chances of panic attacks and stress.

Vitamin A also contains fatty acids which are rich in antioxidants, thus further reducing the stress levels. However, it should be taken with caution as high levels might worsen the condition.

Vitamin A is a common vitamin supplement for anxiety and is available in the form of tablets and capsules.

  • The dosage should be around 11 mg/day.

High amounts of Vitamin A can also be dangerous. Hence you should consult a doctor before you adhere to this regime.

2. Vitamin C Supplements for Anxiety

Vitamin C, also know as ascorbic acid is an essential nutrient generally found in citrus fruits. It is useful in the prevention of common cold and helps fight cancer.

Vitamin C has ascorbic acid, which acts as an antioxidant that works on your moods. Oxidants in nervous system trigger anxiety disorders or depression, which can be reduced using Vitamin C. Sufficient amounts of Vitamin C also improve memory performance.

Supplements of Vitamin C, are available in the form of tablets.

The daily dosage for Vitamin C in adults is 60-90 mg, and for children, it is 15 to 50 mg.

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3. Fish Oil Supplements for Anxiety

fish oil

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and has a variety of health benefits for various conditions.

The Omega-3(2) fatty acids in fish oil have a positive effect on the psychiatric health of an individual. People who primarily include fish in their diet have reported fewer amounts of depression cases. This has ascertained the relation between anxiety and fish oil.

You can have fish oil supplements that are readily available in the form of capsules.

The dosage of fish oil for anxiety may range from 1g to 10g per day and might vary among individuals.

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4. Vitamin D Supplements for Anxiety

Vitamin D is also popularly known as the “sunshine vitamin.” Absorption of Vitamin D helps in absorbing other vitamins as well. It helps in stabilizing mood swings and treats depression.

Sun is the primary source of Vitamin D. There are tablets available too for people with Vitamin deficiency. The recommended daily dosage of vitamin D is 400 to 800 IU.

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5. Ashwagandha Supplements for Anxiety


Ashwagandha is an herb with many health benefits and medicinal properties. It reduces cortisol and blood sugar levels and has anti-cancer properties. Ashwagandha is an herbal supplement for anxiety and helps regulate chemical signals in the brain. It can reduce stress and anxiety.

You can use Ashwagandha organically or take it in the form of supplements. The dosage of Ashwagandha is 900 mg, which can be taken in the form of two 450 mg capsules.

6. Bacopa Supplements for Anxiety

Bacopa is a staple plant used in traditional medicines. It contains a compound called bacosides which accounts for various health benefits.

It is an adaptogenic herb that elevates mood by reducing cortisol levels in the body. It is also believed to improve learning skills and memory.

Bacopa, also known as Brahmi, is available in the form of tablets.

  • The usual dosage is around 500 mg.
  • You can either take a single 500 mg tablet or two 250 mg tablets daily.

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7. Kava Kava Supplements for Anxiety

Kava kava is a tropical plant with light green leaves. Kava kava supplement is an ingredient in various herbal medicines. Kavain, the active compound present in Kava kava affects mood receptors to enhance it.

Kava kava supplements can be taken in the form of tablets. The usual dosage of Kava kava supplement is 250 mg. The dosage may vary among individuals. Hence it is advisable to consult a healthcare expert.

8. Passionflower Supplements for Anxiety

Passionflower is an exotic flower having purple tentacle shaped petals. Researchers have suggested that GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid), present in it enhancing its medicinal value.

Passionflower contains GABA, which has a calming effect on the body. The sedative effects of this flower reduce symptoms of anxiety.

The supplements of passionflower are available in the form of capsules. The dosage of passionflower supplement is generally 500 mg.

9. Valerian Root for Anxiety

Valerian root is a perennial plant and is native to grasslands of North America, Europe, and Asia. The herb is used for its medicinal properties and is commonly beneficial as a sleeping aid.

Valerian root contains valeric acid that turns into calming transmitter within the body. It helps regulate anxiety and provides “feel-good” moods.

The herb also increases the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) that has a calming effect on the brain. It is useful in relaxing body and mind and helps with sleep deprivation, which is also a symptom of anxiety.

The supplements of valerian root are available in capsule form as well as liquid tinctures. The herb can also be used as a tea.

The dosage of valerian root is 120 to 200 mg before bedtime. For 1 cup of tea, 2 to 3 grams of dried herb is used generally.

Also, the dosage of valerian for anxiety is less than those prescribed for sleep deprivation as high doses may lead to drowsiness in the day time, which could affect your typical day to day activities.

Home remedies, natural therapies, and supplements for anxiety and panic attacks are known to cure Anxiety effectively. Natural supplements like vitamin A, C, D, and omega-3 fatty acids contain antioxidants, which help combat stress and anxiety.

Supplements are natural remedies with least or no side effects that help in improving the condition. However, the dosage should be consulted with medical experts.


1. How Does Anxiety Manifest?

Anxiety is a mental disorder which affects a person’s lifestyle and relationships. The symptoms might include nervousness, tension, fatigue, etc. Many physical symptoms also arise with this problem, which includes high blood pressure, racing heart, or nausea.

2. What Triggers Anxiety?

Anxiety is a common condition, and the causes might be complicated. The various causes of anxiety include family or work problems, genetic history, effects of medications, and various hormonal disorders. The deficiency of specific vitamins and minerals also result in anxiety.

3. Are There Any Home Remedies of Anxiety?

Many natural remedies like staying active, exercising regularly, reducing alcohol consumption and smoking, meditation, having a healthy diet, and chamomile tea are some of the home remedies. Certain supplements like Vitamins and magnesium supplements for anxiety contain antioxidants, which help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

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