10 Reasons Why Barley Grass Juice Powder Should Be A Part Of Your Diet

Updated on December 10th, 2019
BARLEY GRASS JUICE powder benefits

In our endeavor to stay fit and healthy, we try numerous ways and different products and often end up overlooking the bountiful gifts of nature. For instance, barley grass juice. Barley was used by many ancient civilizations such as Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks back in 8,500 BC. In Babylonia, barley was the standard currency.

The shoots of the young plant provide an exceptional array of nutrients. In the USA dried Barley Grass tablets are sold as vitamin supplements by the pre-world war II pharmacists. Barley grass powder is a fantastic nutrient supplement that has 30 times more calcium and vitamin than cow’s milk. To know more on barley grass juice powder benefits, read on.

Barley Grass vs Wheat Grass: Know the Difference

In the modern wellness world, the greens rule. Well, almost! The greens comprise minerals and essential vitamins which the body requires for smooth and healthy functioning. The barley grass ranks as one of the top 4 greens.

Wheatgrass is often confused with barley grass. Both look similar. However, they are two separate greens. The difference is that barley grass is derived from the young shoots of the barley plant and wheatgrass is derived from the wheat plant. Barley grass is considered to have more mild taste than wheatgrass, which is quite bitter. Also, Barley grass contains slightly higher protein percentage than wheatgrass.

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Barley Grass Juice Powder Benefits: Everything You Need to Know!

1. Protects against UV Radiation

Protects against UV Radiation

Barley grass has impressive benefits that include protection against UV radiations(1). The barley grass provides a skin defense against the effects of radioactivity and renews the tissues and cells damaged by radioactivity. The chlorophyll content in the barley grass enhances the resistance to radioactivity and encourages newer production of blood cells. Drinking barley grass juice before pre and post-exposure to x-rays provides a shield against the radioactive damages. Regular consumption of barley grass juice also aids in reducing the stress in the people.

2. Reduces excess Acidity

Barley grass beneficially establishes the acid-alkali balance of the body. The problems like brittle fingernails, constipation, fatigue, cardiac pain, and sleeping disorders arise due to an imbalance of acid-alkali ratio in the body.It is an alkaline source that helps in reducing excess acidity in the body and acidosis damage.

3. Acts as a Natural detoxifier

The barley grass effectively eliminates the harmful heavy toxins from the body. The unique volatile compounds in the barley grass are known to eradicate the foreign agents or pathogens in the blood, while also helping the lymphatic and liver flush out harmful substances. The major contributors that act as detoxifiers are copper, selenium, and zinc. The abundant presence of beta-carotene and chlorophyll stimulates the eradication of waste materials such as crystallized acids and mucus. The barley grass aids in detoxifying and strengthening the liver and also supports the metabolic process.

4. Relieves ulcerative colitis

Barley grass has a stimulating effect on the gut-friendly bacteria and is valuable in treating ulcerative colitis. Barley grass helps in relieving inflammation and other symptoms that are associated with ulcerative colitis. It reduces the provocative chemicals in the bowel. Adding barley grass juice powder into your diet aids in balancing the fluidity in the bowel, thereby eliminating the accumulated toxins from the body.

5. Rich in antioxidants

Barley grass is highly rich in antioxidants. Barley contains beta-carotene and vitamin E which is the most potent supplier of healthy and critical enzyme – superoxide dismutase that helps to neutralize the effects of oxygen free radicals produced during the energy metabolism. Barley grass prevents the development of a wide array of diseases caused by oxidative stress.

6. Anti-aging properties

Barley grass juice contains a high concentration of antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin B5, and vitamin B3. The vital components such as phycocyanin and chlorophyll improve the bone marrow and support the creation of red and white blood cells. Drinking barley grass juice every day promotes the turnover of cells and protects them against any damage caused due to the environmental factors. The antioxidant properties in barley grass juice combat the free radicals by supplying the missing electrons and slowing down the aging process. The presence of enzymes improves the quality of blood and regulates and works as a body and skin rejuvenator.

