Does Anise Make Any Difference to Your Overall Health?

Updated on January 3rd, 2020
Anise Benefits

Anise or aniseeds are seeds of the species anisum, which belong to the group of fresh spices. The plant carries small flowers, which turn hard after being dried. Anise benefits are countless and add robust approaches to cure many chronic problems of the body.

Anise belongs to the botanical family of Apiaceae and has the genus Pimpinella. It is known as Pimpinella anisum, scientifically.

Anise has a very subtle taste, however, you’ll find a lot of similarities in the flavors of anise and many other related spices. Its characteristics relate to licorice and fennel. Apart from being an ingredient for different cuisines, it serves plenty of uses.

Anise is a very little-known plant, and it is native to the parts of Middle-East and Mediterranean region. It originated in Egypt, in the fertile plains of the famous Nile river delta.

You’ll find anise in the western, as well as Chinese culture. Moreover, if you’ll explore the regions of South and Southeast Asia, then you’ll find Star Anise in the cuisines.

Anise Seed: An Overview

Anise(1) belongs to the same family that taxonomically belongs to that of celery, parsley, and carrots. This family is known to treat several illnesses and amongst these, you’ll find anise helpful in treating various uncomfortable problems.

It is a natural remedy, that can result in great benefits and will leave you with no doubt. The star anise, on the other hand, can ease the problems of constipation, menopause, bone and skin health, and can help in preventing flu.

Unlike anise, the star anise is a favorite spice across South Asia. It is cheaper than the normal one and also serves more significant benefits.

Star anise is different from the aniseeds or the anise seeds. Both the spices tend to provide ample benefits and have separate trade importance too. In terms of Anise health benefits, the benefits of Star anise are more in number.

Star anise also acts as a mosquito repellent and saves from the mosquito bites. It helps in eliminating the factors that can cause cancer or vaginal yeast infection, and fights fungal issues.

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Anise Seeds Nutritional Facts

The nutritional(2) profile of Anise seeds consists of many essential components that can be very beneficial for our body. Anise helps in the production of fresh and new blood cells, as it has a high amount of iron present in it.

It has all types of micronutrients, as per the requirement of our body. It helps in improving the metabolism and functioning of the body because it contains a small quantity of manganese, which acts as an anti-oxidant. The nutritional chart of anise includes –

In 7 gm or one tablespoon of anise seeds, there are,

S.I NO Components Value
1 Total Calories 23 kcal
2 Proteins 1 g
3 Fats 1 g
4 Carbohydrates 3 g
5 Dietary Fibers 1 g
6 Iron 13% of the RDI
7 Manganese 7% of the RDI
8 Calcium 4% of the RDI
9 Magnesium 3% of the RDI
10 Phosphorus 3% of the RDI
11 Potassium 3% of the RDI
12 Copper 3% of the RDI

Most of the recipes that include anise seeds are to be used in little quantities as less than or equal to one tablespoon. Anise seeds have the appropriate amount of minerals, iron, and calcium, that can burn a lot of calories.

Anise Benefits: That Can Better Your Health in No Time

Here are the Ten Anise Uses and Benefits

1. It Can Sway the Symptoms of Depression

Depression(3) is becoming more common nowadays, and according to some researches, aniseeds play an active role in reducing depression.

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2. It Fights Against Stomach Ulcers

stomach ulcer

Anise seeds can prevent the formation of stomach ulcers, by reducing the acid secretion in the stomach and also, protects the cells from being damaged.

3. It Does Not Support the Growth of Fungi and Bacteria

Research shows that essential oils in anise can prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria. It is effective against a fungus that causes skin disease.

4. It Provides Relief to the Symptoms of Menopause

Since anise seeds are also known as the seeds mimicking the role of estrogen, it can prevent severe symptoms of menopause in women.

5. It Manages Blood Sugar Levels

blood sugar levels

Anethol, which is one of the constituents of anise seed can help in maintain appropriate blood sugar levels if accompanied by a healthy diet.

6. It Shows Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The immune system reacts by causing a sense of inflammation to protect the body from injuries and infections. Anise seeds have anti-oxidants that can help in reducing g high inflammation.

7. It Helps in Eliminating Constipation

Star anise enhances the water and fiber content in the body that makes the stool easy to pass from the large intestine.

8. It Can Improve Sleep

Image: ShutterStock

Star anise can be highly beneficial for the ones who have poor sleep or sleep deprivation. It manages the hormonal levels and prevents sleep deprivation.

9. It Increases the Blood Quantity

Regular consumption of star anise can produce more amount of blood cells and can prevent anemia easily.

10. It Can Prevent Cancer

The anti-oxidants and other rare phytochemicals in star anise can help in fighting with the causal factors of the disease and hence, preventing it.

DIY recipes of Anise Seeds

1. Star Anise in Carrot Soup Recipe


  • Three tablespoons of butter
  • One and a half cups of chopped onion
  • Six thyme sprigs, large size
  • Five, star anise (whole)
  • Two small bay leaves
  • One garlic clove, large
  • Some baby carrots
  • Two cups of bone broth


  1. Take a pot and heat it till the butter melts. Add star anise, spices, bay leaves, onion, and garlic to the pan and sauté for around 5 minutes.
  2. Add broth and the carrots to the pot and bring it to a boil on medium-low heat for about 30 minutes.
  3. Remove star anise, bay leaves, and thyme sprigs and blend the soup until it gets smooth. Add salt and pepper as per taste.
  4. Serve the soup by garnishing it with the star anise and serve it warm.

Star Anise Tea Recipe


  • Two tablespoons of organic green tea or four green tea bags
  • One-and-half-inch cinnamon stick
  • Eight, star anise (whole)
  • Four cups of boiled water

How To Make Anise Tea

  1. Prewarm the teapot and place the green tea or tea bags in it.
  2. Take star anise and cinnamon stick in a cup and add boiling water to let the flavors and ingredients to blend.
  3. Pour the mix in the teapot and stir for 2 minutes.
  4. Place the teacups and serve the tea hot.

It takes only 10 minutes to prepare an organic green tea with cinnamon.

What Precautions Should We Take While Consuming Anise Seeds?

Generally, anise seeds are completely organic and have the least amount of side effects. However, some may be prone to suffer from a few side effects. Here are some of the warnings and side-effects of Anise seeds –

  1. Some people might develop an allergy by consuming star anise. If you are allergic to parsley, celery or fennel, then you can get an allergic reaction to star anise too.
  2. Anise might confuse the estrogen properties, and it has the chances to ruin the conditions of severe problems, such as – cancer or endometriosis.
  3. Consult a doctor first, if you have any doubts on health-related concerns. Check out the history of your conditions for this.

Anise seeds serve great beneficial uses depending on your requirements. You can consume it by eating, as well as by applying it topically. These anise benefits will make you hunt for more.

Take care of the precautions and side effects before consuming aniseeds, as it may prove harmful for the allergic person. Try out the fantastic DIY recipes of star anise and prepare a nutritious and healthy meal.

It is important to note that only one tablespoon of anise is sufficient for many of the dishes. Take advantage of the fruitful benefits and get all the nutritional values in just one tablespoon.

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