Six Fenugreek Oil Benefits That Are Just Incredible

Updated on November 8th, 2019
Fenugreek Oil

Fenugreek oil is extracted from fenugreek seeds that have a plethora of benefits for your body. Although this oil is not very popular like other oils, it is beneficial for your health(1). And also, there are several benefits of fenugreek oil.

It is an essential oil obtained directly from seeds and doesn’t count in as cold-pressed oil. It is used for aromatherapy and also to utilize its benefits for skin and hair. You can also use it as the base oil for makeup and DIY face masks for skin benefits. This essential oil is affordable and readily available online, if hard to find in your local stores.

Nutritional Facts

These are the chemical composition and nutrition facts of fenugreek oil.

Nutrient   Percentage Property
Gamma Linoleic Acid (18:3) – PUFA
Stearic Acid (18:0) 2.40% Saturated fat
Palmitic Acid (16:0) 7.30% Saturated fat
Palmitoleic Acid (16:1) – % MUFA
Oleic Acid (18:1) 21% MUFA
Linoleic Acid (18:2) 37% PUFA
Alpha-Linolenic Acid(18:3) 19% PUFA
Erucic Acid (22:1) MUFA
Gadoleic Acid (20:1) MUFA
Behenic Acid (22:0) 0.60% Saturated fat
Arachidic Acid (20:0) 0.90% Saturated fat

The Medical Use Of Fenugreek Oil

  • Fenugreek oil for hair works as adequate food for dry, rough and damaged hair as it has compounds that nourish the scalp.
  • It has several benefits for the skin. It can treat acne, reduce blemishes, slow premature aging of the skin, and also reduce scars.
  • It helps in weight loss(2). It burns the bad cholesterol and boosts the metabolism of your body.
  • This oil helps in reducing the symptoms of PMS, cramps, and bloating during menstruation. Fenugreek seed water has been used to treat this problem since ancient times.
  • It helps to improve your gut health and eases the digestion process.
  • Fenugreek oil for breast does wonders intoning them. Its anti-inflammatory effects work great for problems related to breast pain during menstruation and menopause.
  • Fenugreek is beneficial for lactating mothers. It increases the milk supply and reduces swollen ducts of breastfeeding mothers.
  • It is useful during cold as it loosens the mucus present in your respiratory tract.
  • It improves the functioning of kidneys. Simply massaging the back using diluted fenugreek oil can do wonders.
  • This oil can treat hypertension. It acts as a calming agent and lowers the blood pressure levels naturally.

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Ways To Utilize It For Fenugreek Oil Benefits

1. Fenugreek For Strong Hair

Benefits of Fenugreek Oil

You need

2 tbsp sesame oil, 2 tbsp coconut oil and 2 tbsp fenugreek seed oil.


Mix warm coconut oil to sesame and fenugreek seed oil. Use cotton to dab it all over your scalp. Repeat thrice weekly.

2. Fenugreek For Acne And Glowing Skin

You need

1 tbsp Aloe Vera gel and three drops of Fenugreek seed oil.


Mix Aloe Vera gel with fenugreek oil and apply it all over your skin. Leave it for half an hour and then rinse with cold water. Repeat it twice weekly for best results.

3. Fenugreek Seed Oil For Weight Loss

Benefits of Fenugreek Oil

You need

Five drops of fenugreek oil, five drops of chamomile oil, 1 tbsp castor oil.


Mix all of the mentioned oil and massage over your abdominal area. Repeat every night.

4. Fenugreek Oil For Hair Growth

You need

2 tbsp fenugreek oil, 2 tbsp castor oil, 1 tbsp coconut oil.


Take a small clean bowl and mix all the essential oil. Apply it to your scalp for 1 hour and then rinse using a mild shampoo.

Repeat thrice weekly to see the benefits.

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5. Fenugreek For Respiratory Problems


You need

2 tbsp fenugreek oil,2 tsp sea salt, one small pinch of turmeric


Boil water for steam inhalation. Add the turmeric, salt and fenugreek oil to it. Inhale this to loosen the mucus in your respiratory tract.

6. Fenugreek Essential Oil For Diabetes

You need

4 drops of fenugreek oil and 2 tbsp of sesame oil.


Mix both the essential oils and drink it in the morning to stimulate the insulin in your body needed to control blood sugar levels of your body.

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  • As it is an essential oil, it should never be applied directly. While applying topically or ingesting, always dilute it.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use it for any purpose without the doctor’s permission.
  • Before taking this oil as a supplement, verify it with your doctor.

Most ancient books mention this essential oil for medicinal treatments. Its healing properties can replace the needs of medication for lifestyle diseases. It has anti-viral, antispasmodic, neuroprotective, hypoglycemic properties. It is also a storehouse of antioxidants that are required by the body. These properties enable this oil to be used as a home remedy to avail of its benefits.


1. How to Make Fenugreek Oil?

Take fenugreek seeds, coconut oil, one small jar, and one large jar.

In the small jar, combine the seeds and coconut oil and fill water in the large jar. Place the small jar inside the large jar filled with water.

Heat the big jar and once the coconut oil is heated through the large jar, remove the small jar and place it in sunlight for a week. Strain after a week and store to use.

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