7. Anti-cancer properties

Barley grass juice contains antioxidant compounds that prevent cancer from developing. It also neutralizes the free radicals which cause oxidative stress in the body’s cells and organs. Researchers claim that barley grass extracts induce apoptosis of prostate and breast cancer cells and are thus, useful for cancer treatment during the therapeutic interventions.  The high levels of carotenes and anthocyanins in barley grass juice help to reduce signs of cancer, and also improve cardiovascular health and prevent specific mutations in cells that can lead to cancer.

8. Healthy Bones

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Barley grass juice is extensively rich in phosphorus, copper, magnesium, and potassium that make it an ideal food for healthy bones. Barley grass juice is high in calcium. Barley grass prevents the loss of calcium from the bones by keeping the bone density intact. Calcium deficiency increases the risk of your bones from becoming weaker and developing common conditions like osteoporosis. Intaking barely grass juice alleviates symptoms of osteoporosis.

9. Boosts immune system

Barley grass protects the immune system against several ailments. Barley grass juice is an authoritative source of antioxidants properties that acts as natural barriers against diseases. Drinking barley grass juice provides the required nutrition for balancing the optimal production of immune cells in the body. Also, the barley grass juice is a rich source of vitamin C that is essential for a stronger immune system. Barley grass prevents infections and protects the body from germs and viruses.

10. Repairs DNA

Repairs DNA

Radiation, low immunity, medical drugs, and stress can change your DNA. The DNA damage can negatively affect a woman’s pregnancy in the form of deformed offspring or abortion. Researchers have found that among many other health advantages, the barley grass helps in repairing DNA(2).

Nutritional Facts of Barley Grass Juice Powder

Barley grass juice powder is nutrient-rich superfood and contains vitamins such as vitamin K (phylloquinone), vitamin E(alpha-tocopherol), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin C, Vitamin B6, folate, Vitamin B3(niacin), Vitamin B2(riboflavin), Vitamin B1(thiamine), and vitamin A(3). Barley grass juice powder is prosperous provider of essential amino acids, enzymes, and powerful antioxidants. The barley grass juice contains plenty of electrolytes such as potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium along with an abundance of essential minerals including calcium, iron, and zinc. The barley grass juice powder provides valuable fiber to the body and does not offer any harmful cholesterol.

Here are the barley juice powder nutritional facts – 1cup(157g):

Manganese 20% DV (0.4 MG)
Niacin 16% DV (3.2 MG)
Selenium 19% DV (13.5 MCG)
Iron 12% DV (2.1 MG)
Magnesium 9% DV (34.5 MG)
Thiamine 9% DV (0.1 MG)
Zinc 9% DV (1.3MG)
Folate 9% DV (87.9MG)
Copper 8% DV (0.2 MG)
Phosphorous 8% DV (84.8 MG)z

Mouth-Watering Recipes of Barley Grass Juice Powder

Barley Grass Berry Smoothie

The barley grass berry smoothie contains all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant properties. Consume it twice or thrice a week to enjoy all the benefits of barley grass juice powder.

How to prepare?

  1. Add organic red and blueberries into the blender, apple juice, barley grass powder, white wine, whole banana (peeled off and sliced) and add ice cubes to this.
  2. Blend to a fine smoothie
  3. Pour the juice mixture into the glasses and serve chilled.

Possible Side Effects of Barley Grass Juice Powder

  • Barley grass juice powder is a safe supplement, but some people may react sensitively to the barley grass juice powder with symptoms such as burning sensation in mouth and throat, itching, and vomiting. So, you must discuss with your medical professional or avoid the use of barley grass juice powder.
  • Breastfeeding and pregnant women should avoid barley grass juice powder. Therefore, it is strictly recommended to consult a medical expert to understand the effects of barley grass to prevent any complications.
  • Gluten-free Barley grass juice powder should be avoided for the people with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. Celiac disease interferes with the absorption of vital nutrients in the body and may result in serious complication related to the liver, brain, and nervous system.
  • An animal study states that barley leaf powder was found to increase stool volume and have a laxative effect.

Barley grass juice can easily be called the health tonic as it has a lot of health benefits that can outweigh the number of risk factors associated with it. The barley grass juice alleviates conditions ranging from ulcerative colitis to repairing the DNA. Barley grass benefits are discussed wondrously and give remarkable benefits on adding it in your diet. Benefits of Barley grass juice powder are numerous so embrace the goodness of barley grass juice powder to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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